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  1. So, I’ve got an individual pontoon that is in need of oar locks. The brand is a Water Skeeter, which they no longer make. Anyone with a pontoon got advice as to what size I should be looking for? Thanks!
  2. Thanks Bud, I appreciate you being willing to help out!
  3. Most of the fishing we’ll do will likely be nymphs, and midges. Maybe a few streamers like buggers and what not. If you’re willing to help, it’ll be much appreciated!
  4. And they will. Getting that lined out. But they’ll need several to fish with until they get into tying their own! Thanks!
  5. Would anyone be interested in donating some flies for a school fly fishing club? We are located in Rogers, and right now we have 12 anglers. We will be targeting warm water species until the weather cools down, and then we will be targeting trout. If you’d be willing to tie and donate, our anglers and myself would greatly appreciate it! Send me a message and I’ll give you the school address! Thanks in advance everyone!
  6. Hey everyone! Recently I started a fly fishing club at the school I work at in Rogers. Currently we are borrowing gear from another school and program until we can get our own...and we are so very close to having the funds and means to do so! On August 21st, I started a donorschoose.org campaign to purchase new fly rod setups for our students. In that amount of time, the original goal of $1,300 has quickly dwindled, and we are sitting at just over $350 left in our original goal! Would you be willing to help out these future fly anglers and conservationists? Your donations are tax deductible, and any amount helps! If you use the promo code LIFTOFF, before the end of the day tomorrow, your donation will be matched up to $50. Thanks! Tight Lines! Calvin C https://www.donorschoose.org/artonthefly
  7. On the fly is my preferred method of fishing. The number 6 is my lucky number/favorite number. My avatar is an infamous meme/quote from The Water Boy. Now every time I see the phrase “you can do it” I read it in Rob Snyder’s voice.
  8. Thanks for everyone that was willing to help. I now have a donorschoose.org project going to get entry level fly combos. Through this approach, things are tax deductible. Any amount helps! If you use the promo code LIFTOFF, your donation will be matched up to $50. Thanks! https://www.donorschoose.org/artonthefly 😁
  9. Extracurricular activity. Won’t need the school boards approval. Just my principal. I had to ask though, thanks for bringing that to my attention. 😁
  10. Awesome, thank you! I've flooded my waders a time or two and I must say, I never considered the lying on an incline approach. Clever. I'll keep that approach in mind for next time! 😁
  11. No. And No. 😄 I will, however; be grateful and pay it forward!
  12. I’m a counselor. I gotta appeal to the emotional side 😂. But I will take whatever you’re willing to send! If I start with 22 kids and end with 1, that one that stuck it out will hopefully go on to be a model outdoorsman...or at least not leave a mess whenever they go out fishing. Thanks for responding!
  13. Hey Everybody, Its been a long time since I've been active on this forum. Time passes and life happens! It has been a while, but the positive interactions and the information I have gained from this forum have been immense! I even met a dear friend of mine on this forum! With that said, I am hoping that I can reach out to this wonderful community and see if you all would be willing to assist me in an endeavor! By trade, I am a school counselor, and as a school counselor, one of my jobs is to assist students in finding healthy coping strategies that they can utilize in various environments, be it at school, home, or the outdoors. My hope is to introduce the art of fly fishing to my students and show them how beneficial it can be as a means to reduce stress, increase mindfulness, and perhaps even improve self confidence. This will be part of a research project (and a sustainable after school group/club) and I hope to collect sufficient evidence that further supports the theory that fly fishing is an effective coping mechanism that can help improve the overall wellness of the individual. I don't want to just teach them to cast a fly. I want them to know how to read the water, understand the diet of the fish they're pursuing and choosing the best fly to "match the hatch." I also want to show them the process of material selection that is involved in tying a fly, learning the part they can play in conservation, tying simple knots, and understanding what it means to be truly patient! I don't think there is a bigger test of patience then trying to untie a wind knot in your leader. :) Here is where you may be able to assist me going forward. Would anyone be willing to donate any fishing gear, materials, rods, reels, line, waders, etc. that you are no longer using to help me get this project up and running? Right now, my budget is unknown but I have the full support of my principal and school. I have reached out to numerous vendors, and continue to pursue anyone who may have a slight interest in the outdoors to get this going. If anyone is willing to donate ANYTHING, or if you would be willing to provide me with information for someone I could contact..it would be greatly appreciated! If you are willing to help in any way, please message me or email me. cclark@artsk12.org Thanks everyone for your time!
  14. That’s good to hear. Was there a few weeks ago and hooked up with more catfish than I did trout. Thanks for the update!
  15. Clousers in grey/white and chartreuse/white have been the best flies for me. I have used a sink tip leader, and fished without it. Caught fish both ways. I've thrown an 8wt and a 5wt, preferring the 5wt because it was easier ?. Everything that has already been mentioned is great information. During the week is definitely best to avoid the crowds and bait fisherman.
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