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  1. That makes us neighbors. We're about 20 miles west of Parson's, north of Cheryvale. We always sell our cattle at the Parsons Livestock Auction. Like you, I've always fished farm ponds until a few years ago I got a wild hair and bought an old bass boat. Still don't really like lake fishing as much as ponds. To hard to find the fish. However, I do like getting out in a boat, just to relax. Since I've got 3 grown kids and 7 grandkids I have now bought a poontoon to go along with the bass boat. It is great for the kids and grandpa enjoys watching the grandkids all lined up along the rail w
  2. Found this board a few days ago and looks like it may be great. I'm a Kansas farmer who loves to fish, if I can find the time. We don't raise crops, just run cattle. That means in the winter we feed, in the spring we calve, in the summer we put up hay, and in the fall we're calving again. That leaves May to June to fish then again October to November and I try to make the most of it. Been coming down to Beaver for a few years with all my kids and grandkids becuse it's a beautiful lake for boating. Just wanted to say Hi. I'll sit back a while and read the posts. You all have a nice da
  3. I'm new to this board so maybe so of the 'old pros' can jump in and give me some help. Every year I rent a house on Beaver for a week and bring all my kids and grandkids down. This year my brother-in-law, who works in Jamacia is coming along and he loves to jug fish. Does anyone on this board do any jug fishing and if so do you have any suggestions. The house we rent is right near the Lost Bridge Marina so that is the area we will be fishing. That large cove, right across from the boat ramp looks good but don't know what the catfish fishing is like on Beaver because I've always gone for
  4. I'm just kidding about no fish. Every year we rent a house for a week at Beaver and I have already booked with Don at Beaver Fever for a couple of days the end of June. All farmers live off the belief that "next year things will be better". More rain, better prices, things like that. I also feel that way about striper fishing. Took an 18 lb out of Lake Texoma about 6 years ago and that gave me the fever. I keep trying to get Beaver to beat that. Maybe this year. Mike Smalley
  5. Hey bobber, you sure those weren't Carp. This Kansas farmer has been coming down to Beaver to catch stripers and I don't think you have any in the whole darn lake. 3 years ago I came down and went out twice with Don Andreason, never boated a fish. 2 years ago came again and went out with Don. Boated 1 fish about 8 lbs. Gave up on Don so last year came down and went out with Big Dog for 2 different days. He didn't boat a fish either. You sure all those Striper stories aren't just Arkansas old wives tales? It's been fun trying but sure should like to hang one on the wall. Any ideas.
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