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  1. Thanks Wrench!!! You have helped me in the past with my mechanical situations (last time was a starter issue) and your input is really appreciated. I owe you big time. Kill switch is intact. I tested the plugs by simply removing them individually and looking for a spark when turning the ignition and holding them to a metal surface on the engine. I'm going to take your advice and take it to a certified mechanic. I was hoping I could replace a part and be ready to go but from your explanation, there could be other issues. May as well get it all checked out properly. Nothing sucks more than getting to the lake, launching, and having issues. Again, thank you. Your a great help.
  2. Hope someone can chime in on this. After a long winter and a super dry summer, the long and frustrating wait for my home lake to open has finally ended. The water alliance drained a significant portion of the lake for dike and dam repairs. With little snow pack in the mountains and having to maintain certain stream levels for salmon habitat, plans on filling the lake by Memorial Day were postponed and finally opened on July 4th weekend for boating and fishing (One good thing, I did get tons of photos with the lake levels so low that should help put me on the structure holding good fish). Anyway, in prepping for the season, I replaced the plugs, changed the lower unit oil, fully charged the batteries, and filled the tank full of "fresh" premium gas (I try to run the tank completely out for winter storage). So I hook the boat to the water hose to give her a test start and nothing. The motor turns over but wont start. I check the plugs for spark and zilch!!!! I am thinking this could be the power pack but not for sure. Any thoughts or should I just take it to a marine mechanic and have them diagnose the problem? I am pretty handy mechanically but I NEED to get on the water ASAP after the long wait. Thanks in advance.
  3. After you wrap the wire around the rock, use duct tape to secure the wire to the rock. Duct tape and wire can be used to fix anything in the south
  4. Sounds like a good idea. I have been taking some pics since they lowered the water and there are several prime spawning areas that I would love to lay a plank or two as you have described. The nice thing about these areas are you should be able to bring smallmouth to hand quickly for a fast release. Still sucks that my home lake will be out of commission for motorized boats until Memorial Day. That's when they open the public and community ramps. I see a canoe in my future!!!!
  5. My local lake, when filled, looked as though it needed to have some cover added to support the bait fish/crappie populations. There looked to be no weeds, shore covering for the fish to hide. Fishing from the bank produced very little. They have since reduced the surface area by over 60% for a utility project showing a lot of what lies beneath the water. Maybe too much cover?????? The fish are out in the stump fields. Notice in the pic that the banks are gravel with minimal/if any cover. No brush piles for me to add though I did consider it before lowering the lake.
  6. Model #, pics, specs and price would help. Thanks
  7. Good points. Thanks for your input. The way I envision the app is to record as much real time info as possible with minimal user input. There are ways to capture the types of info you pointed out. Limitations would be on how promptly these items are updated. I like the idea of being able to plan a trip, put in conditions, and based on past data, be able to have suggested locations/lures/depth. I hope to have a test version ready for the Spring and would love for you guys to give it a try.
  8. All, I hope I am not out of line here..........If so, I will delete the post. I am a senior software application developer with 30+ years of experience. I have been contemplating/planning on creating a freshwater fishing software package for the past few months. I have done some browsing through some of the commercial applications available and haven't really seen one that is user friendly, comprehensive, customizable, and run on a multitude of platforms (tablet, iPhone, etc.). I would like pick your brains and see what information you would like to capture in this type of software and, as development progresses, know if you would be willing to test it out. I have been a member of OAF for quite some time, have met and fished with several members, and thought this would be ideal place to get such a project started. Thanks for your thoughts..... Andy
  9. Hope you get lots of time to enjoy it. Fishing reports/pics ARE expected. Have Fun.
  10. We "hooked up" with TrophyFishR and his wife a few summers ago and did some SMB fishing on Crooked Creek. Who would have thought with us living in Seattle. He and his wife are great folks and we had a really great time hammering the smallies. Look forward to fishing with them again in the future.
  11. Congrats...great looking dog. Good luck on the training. Some pups come to their own early and are easily trained. I hope "nameless" trains easily for you. Send us update pics as he goes through the stages.
  12. Speed vs. power. Going to be a good series. I like the small ball philosophy....good pitching, speed and defense. Good luck to all the Royals fans. HI-70 series part 2? I hope so.
  13. Nice report. I enjoyed your trip report.
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