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  1. I just saw this one...not sure how wide it is...but looks like good project boat. spruce the trailer up...put a deck on the front...and find an old Johnson or Evinrude. https://loz.craigslist.org/boa/d/lake-ozark-18-jon-boat/7054802265.html
  2. I think the more you go...the more familiar you will become with it We haven’t done very well this year if the gauge of success is numbers of ducks killed...but I don’t care...I’ve have had a great time. And I plan to go back this weekend. 4rivers is a fantastic resource. I can’t believe they don’t charge a daily fee.
  3. We just got back from 4rivers...it’s pretty tough. I think it is getting progressively harder. We hunted right by the clubhouse...lots of high flyers but not many willing to work the decoys. The ducks will circle once and then they’re gone...into the lake we got a single young Canada goose that looked at our 4 goose floaters long enough for son to shoot it...I think it must’ve gotten separated Or something We’ll probably go again next weekend but will go to unit 2 not many at draw this morning but I think it was right on the number
  4. I might try settles ford sometime...can you use a boat? The google earth pics doesn’t show flooded but description says 22 pools or something.
  5. Thanks for the invite... I would like to join you but I’ve got to work thru the week. Maybe we could meet up some other time Weve only been twice so far this year...but we’ll be there again Saturday morning. Hopefully there’s some fresh birds
  6. Hunting that corn looks good...wish we had some to hunt on this side of the state...high water kept 4rivers from getting a crop in...it’s been tough but still having fun... we’ve got a pretty good duck dog...here he is in action
  7. wily

    Who is ready?

    How was swan lake? Was it iced over?
  8. Nice birds...green wings are my favorite Me and a buddy almost tried the poor line at 4rivers Saturday but kinda chickened-out. Plus the wind...I figured it would be crazy busy. Is that where you went? I assume zone 3? Good on you for braving it... saw flock of geese fly over Joplin about 430 today
  9. wily

    Who is ready?

    My little 1436 w/6hp mud buddy does good the few times we’ve taken it to 4rivers. 3 guys and gear...no worries. I know Marty uses smaller boat and mud motor...I’ve seen his videos...your paddle Jon with small outboard or troller will save a heart attack i have a blind for mine...so we drag it up in shallows and hunt out of it ideally but if doesn’t work...we hide it and hunt off marsh stools
  10. wily


    What guide service are you using? What part of the state?
  11. That guy said he was looking for a rough water, open water style layout boat...one designed with a lip on opening to keep waves out. mine is still for sale...at least For a couple weeks.
  12. Thanks for the lead...I sent a msg to see if interested in mine. Have a good one
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