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  1. I'm headed down to Conroe, TX, with Tyson Foods Thursday to serve meals for anyone who needs one. We've spent the last several days trying to find a good spot to set up that can handle 5-6 big rigs and 4 cook teams and with much of the city still underwater, Conroe is the closest we can get. But I promise you we'll set up a distribution network to get plenty of meals into the city to those affected. So glad to work for a company that is dedicating so many resources to helping these folks. Unfortunately, I'll be leaving my boat in NWA!

  2. Awesome report and very similar to mine today. My buddy caught by far the biggest fish of his life and I couldn't be more happy. The whole thing about different stages of being a fisherman...I get a bigger thrill watching others catch fish these days. I didn't even put a rod in my hand today and still can't wipe the smile off my face.

    Jon Striper.JPG

  3. 16 minutes ago, Stump bumper said:

    With all this water all our stripers might swim all the way to Huntsville......I know they swim upstream to spawn, not sure about this time of year.


    But if they do wash down into Table Rock there won't be any trout down there to stop them. Wish someone would post some picks from Beaver Town or Holiday Island. I am picturing 80 foot oaks washing down through there in my head.

    I will get in the truck and drive to the dam in about an hour to see for myself, don't think I want to chance going to Beaver though....


    This guy has some pretty good video and stills of the Beaver town bridge.




  4. From the Corps of Engineers Facebook page:

    Spillway releases through Beaver and Table Rock dams.

    We will begin a spillway release at six p.m. today from Beaver Dam because of heavy rains today.

    The seven spillway gates will be opened two-foot releasing 15,000 cubic feet per second in addition to the 7,500 c.f.s. being released through the turbine generators. The total release is 22,500 c.f.s. The lake will crest at 1,131.5 feet above sea level.

    Future rainfall may cause the Corps to increase releases at Beaver Lake. This depends on how much additional rain falls and how quickly it falls.

    Releases from Table Rock Lake are expected to begin Monday, Dec. 28. Releases will range from 20,000 c.f.s. to 40,000 c.f.s. because of the current heavy rainfall in the Beaver Table Rock drainage basin.

    Daily lake information can be obtained at www.swl-wc.usace.army.mil or the Corps’ mobile App which can be found in mobile App stores by searching for USACE Little Rock.

  5. No doubt! So far that's my biggest. The thing hit on the drop. I didn't jig once. I thought man they're here! Then after some furious jigging he was it lol.

    We hit a similar stretch of the lake Saturday afternoon following the rain. Put in on what was basically a solid pile of debris at the Holiday Island ramp. Hot and humid as heck.Landed one on a frog with a few more missed blowups....Then kept throwing it because I rarely do and when it's an option on TR or Beaver it sure is a bunch of fun...Then a few decent fish on the ned, the biggest fish flipping, and my lady caught a couple nice crappie, 2 short walleye, and some spots on a Flicker Shad. I was looking for willows too but didn't want to run too far and get into boat traffic. Regardless of the quality we caught, I love having TR fairly close even when Beaver is 10 minutes from my house.

  6. Lockhart, TX. You can make 3 stops and have some of the best bbq in the world. Then drive an hour to the Shiner brewery, take the tour and have a few samples. Or vice versa. A good friend lives in Austin and got to know the area because it was his sales territory. He chauffeured us around a couple of years ago. Great time.

  7. Another one bites the dust. :XD:

    Another striper or another victim to the trolling bug? ;) I will say this, I've spent enough time and gas flinging lures at bass on Beaver to not feel guilty at all about a little trolling action. It's all about that tug on the line, right? :)

  8. Trolled A-rig and Rat-L-Traps for a couple hours and came home with a few. Turned back 2 short stripers and lost another white at the boat. The keeper striper and a white came on a double on the rig. And the fish tacos they made were good too. Putting the striper filet on the grill tomorrow night.


  9. Old fashioned idiocy is still alive and well too. Pull up to Monte Ne at 6 tonight only to find a boat pulled up to the shore, ON THE RAMP. The elderly gentleman who owns it, then slowly makes his way to his truck, starts backing up and tears off his left headlight by hitting the trailer next to him. There were a couple of people with him, so I didn't feel the need to offer any help or advice on ramp etiquette. I certainly respect my elders, but that was a 1st class cluster.

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