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  1. wily

    New lake just south of Joplin!!!!

    Thanks for putting the size in perspective. We fish big hill on occasion...it’s a big lake. I thought it would be closer to bone creek size. I of course hope they build it. i don’t really care what side of the river they build it...the east side looks like it has better creeks...and would probably have better scenery. I’ve fished the ponds and creek there on spicers land where they’re planning to build the dam on west side...Steve was a pretty good guy back in the nineties...little crazy but so was I
  2. wily

    cz 612 pump shotgun

    Just as a closure...I got the gun back today. cz customer service was great...according to the notes...they replaced the action bar...extended the firing pin. Got new barrel due to seized choke...included new extra full choke in box. They didn’t charge anything for repairs or shipping either way. Everything seems brand new...not sure how well it will work but I’d say they stood behind it. Hopefully it will work the few times he tries to shoot a turkey. I doubt I will take it...I’m not sure I trust it
  3. wily

    Messing with the local ducks

    Most people don’t know the backstory...I know I don’t...nor do I care to know it. It’s like a nascar race to me...redneck noise But what I do know is that he is on national tv...well the history channel...giving credit to god for his success and that takes balls. His kids have respect for him...he definitely left his family with a better lot in life than they would have been in without him...seems like he achieved success to me.
  4. wily

    Messing with the local ducks

    It’s pretty cool...benches are low...have to sit Indian style almost.
  5. wily

    Messing with the local ducks

    I should also say...no matter how much it was...it was a lot better than me. I know I didn’t just have a regional sporting goods store or have 20mil in operating revenue...so good for them. i like Phil and his message
  6. wily

    Messing with the local ducks

    I’ve got a cool pirogue style boat that was originally sold by duck commander...Welded aluminum...it’s cool was made way before the show i think it was just a regional sporting goods store before the show 20million in operating revenue sounds killer...but if retailer and haven’t subtracted cost of goods sold...probably didn’t amount to much
  7. wily

    cz 612 pump shotgun

    Ya...suprised me but they said I could just FedEx it directly to them. I've looked at a different barrell for a remington 1100...and I just hate to pay new prices for them...most are over 200 bucks. I've got 1100 in 410, 20, and 12...but the 20 was used as skeet and trap gun...so it has skeet barrell and full choke. I'd rather have a modified Uncle goes to gun shows sometimes...he says you can pickup a remington barrell cheaper at the shows...but I haven't ever tried it.
  8. wily

    cz 612 pump shotgun

    I called cz today...they said send it to them...they'll fix it for free...kind of a pia but good to know they'll stand behind it...said it would take 6 weeks tho...will see what happens
  9. wily

    cz 612 pump shotgun

    We'll see...wasn't really a cheap gun...but I guess if it isn't a browning, benelli, or a beretta..a lot of people look down on them. I always get tickled at people that spend a lot of money on a bow...or maybe a shotgun...and act like it's a big deal. Think about how much a boat costs in comparison...have a good one
  10. wily

    cz 612 pump shotgun

    I hear ya....i've got a 870 magnum I use for turkeys. He has an old wingmaster quail gun...with improved cylinder...so he was wanting something specifically for turkeys. He doesn't like duck hunting because he says too cold...but went with us this morning...it was pretty nice out...I took my coat off in ground blind...and actually fell asleep at one point. He finally goes and the dang gun didn't work right...bad luck Maybe it will be an easy fix...I thought this gun would basically be like my 870 magnum
  11. wily

    cz 612 pump shotgun

    I took the plug out...and put 4 in the tube for now...see if spring loosens up...and if that helps... Thank you for the link
  12. wily

    cz 612 pump shotgun

    I'm not very mechanical...I took it apart...spring definitely feels strong...think I should cut an inch off of it...and see what happens?
  13. Father in law bought a used cz 12 gauge to turkey and duck hunt with...he bought it earlier this fall from steves in joplin. Took it this weekend for first time...and it ejects the new shell from the tube...instead of putting it into the chamber. Danmbdest thing I ever saw...almost like someone took it apart and put it back together wrong. This is 2nd used gun from Steve's that we've had a problem with...it looks brand New...cost wasn't much different than New...but someone got rid of their junk...and he doesn't check them before selling. Anybody have experience with cz pump shotguns? I feel responsible for him buying it...what a bummer
  14. I've pretty much got it...only had to make one cut...pretty amazing versatile contraption...well engineered I used c clamps and the t rail feet for now...
  15. Thanks for taking the time to give such a detailed reply. I took the fabric off of it...and did some rough measuring. Its definitely going to work. By my best guess the back needs it needs about 2 foot off the width...and about 1 foot off the front. My original idea was to cut same amount (12 inches) off both ends of the male piece...but not sure why I would need to...would be easier to just cut one side...and only have to redrill once...that sounds right doesn't it? Same thing on length...planning to cut all 4 pieces same amount and same spot...redrill...and attach. I need new feet to attach to benches...the one I bought has the feet to slide into the rail on the war eagle...so plan to buy from avery...unless anyone has an idea how to make them...I attached a picture. Avery customer service has been awesome...I spoke to them prior to buying...they assured me about being able to modify...and sent directions...as it turns out...mine is the older style frame...but no biggie...they had those as well

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