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  1. Thanks...I heard water is in parking lot at Martin's landing so we're checking options...probably going to euchie or bone creek. I like both lakes and should be relatively flood free
  2. Anybody been to euchie lately?
  3. Pm sent
  4. at times there are quite a few birds in the area...teal show is probably best of the bunch
  5. Ok...thanks for update...probably just bring lawn chair instead
  6. Please keep us posted...might bring boat when youngest plays at sandlot this weekend. Would most like likely put-in at mutton creek.
  7. I wouldn't worry about the weather too much...it changes around here so often. Pack for it and try to prepare but it's part of the deal...April in the Ozarks...I am in same boat except we are going to kimberling city this weekend. Make the most of it and have fun
  8. Oldest and i put in at stockton city park about 9 and fished til 1 while youngest played baseball in nevada We caught about 25 total with 5 keepers...biggest was about 16.5 We kept boat in about 12 foot of water...and had most success throwing to bank with split shot and c rig 4 inch lizards...my son also caught fish on jig and jerk bait...his were a little better but I had the numbers Never left the cove by the boat ramp...water was 60 to 63 degrees
  9. Look at academy online...they had the 53 with mapping on sale for 279 Last month. I bought one but haven't hooked it up yet. I have the 501 up front and like it...
  10. Boys and I went yesterday...we hoped to make a day of it...but wind was too much. 4 foot rollers in main lake so we quit pretty early We put in at Martin's landing...and fished terra Miranda and East bay...water was 60 degrees...we caught small males on drop shot and shaky heads...nothing on split shot rig. Marked a bunch of fish on graph at mouth of East bay...so trolled shad taps thru them a couple times and caught one nice Crappie and some small white bass. Every time we went thru fish we caught one. Boys didn't want to troll though, so we went back and beat the bank some more...very few boats on lake yesterday...wind was just too much
  11. We just got back from camping...water was fluctuating quite a bit...1/64 White jigs caught a lot of fish the past 3 days. Good quality fish are in the river too
  12. We had a couple others on that broke our line...I think the only reason we got this one was because he thought it was snagged and flipped the bail...and the line kind of wrapped around the fish a couple times...it was literally only skin hooked. We use 8 foot float and fly rods to troll with...was a light tackle fish for sure
  13. 8lb test...we didn't measure or weigh it. We were kind of freaked out...and just threw it back in after taking picture. Probably wasnt out of the water 10 seconds
  14. We fished neosho side today...pretty slow but did find a group of fish in tar creek area. The water is low...and ramp at twin bridges is sketchy...pontoon trailer got hung up on it today Water is 55 to 57 degrees
  15. updated with pic...big fish -- it was pretty chaotic for about 10 minutes