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  1. wily

    chest wader help

    The chest on most of the cheap waders I have seen...is as big as a 55 gallon drum...I wear my jacket over the waders...but to each his own
  2. wily

    chest wader help

    You're about same size as me...go to academy...buy Magellan neoprene boot foot..about 89 bucks...I wear 10 or 11 shoe...and they fit good...plenty tight in the chest...and they last a couple years easy. They wear out where the boot part connects eventually....plenty good for jump shooting ducks
  3. Kim at mid America in joplin had one earlier this year...not sure if he still has it...will be heckuva lot cheaper than 30k. He's a good one...its the boat shop you pass on the way to 10c or twin bridges...call him at 417.781.7450
  4. wily

    Eleven Point Everything

    big sugar above cyclone is the best fishing in sw missouri...but I don't think the scenery is great. don't bother with the spring...it's a tangled mess. My favorite in missouri is the jacks fork above alley...but I've never been to 11 point...hope to change that in 2k19 My all time favorite float was the upper buffalo...fishing wasn't great but scenery makes up for it...we only went to Kyle's landing...but the water was swift...and it was me and an 8 year old son in our boat...it was pretty dangerous or so it seemed...just the right level of excitement.
  5. wily

    Fountain grove

    Cool...that's what I was thinking too. we might come up and try the 8th...but its a long way to drive after work...so was planning on 4rivers on the way up...but I'd much rather have a blind. Let me know how you do...and if you guys stick around...maybe I'll buy ya a beer or something. Super8 in chillicothe is cheap
  6. wily


    From one newby to another...I don't think I would bother with a call...not really needed and will just annoy your buddy that invited you...but if you must I would stick with the whistle. The decoys do the work...more important to hide good I think
  7. wily

    Fountain grove

    Thanks for the tips...and for stoking my imagination about the area...I'm taking my boys and trying to make a memory. I called and got a hotel in chillicothe...probably hit 4rivers on the way up.
  8. wily

    Fountain grove

    Well...we had so much fun last year at Schell Osage...I put in for another reservation this year....and just heard today we got fountain grove on December 9th. I think it's similar to Schell Osage...but not sure? Has anyone been to fountain grove? Any tips? How deep is the water in the boat lanes? We'll take 1436 jon boat...and we'll try to get a blind...I've got a small mud buddy...and 18hp evinrude. If it's big water probably take 18...if it's like Schell I'll take the mud motor...thanks
  9. wily

    2018 Dove

    The oldest got his limit...I scraped out 8...we hunted private ground...cut cornfield and rag weeds...we had a great time. Yours looked good on the dinner plate...I'll probably just wrap ours in bacon and smoke em...they're not bad if the beer is cold
  10. wily

    Wolf Creek area 7-24 through 7-25

    We went this evening...just got home...it's midnight as I type. It must just be me...but I think the lake is in the tank...I think it has gotten worse and worse for the past couple of years. We caught quite a few white bass before it got dark...looked for the green ones after dark...and really struggled to find any...I caught a couple drum. Boy caught one largemouth...we called it quits about 11 and came home. We fished monkey island area
  11. wily

    crappie goods

    Boo...to the toilet bowl we go. I'm sure some of your best 5 estimates are off too....get a life. I hope you hid the gps coordinates of the pic
  12. wily


    We went this afternoon up shoal creek...It's close to the house but I've never done very well over there There were a handful of boats at the ramp. I think river is still too cold tho. We took it last weekend to wildcat and only caught a couple. Lots of pelicans and comorants
  13. Ya...it works...and it doesn't look bad. I'm not very good with details...but I really enjoy the planning part. we took it this afternoon over to Riverton...Definitely helped the comfort level moving everything back 18 inches or so...but no fish Now I just need to mount transom transducer for an old eagle fishfinder
  14. Just got er done...only thing I bought were some screws to mount the fence boards for the deck and the pedestal base...probably looks like it but...I don't care...I improved the fishability...and I can remove it and use as duck boat. Thanks for everyone's input and help...the shop is closed...happy Easter
  15. It's supposed to be removable...but thanks for your input...I also don't want to cover up the access to front deck

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