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  1. Sheez....1200 is a fortune for a jon boat trailer...you should be able to buy one for 600 or so. Call Kim at marine center in Joplin...he’ll have one
  2. How much do you have in it? Just curious...can you save money? I enjoy making my own jigs...and basic fly tying...but to me the blanks seem really expensive
  3. I’d sell you this one cheap...not a bad trailer...but I don’t like it. Licensed and titled in Missouri...buy it cheap and offset price of a new one for me Probably needs rewired tho...I blew a couple fuses last week
  4. I heard she was parked...back to the river...and drunk...thought she had it in forward...had it in reverse...cobbed it to leave...and went in the drink. The guy didn’t know her...just trying to help. That’s what a guy told me...who was close by when it happened. I don’t know for sure tho
  5. They lifted limit last year or two in spring river...I think it’s silly to keep that many...unless you’re trying to feed an orphanage or something. i know there are a lot of whites in grand lake...we catch them all year long...but I don’t know why anyone would want to keep that many. i guess just so they can say they did it...but they paid their money and bought a license so they can do what they want...in my mind all they’ll have is a lot of freezer burned white bass...yahoo
  6. wily

    Crappie ?

    I don’t want to come across like I’m some super duper fisherman...because I’m not...but in that picture of the graph...I don’t think those are white bass...in my experience white bass will hug the bottom...sure sometimes there will be occasions where the fan out chasing I guess...but almost always there will be a real dense line just off the bottom
  7. The water is up...but it’s pools and riffles all the way to Baxter...stay to the left at the first one. There is plenty of fish below 10c...it’s not worth tearing something up to go fish the river... i thought Saturday the fishing was great in the same area you fished...so you just never know...I’ve been on the opposite side many times too.
  8. Just as an update... a guy at work...found a fuse I missed and made the ground better on the truck...everything works on the truck as of now...not plugging anything into it until I replace the wires on the trailer...thanks for the help
  9. I’m pretty sure I found the fuses...replaced em...and got the passenger side to come back on...now I wish I hadn’t cut the jumper im done for the night...thanks
  10. Here’s the fuse box’s...blinkers work...test light works looking for tail lights the first one is under hood...smaller one is on side of dash
  11. Ok...going to pop the hood now...I think I screwed up when I cut that jumper wire out my truck is a 2000
  12. I Think you’re right on the trailer problem...but I’m worried about the truck...now both tail lights are out...I cut the cheater wire out and hooked it back to itself...just to see if other side would come on...but it didn’t going to take it to a shop in am I guess i tell ya...it’s always something
  13. Jumped a wire to the brown wire...had the tail lights and license plate lights working...had power to trailer light plug... hooked boat plug to truck plug...heard a slight sizzle now back to no tail lights on either side.... what do you think? Besides the obvious...that I’m a bonehead
  14. Shouldn’t I be able to prick the wires before the splice and get them to light up? the tail light is the brown light at top...and it’s spliced twice...Looks like that is where it was spliced to get the power to the trailer lights. Going to check it for power before the splice... the boat blinkers don’t work when plugged in...already checked thanks
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