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  1. We tried Lamar lake this morning but nothing over 17...I’ve Always heard in golf...the first one in...wins 👍 That bbq restaurant across the street is good. Ole tractor or whatever...that made our trip
  2. Nice fish That’s the way it is at grand lake for white bass...there’s a few spots in the mid lake area during the summer where everyone knows the fish like to hang out...20 boats at a time sometimes Good job
  3. Long time since I’ve seen Trav’s name...he was a character. He had them dialed in on the lower end of Taney
  4. It is pouring here in Joplin....has been for about 30 minutes. Looks like lighter rain behind it on radar...but big line of rain headed east. Stay safe and god bless
  5. The only country that has been successful is North Korea...did I read that right? No offense...but $hit fire...if you believe anything coming out of North Korea...you’re crazy. honestly...the jury is still out On where this thing ends up for the ole US of A...But my bet is the Supreme Court
  6. Ok...sorry. I misunderstood have a good one
  7. Water looks good... Will your jet boat go over that riffle between those two gravel bars...at approximately 3 o’clock in your pic? Just trying to figure out what is possible...thanks
  8. You can turn the head around on a transom mount....and hang it off the side closer to the sitting area. Works pretty good we used to do it that way on rental boats in Canada...I brought the minn Kota with me had one with the telescopic handle
  9. Thanks for the help...I think I got it set on there pretty good...but now I’m worried about the keel running straight into the middle of the grate ive read where some people have taken that middle keel out...for the last 2 feet or so to give it clean water going into the shoe...but I have no idea how to do it...and I’m probably over thinking it rivers still blown out and I can’t try it...maybe in a couple days
  10. I hear ya on the tilt/trim. I didn’t know what it was...and bill just said start it at the bottom and trim it til you can feel it. I still do the same thing he said back it in til the water just barely goes over the fender to load it....still do the same thing...it ain’t rocket science i took it to big m and dropped it in...and have never looked back....we’ve had a lifetime of memories in both boats. They have been a huge part of our family. We’ve had so many vacations with our boat....so many memories...buy one if you can...you won’t regret it....but buy it from someone you trust ✌️
  11. I bought my first boat from bills marine In monett...never drove it...didn’t know anything about bass boats....I was a golfer....but it was an awesome old ranger...gotta great deal on it. 2nd boat...and current boat bought from Phil. Was one of his rentals and it had a blown motor but he disclosed it....and have been happy with the purchase for over 10 years point is....boat purchase is no different than buying anything...know who you’re dealing with...and lessen your chance of getting screwed
  12. I would say most people that expect the grand tour are first time buyers When buying anything...if you don’t trust who you’re buying it from....you should probably run away To wrenches point....and as tommy boy said...I can get a good look at a bulls a$$ by sticking my head up there...but I’d rather take the butchers word for it
  13. I think it’s ok but I’ve seen those little plates that people add to the transom...I assume to cut down on the splash So I’m just curious how far the grate should be away from the transom
  14. Not mine...maybe Seth’s or someone’s mine has 73 Johnson 25hp jet. It won’t outrun its own smoke
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