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  1. Complete jet rig for sale

    pm sent
  2. 2017 Dove Season

    We had fun...the oldest got his limit...and the youngest got to shoot his new gun...he got a handful...said he was averaging one about every 12 shots...I said that was about my average too. Older boy had em coming in pretty good on his mojo...and was shooting at much better average.
  3. 2017 Dove Season

    Thanks for the well wishes...i shot it tonight...good little gun I think. Capps creek better than Shawnee trail we thought...quite a few people out this afternoon but wasn't bad. Seemed like birds quit flying about 630. Hunting a silage field in am...should be much better...last year we cow killed em on this field...so the boys expectations are high. I just hope we run out of shells
  4. 2017 Dove Season

    Good times you guys...I hope you made that call bh. The boys and I went to Shawnee trail last night...not very many birds flying...trying Capps creek tonight...then hitting private farm tomorrow near the wife's folks in am. I bought the youngest a new gun...hopefully we get to hear it go boom
  5. Wanted to buy 40hp jet

    If you end up deciding to sell the 25...I might be interested...shoot me a msg and we'll try to figure something out on it...thanks
  6. Fishing???

    We just got back...fishing above cyclone was fantastic...not so much below...was good but not quite the same. Lots of bass and goggle eye on plastics...and some on a buzzbait
  7. The need to want

    Seems silly to me to tout tin boat bass fishing...and then get a boat like that...but I guess I had the wrong idea of what the club is about...Oh well...no worries
  8. Walleye galore

    Nice fish...what part of lake?
  9. Cape Fair 7/22

    Still stinks...tons of pleasure boats today..looks like Spanish armada is out there today...can't get on our g4Abel spot and bluff is tore up
  10. Cape Fair 7/22

    Seemed like they were still there this morning...just couldn't get them to bite...think maybe front moved thru last night effected them. We picked up a couple more along the bluffs this past hour but still slower than yesterday
  11. Cape Fair 7/22

    Much tougher this morning...only 2 fish in 2 hours...what a difference a day makes
  12. 4 or 5 days in...and it is great...We're setting marker bouys on the break...and fishing in general area...and really catching a bunch...mapping really helps. I can't imagine how much the higher end units help...
  13. Cape Fair 7/22

    Hard time down loading....too many blues
  14. Cape Fair 7/22

    Most are about like this one...drop shot in about 25 feet is best.
  15. Cape Fair 7/22

    Not to be a jerk but just as a sample...there are a lot of those size fish floating in main channel...we also saw a 28 inch or so walleye floating yesterday which suprised us...figured it for table fare Drop shot working great...50 fish day at least...mostly 12 to 14 inch ky bass...some keepers though

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