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  1. wily


    What guide service are you using? What part of the state?
  2. That guy said he was looking for a rough water, open water style layout boat...one designed with a lip on opening to keep waves out. mine is still for sale...at least For a couple weeks.
  3. Thanks for the lead...I sent a msg to see if interested in mine. Have a good one
  4. No...old Johnson 25 2stroke...good motor. Came out of Eberlin in herman
  5. I might take a partial trade for small 2stroke outboard too...Nissan or something similar. have anything like that laying around? It must have internal fuel tank
  6. We’ll...I like mine...it’s a good one You can’t buy a jet shoe for under $1200...plus the cost of a power head....looking at 3000 dollar investment to get into those big smallies and 100 fish days. you can slap mine on any 14 foot or under Jon boat and have a heck of a lot of fun for a heck of a lot less If anyone buys my motor I will throw in the transom extension
  7. I bet you wouldn’t sell it for $600...think how much it would cost to replace it
  8. Just curious...what do you think your old 25 Mercury jet is worth?
  9. Easy, pain free way to get into the wonderful world of big river smallies...and those 100 fish white bass days.
  10. Same thing...could use some cash so cleaning out the garage it is 1971...is a pull start. Could be converted to electric start easily most of parts are there...just need the starter also have the prop lower unit and original cover. I put the 20hp cover on it cuz I think it looks cool is a good motor...jumped my 1436 Alweld up on plane easy. have plastic 3 gallon tank to go with it. I don’t know what it’s worth...say $850?
  11. Have more pics...just ask. Located in joplin
  12. it’s about the neatest thing since television. tons of videos on YouTube with guys running this same boat and motor combo boat is 2011. It has factory back rest and custom doors made out of cabinet racks...lots of info online about those too...ready to be grassed-up the motor is a 2007...6hp Subaru...mud buddy. Always stored inside...starts and runs great. something unexpected came up...and I could use some cash...Asking $950 if you’re a guy that hunts 4 rivers or grand pass...or practically anywhere...you’ll love it
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