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  1. wily

    Campbell point

    Headed out today...we finally woke up early today but we stunk it up. fishing got tougher and tougher for us as the week went on One more round on the skis...and then headed home ✌️
  2. wily

    Campbell point

    Good times for sure...numbers suck with the jig but quality is good...smallmouths mostly when it gets boring we hit the gravel. Lots of squeaker spots out there...drop shotting baby flukes and fish doctors We’re going to try to wake up early tomorrow...We haven’t fished before 930 yet
  3. wily

    Campbell point

    hook and catch bait shop Is great....they have a good selection...and the guy that runs it is nice...and knowledgeable.
  4. My 40hp Yamaha is the same way....they didn’t build a choke into the motors so it takes a while initially to Start but good to go once it catches fire. Starts right up it’s a good motor for sure...the boat looks like a deal to me.
  5. wily

    Campbell point

    All three species tonight...jig style
  6. wily

    Campbell point

    Doubled on two nice ones Just now
  7. wily

    Campbell point

    Pretty good tonight on mix rock in front of the bushes...not catching a lot but gives us something else to try drop shot is still working but better fish are on the jig
  8. Thanks...it’s what we’ve been doing too. Not using crawlers so not catching very many bluegill Or goggle eye...but catching enough spots to keep us wanting to go We’re trying to catch them with a jig In chunk rock mix...but not Having a lot of luck going again in a minute...we’ve got poured on a couple times but we ain’t scared...✌️
  9. Thanks...i got it disconnected. In fairness to the switch...it was a frog strangler ✌️ but I’ll try to replace the switch when I get home...thanks
  10. Caught in a rain storm...led lights are on...even without the switch. If you turn the switch on they get brighter it is pouring here at Campbell point...just flat out cow peeing on a flat rock raining Going to disconnect battery cables if it ever stops but why is it doing it? thanks
  11. wily

    Campbell point

    Catching them fairly well on a drop shot at 25 foot. Watermelon chartreuse finesse worm...all the usual spots we caught 5 squeakers between the three of us....in 2 hours. Caught another handful of dinks. No bluegill or goggle eye
  12. wily

    Campbell point

    Big dog with a double...the big one was only 11
  13. wily

    Campbell point

    Fat boy...Fifteen and a half style..on a drop shot
  14. I agree...complaining about other people on the lake...is like bitching about a public golf course being too crowded but I do respect Terrierman...his sentiments are exactly why I only play golf a couple times a year
  15. We’re here for a week...got the boat splashed in and tied to a tree close to the camper its crazy busy...at one point we counted 22 boats looking out from the camper. Just taking it easy this afternoon and having a couple blues....but will fish this evening...If you’re in the area swing by
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