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  1. Eh, I am good with this forum. Any other sources are used only in conjunction with the real-time applications I have learned over the years from all of these guys. What you wont find in most reporting or other forums is family and community. I weigh that just as heavily as the bass these guys have assisted me in catching. We may get each other worked up from time to time, but the end game has always been a sense of enjoyment in fishing one of the most beautiful lakes the lord has been able to bless us with. Thank you to all, especially the guides who take time out of their busy schedules, for continually contributing to this forum. This has taken my fishing experiences and skill set to a much higher level than I could have imagined.
  2. Clean and healthy looking fish. Good job.
  3. This is information you just simply can not find anywhere else. Thank you for making us all better anglers so that we can enjoy our time on the water to a greater extent. Cheers to you.
  4. I am not sure how it would work on boats, but I use rubbing alcohol on real tough stains in my car(cloth seats). I have a 6 year old daughter who is notorious for sneaking in a few permanent markers with her regular markers and it takes everything out with ease. We recently traded in my wife's Cobalt that had spilled coffee all of the floor mats(had probably been there for a few years), there were melted crayons, permanent marker "art" all over the back seat and I had it spotless within about 30 minutes. Perfect de-grease solution, but if trying on your boat you may want to either dilute it or try on a small inconspicuous spot.
  5. Merc- Right on point. It's amazing how many fish are passed up because an area is not properly broken down. I'm sure its harder to do that in a tourney, but if pleasure fishing that's the part that is most fun. Great points.
  6. arsenal1477

    Old Maps

    Excellent. I have a copy of those from the COE as well. A majority of the map I took photos of and have them in the phone for future reference. The maps are copyright 1977 and rather frail so I am doing my best to preserve them. I am highly considering going to a professional printer and having some waterproof copies made when I have the extra money available. They show all of the timber where it use to be before everything was cut down.
  7. Everything 96 Champ said is spot on. As for a time you want to head out, I know some guys that get on the water at 11pm and fish till 3am. Personally, I hit the water an hour or so before sundown and fish through 1a-2a, but that is what works for me this time of the year. You will need to experiment and let the fish tell you what time you need to be out there.
  8. What would you say that big girl weighed in at? 1.5#-2#? She had hips to her.
  9. My goodness! Any idea on what the larger crappie weighed in at? Beautiful.
  10. Thank you sirs, I’ll be sure to reach out to them. I’ve dreamt about fishing that pond for some time now so hopefully they can put me on some. I’ll be sure to mention you fellas. Thanks again.
  11. Sounds good fellas. Yeah, I’m leaning toward a guide one of the days on Fork and then walking the banks of Grapevine. There are a ton of lakes in the area that look solid also. If I catch anything worth mentioning I’ll be sure to get them on here. Thanks for the advice.
  12. Hey all, I realize this is a non-Table Rock Topic, but I am heading down to Dallas for work Apr 29-May24. Seeing as I’m driving I’ll be bringing some fishing gear. I’ll be about 3 miles SE of Lake Grapevine and 65 miles due west of Lake Fork. With as much as we are all on water I was not sure if any of you have experience down there, but pointers/tips on where to fish that are somewhat close would be greatly appreciated. Hope you are all well after the storms this weekend.
  13. Thank you. He is my best friend and a great guy.
  14. I have a few St. Croix Prem and love them. However, I have 3 Browning Medallians I picked up 10 years ago at $40 per that are my go to. Probably not the most sensitive rods, but great back bone with a soft tip that I have caught countless good fish on. I have a 7’ H, 6’6” MH and 6’6” MF. I primarily use them for finesse and small soft baits though: grubs, ned, shaky, Keitechs, salt craws, etc. and never more than 8lb line. Heck, I throw 4lb Berk Fluro on the 7’ for my Ned, can toss it a mile and have caught numerous 5lb fish. My dad bought one of the newer versions of the rod and I must say that it’s not the same so beware. 90% of the fish I caught during my trip last week were on the Brownings and I think primarily because I’m just use to the feel of them. To most guys they might feel like a branch in their hands. 😀
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