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  1. No MIne works just fine! Been on there for 4 seasons.. Use a Trans Shield just in case.. Si works well for looking under docks on so forth.. Like mine really well!
  2. Hey, everyone.. Just want to stop by and say hello and give you an update on the Mrs.. Been a long hard Summer so far.. Half way through the cemo now, but still have 9 more weeks, then a 6 week break and then back at it again for 12 more weeks, a long road ahead indeed.. Been trying to work the AM shift and keep the Afternoons open to be with her, so time to do anything else let's just say is not there.. Just want to update all of my good friends on here, we are still here and fighting like Hell!! Thank you again for all of the prayers and kind words.. They do help.. Hope to see all of you on the water.. Be safe and good fishing!! Capt. Don
  3. Well Yes it has been unreal on the Rock for the last two weeks for me.. Really got on the Small Jaw bite with the tube.. They were eating it just like Mr. B said in one of his reports.. Some so bad just had to cut the line.. I found my best bites came in the 25 to 35 foot range away from the bushes, single cedars on a flat was my big fish target and it paid off for over a week of really good size fish.. Had one that came two days ago.. Biggest small mouth I have ever caught on this lake, never been able to two fist a small mouth, lifted her by her belly and my hand was gone.. Waiting on client to email me pictures, he had the nice digital camera, took one with my Iphone and it does not do any justice for this fish.. Will post pictures when I get them.. Here are some from the last few days.. Now went out this morning Cold weather shut them off..... Had my rear end handed to me from 7 to 11... Only 6 fish all small mouth and nothing over 15"... Still seeing them, but just could not get the bite, probably started this afternoon.. Back it it in the morning will see if they come back to life.. Warm weather is coming!! Good Fishing Don
  4. Most of these are good to go.. State Park Ramp (Dam Area) Indian Point Ramp (Dam Area) Cow Creek Ramp (Dam Area ) Mill Creek Ramp (Kimberling City) Aunts Creek (Deep Water Ramp) Others can add to this I'm sure most are starting to open back up... Don
  5. glennl, yes I had fish on Wednesday of last week just plain old full of crawlers, they were coming out of there gills.. So that report is very true.. Johnboy, thanks she is doing well.. Understand was going crazy myself.. Finally got out this morning, caught a few then got run off by the Lighting and rain.. Good Fishing Guys.. Don
  6. Matter of Fact Mike Webb put in at Mill Creek Today, seen pictures.. Even have a dock.. So you are good.. Enjoy yourself.. Be careful.. Capt. Don
  7. 1.was looking for anyone who has been on the rock, was curios about the water color and maybe how far it has moved toward dam from river arms. I can speak for Kimberling City Bridge to Indian Point (North Side of Dam) Water color Very good, Rivers Like the James and Long Creek is that muddy water moving down lake and is pure mud.. In Long Creek Mud Line is at State Park now heading towards the Dam 2. and are the fish still at the old bank still or are they movin to the flooded timber YES TO BOTH!! Bushes and Pole Timber 3. has water temp come up, i heard it dropped to mid 50's with all the rain Well some locations.. Worst I have found was 57 but I have found 60 to 61 Yesterday.. Driving over to Cow Creek Now to See if it is accessible.. Good Fishing... Capt. Don
  8. mrcold, no you will be fine.. Ramps are starting to be open now and I'm catching fish around the Indian Point to Point 7 area ok, so bite is still on.. Just make sure you stay in the clean water areas and away from the rivers.. That is where alot of the bad stuff floating is.. Just be safe and have a good time.. Good Fishing Capt. Don
  9. Hey Thanks Everyone, really want to thank you for the kind words... Her surgery went fine yesterday have her back home and resting.. Round one is over now only 2 more to go... Once again thanks for your thoughts and prayers.. Now lets get back on the water!!! Capt, Don
  10. S&M, I know what you mean, would like to get out myself.. But the Missouri State Water Patrol has asked all boaters to stay off of Table Rock Lake until atleast May 1st.. This is one for your safety because of the large floating debris fields and second to help from further destruction from wake of the boats on these boat docks that are barely hanging on.. If you can find a way on, go for it. Leave the Big Motor up or just wait a few more days and we will be good to go.. Be Careful.. Don
  11. Dotty when was this?? today??
  12. Well from your on the scene reporter.. WOW!!! Long Creek is pretty Bad, large log jam at the Bridge and all the way back around the corner and past the Long Creek Marina.. Stumps floating everywhere, all that is left at the swim beach is the Landing which was 6 feet above the beach.. Marina is now a floating Island and jammed packed with logs, parking lot is gone.. Ramp is way gone at Long Creek... Here we go again.. Trip in the morning will see how the rest of the lake is.. Will report back.. Good Fishing Capt. Don
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