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  1. Kinda looks like the infamous Hershey kiss markings but I’m a bit paranoid
  2. scifi


    I was gonna take my 4 kids ages 12-7 fishing at either Bennett or roaring river. I live basically in between them. Is one one any better than the other? Or no difference. 6 in one, half dozen in the other? TIA
  3. ralda I was there, no worries on being quiet, it sounded like you guys were having fun !
  4. check out this forum http://www.michigan-sportsman.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=24 maybe it'll help
  5. scifi


    I paid 500 for it brand new used it once I was thinking 350?
  6. scifi


    i have a pelican canoe, i believe 15 foot, 3 seater, bought new in 2011, its mostly collected dust used once that i am interested in selling, i also have two paddles for it i ll throw in here are pics online, but mine is blue, i can send pics of actual canoe http://www.walmart.com/ip/Pelican-15.5-Leisure-Canoe/8187892
  7. went down tonight with my 5 year old we snagged many a limb and lost several hooks caught nothing several people out in boats but I didn't pay too close attention to see if they were catching anything
  8. Went yesterday for muskie - fished from 2-730p - notta fished from harbor marina down no strike, guide had one come after his lure, and towards end of night saw a small one "purpoise" - come to the surface saw a few bass being caught (yes i saw the other report with that nice muskie, we were in the same area as well) guide was working hard and did a great job - but cant control the fish, maybe the storm the night before shut em down a bit it was worth it just to be on the water, its a beautiful lake and peaceful
  9. very nice pics good eating
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