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  1. I hear ya...but I’m done. Im not smart enough to fix it. i thought I had it fixed and it blew the tail light on the truck Saturday. I messed with trying to fix the truck yesterday and didn’t get it done. so I’m pissed. I’ve never liked the trailer...should’ve just bought new one when I got the boat instead of throwing money at it. I’m selling without a title so probably work best for Kansas or Oklahoma...but I think anyone could apply for a homemade trailer title. I put it on Joplin Craigslist
  2. 14 foot Jon boat trailer...needs rewired. I’ve given up on it. Has new tires...100 bucks. No title —- in Joplin...come and get it
  3. We were catching them on inside of weedlind last week...he’ll of a lot more fun than 30 foot deep
  4. Blah blah blah...best way to catch blue gills is shallow on a fly rod. Catching blue gills at 30 feet sounds like a dud...good luck
  5. wily


    Nice fish...Gary Harlan is a good guy...he used to belong to Loma Linda back in the early nineties. Glad to see he is still fishing.
  6. wily

    MLF next week

    Hells bells...I just read in table rock forum they cancelled it...said going to fish table rock again. shoot...I was looking forward to the comparison
  7. wily

    MLF next week

    Ya...it was up....but now it’s way up. Up 5 feet in last couple days
  8. I’m surprised you guys fished the night shift instead of the morning shift...I usually don’t start fishing late til after it warms up more Looks like you caught some good ones after dark tho...good job
  9. At 500 a trip...I’d say you stand to benefit from the chamber of commerce video weekend...I wouldn’t ruffle any feathers it only cost me $30 bucks in gas so maybe that’s why it didn’t matter
  10. Shoot they don’t care...they made so much money...they couldn’t care less if someone got their feelings hurt. this weekend was like a Branson tourism video
  11. wily

    MLF next week

    I haven’t been there in 3 or 4 weeks but it is high....I bet their flipping bushes too
  12. wily

    MLF next week

    I think it will be interesting to see how table rock catch rates compare to the catch rates at grand. I’m sure most will say numbers will be lower...and size will be better at grand I think the bass fishing at grand is in the tank...in my mind fishing has got worse and worse for the past 4 or 5 years i know they’ll probably whackem but I don’t think total pounds or numbers will be close to what they’re catching at table rock
  13. Good job...we caught a bunch of largemouths out of Campbell point yesterday flipping and pitching the bushes with brush hogs. We only fished from swim beach to mill creek...only there a couple hours We saw a couple wrapped boats...hard to tell who they are. Need to keep binoculars in the boat. only one we recognized was Tommy Biffle...he kind of cut us off a little...but really didn’t matter to us. We thought it was cool that we were doing what he was. We watched him for a bit and just boated back where we’d come from and fished same water again. He didn’t stay very long the guy I saw doing the best was fishing same stuff we were but with a frog...but I don’t know who he was. our biggest was a couple that went 16.5...no size but lots of numbers
  14. Sounds like another great day...on a beautiful day in the Ozarks. I’m hoping to come up Saturday and fish out of Stockton city ramp. How deep are you fishing?
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