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  1. I kinda thought you were...but you never know....people are crazy
  2. I’ve been five or six times so far...ive seen deer each time I’ve went...but not the right one yet
  3. I’ve been messing with the boat...I’m pretty much ready to go. I drove thru 4rivers Friday...still isn’t flooded...I’m not walking in so I hope they put the plug in the drain soon
  4. I’m calling bullsh!t on anyone that claims they were at Woodstock...you guys maybe joking but if not...you’re full of it
  5. Uncle luscious — keep the wolves away
  6. Mud buddy style...it pushes it along good enough to get 3 guys and way too many decoys into 4rivers the bad thing about it is that you have to beach it to shoot out of it
  7. Catfish to ducks...pulled the front deck extension and trolling motor...put up the Avery quick set frame...it’s a heck of a little boat.
  8. Pretty fish...you can see some of the film on the water in your pics. It was really bad in May...almost like an oil layer...was a couple inches thick it seemed Years ago they said the next state record would come out of it. Mdc had shocked a big one I guess. I used to go up there all the time...the bass fishing was fantastic for numbers and size.
  9. Lamar lake used to be awesome 15 years ago...but it’s went downhill. There’s so much pressure on it Last time we were there...which was May or so of this year. The Water had a film on it...and the weeds were black as coal. I think they sprayed the weeds or something or maybe ag run off has hurt it
  10. Don’t forget lower Taneycomo...when my boys were little we went down there quite a bit due to Trav’s reports. We caught a slew of bluegills behind the islands between edgewater and rockaway beach id think there would be some good ones in there if you knew how to catch them
  11. I split an arrow today...hard to believe because I’m a mediocre shot at best...but I do like to practice I’ve knocked the nocks off of them before...but never had one split the arrow and stick
  12. I agree with that...I am one. Heck, both me and rick took a shot on a jet foot for a 50 year old Johnson 25hp...you’ve never seen us on jeopardy
  13. Maybe they would..but not many people are trying to keep a 40 year old mercury 9.9 alive.
  14. I don’t mean this bad...but I think those values are like the values on antiques road show. I’ve never seen the appraisers purchase anything on the show.
  15. Looks solid...back when aluminum was aluminum I like the trailer reminded me of 2 songS
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