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  1. Can you order a shorter shaft and install head unit and motor to it? My problem is that the wire to the foot control unit is too short...sounds crazy but on the duck boat...the deck is small and I want to screw down the foot control in the middle...as close to the front as possible...and run wire to battery in back...only run one battery. Way it is setup now...two batteries...and tm battery in front hatch...and foot control isn't bolted down...if I move battery to back...and run the wire...I don't want the foot control to move Sounds stupid but it's a problem
  2. Bummer...not what I wanted to hear but thank you wrench...you're the man
  3. Minn kota endura...bow mount. I would like to cut about 8 inch off shaft...it's a plastic shaft. any body ever done it? Any tips?
  4. On my way girls

    I think it's pretty cool...flexes when youngest walks on it...small foot...but not so much when I do...my foot big enough to at least catch some of stringer
  5. On my way girls

    Bought new to me boat...and put father in laws old evinrude on it...but have to get motor going...was running when it went into barn 15 years ago, so hopefully won't take much to get er going
  6. On my way girls

    I'm going back this week...black Friday at schell osage will be pretty crazy I bet...but I'll take my chances. It was an awesome time...I got a new boat this week so we've opened up our options
  7. On my way girls

    Chris and buck both said c was good...Chris got his limit out of c8 yesterday...we wouldve went that way but was worried about the paddle to the blind...good luck if you go
  8. On my way girls

    We did great...got 7 total...oldest got his limit...youngest got one...dad and the boys buddy blanked...I missed 4 that I shouldn't have thanks to buck and Marty for helping us so much to get ready...and special thanks to Chris and his buddy from stl area...for helping us pick our spot this morning... youngest drew 7...we hunted in f1. 3 people drew before us. F pool was hot. We could have gotten more but I am tickled with 7 honestly We'll be back...it was fun. but I'm bringing a Dale Jr call next time
  9. On my way girls

    Ya...no...I know you weren't...but honestly.... I wish you could go with. I would feel a lot more comfortable...good luck Over there. Looks like on Google earth they have done a lot of work to 4rivers
  10. On my way girls

    Yes sir...I sure do. Thanks Ihear ya on the jinx.I will holler if I need some help...me and my 2 boys...and a buddy's son. So I am a little on edge with having a guest...but it should be fun. If I can get this time under my belt...we'll be good to go more often. Might try to get one of the walk to spots and leave boat on the truck...
  11. On my way girls

    Thanks for tips everyone...I am packing now...and I have 2 stupid questions...do you need chairs or seats for the blinds? And should I worry about a throwable floation device? I don't have one...had a boat for dang near 20 years...thanks
  12. On my way girls

    Thursday is the day...we drew a spot at schell osage...taking the kids out of school Thursday and Friday...deer on Saturday...I've been growing beard out for two weeks... Plan to spend night in parking lot wednesday...if ducks good...stay over and hunt Friday...got a boatload of decoys...hoping to make a memory for the boys...any tips?
  13. Striper

    Ya...cool boat. Congrats
  14. Spam!!

    I'm getting the ads again inside the topics...isn't a big deal. I just scroll over them...
  15. Spam!!

    I'm not getting the ads this evening...my phone is android...and for last couple weeks prior to tonight...it's been like there's an ad to scroll thru in every topic. It didn't really bother me...just stuff I had searched for before like baseball gloves for my kids and stuff...it was contained within the topic and I just scrolled over/thru them

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