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  1. wily

    crappie goods

    Boo...to the toilet bowl we go. I'm sure some of your best 5 estimates are off too....get a life. I hope you hid the gps coordinates of the pic
  2. wily


    We went this afternoon up shoal creek...It's close to the house but I've never done very well over there There were a handful of boats at the ramp. I think river is still too cold tho. We took it last weekend to wildcat and only caught a couple. Lots of pelicans and comorants
  3. Ya...it works...and it doesn't look bad. I'm not very good with details...but I really enjoy the planning part. we took it this afternoon over to Riverton...Definitely helped the comfort level moving everything back 18 inches or so...but no fish Now I just need to mount transom transducer for an old eagle fishfinder
  4. Just got er done...only thing I bought were some screws to mount the fence boards for the deck and the pedestal base...probably looks like it but...I don't care...I improved the fishability...and I can remove it and use as duck boat. Thanks for everyone's input and help...the shop is closed...happy Easter
  5. It's supposed to be removable...but thanks for your input...I also don't want to cover up the access to front deck
  6. Reminds me of a song...well I ain't first class but I ain't white trash... Put an old bed frame to good use...looks pretty good to me...just got to figure out the top
  7. What would you use instead of tread plate? I'm pretty sure I could get something else at same place...I just figured tread plate was best option...thanks
  8. Not worried about the weight...boat is only 1436 but it's an alweld. It is well built...rating is 570. and this is a small deck...additional 40 lbs at most. Muffler shop is going to help design and weld some mounting brackets to ladder Saturday...then planning to rivet to the stringer braces...and the existing front deck. I've got a line on some scrap tread plate...hoping to pick it up next tuesday while I'm off work. Another stupid question...but how should I attach the tread plate to the ladder? Thanks
  9. wily

    got out today

    Boy...that is some brown water...nice fish tho...good job
  10. Thanks wrench for ladder idea I found part of a ladder stand that fits pretty good...needs a tiny bit off one leg...so it drops down a bit so the deck will be flush Just need to figure out how to stabilize against the rib... Any ideas? I wonder if I could just use a 90 degree angle bracket...bent to correct angle...then rivet to rib and bottom of the ladder? Could use similar against the deck Or maybe run a vertical support up from where rib angles up to the side...it's only 9 inches or so high Hey larry...have you got any pictures of your framing? Thanks
  11. Thanks...that sounds like a good idea. Fold down the front..and attach it direct....then build the cross member similar to below i think the aluminum is avalable at Lowe's or home depot. I think one 8 foot piece would be enough to frame it... Down side is...it wouldn't be removable...and it's a bunch of holes drilled into the boat
  12. Thanks...I've talked to a shop in Joplin too...plan to run it by there if can't figure out how to do it...im sure 400 bucks would get it done right...but don't know if That makes sense
  13. Been looking for old ladder on Craigslist...but no luck This boat doesn't have a console or middle bench...so need to make some sort of a cross member. When you say folded down...do you mean like 2 inches so you can rivet to the existing deck? Thinking I might scale it back a bit...boat isn't primary boat...just something for son to use fishing...and to haul decoys Might make the deck out of wood...and carpet it. I saw this on a boat for sale...this isn't super duper craftsmanship but I like the simple design...would be cool if you could just lift it out when not wanted...almost like a tool box. Wonder how they attached that plywood to the rib? Could run brace across the rib similar to above...and then lay deck on top
  14. I'm wanting to extend front deck a couple ribs...anybody have experience? What did you use for framing across the ribs? I've look at Tin boats...and tiny boat nation a little. I'm surprised someone hasn't marketed an off the shelf option. I'm not very mechanical...but think I could run rivet some sort of bracket off the vertical of existing deck...the figure out some way to make the bracket for the ribs...then just put a top on it...probably leave the vertical on extension open so I can use underneath as storage. Sounds easy...but I don't think it is...anybody ever did it? Or have any tips...or things to avoid...besides wood...would prefer it was aluminum...with a tread plate or similar deck... If it matters...I think brace would be 48inch wide and 9inch high...probably run a couple stringers between the two brackets
  15. wily


    I'd think from the bank in the daytime would be hard...I think they move around a lot. It seemed like yesterday...we'd catch one or two...think we knew where they were...fish for a bit with nothing...move 50 yards catch 2 or 3 more...then nada...back to original spot and catch a couple more...move again 50 yards other way and catch fish. We fished two 100 yard spots and caught 20 or so I know you like to float...take the kayak next time...youll have better luck I think and you'll be able to chase the fish when you find them

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