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  1. Hi Steve, Where did i get Bryce..??anyway will be there Monday afternoon, and on the water as the shadows cruse across the water, With my old Trusty...
  2. Awesome fat looking Brown,Now Bryce did i turn you on to this late evening Brown Trout Fishing:-)It has been fun for me will be on the water Monday afternoon,
  3. Almost every time i have been fishing the past Several Weeks late in the afternoon when the Sun is off the water and the shadow's start across the water i have been tying on a size 16 Red quill, and picking up three to four Browns fishing very tight to the rocks and they have been crushing the fly what fun. Going again this coming Monday and Tue, hope to have more Pic. the one below is my biggest this trip, a little over 18", a few weeks back i caught and RELEASED, a 19" Brown what fun on a 3#...7X
  4. Going in Late June, July, will be fishing the upper Taylor, Texas Creek, and lot's of Beaver Ponds, Brian, Not sure what you talking about getting the Peacock quill right.???
  5. Getting ready to head to Colorado fishing, Talked with a friend there and was told several different flies to bring, Been tying like crazy i am going to start tying the Bread Crust i got a very nice Ruffed Grouse tail, and am not sure how to use are prepare the feather for the ribbing any help..??
  6. Wife and i went Thursday..fished from 2:00PM until 6:30..went something like this.. first two hours nothing..and i mean Nothing..!! Fished the Copper Head, Y2K,Blue Dunn Midge, Dunn and Silver, Dun and Gold, size 22 WD 40, Grey Midge Dry 24 could not get anything to hit, I did find TWO very nice Rainbows all tangled up with Hooks in there Gullets one was dead and the other was all but i did get the one loose and noticed that both had egg hooks and the Barbs still in tack.?? this was about 100 yards down from the Boat Ramp.they both where nice fish one was 15 inches and the other was almost 17inch..anyway around 5 I Put on a Prince 16 and started catching fish.caught 5 rainbows and Two Nice Browns Bottom line is you have to find what they want at the time your there,
  7. Hey it may have been a Copper Head..!!!!, I did ask if it was a Brassie,He said Nope,and was acting annoyed so i went on fishing.I'm the type that if i'm doing well with a fly and someone ask what i'm using i'll go give them one IF i have a couple to spare.oh well I'll make up some of the Copperheads..and see what happens.Thanks all.!!!!
  8. Nope did not see it, he was a little stand offage,He did say it was a size 18 Copper Midge, used alot at Taneycomo.???,And it was working on Beaver also,bet he and his son caught 20+ fish
  9. I was fishing this past week-end the Tailwater of Beaver and doing pretty well, There was a Man and Son fishing below me and was just killing them nice size Rainbows...I ask him what he was using and he said it was a fly From Taneycomo called a Copper midge..?? And that was about all that was said,My question is Does anyone know the Receipe for this fly.if would you share..?? I use TMC hooks for all my flies.
  10. I've fished Capps creek for years and have had no trouble catching fish there the creek is harder to fish than most think unless you catch it right after they have stocked it,then the fishing is pretty easy for a few day's until the locals fish them out,I fished the other day and caught and released 12 fish 3/29/06.the wind was terrible so had to fish a short line i use a 3 wt rod with 7x tippets,For me the only fly that produces constant is a 16 Red butt,and a 18 Blue wing olive wet fly.The other day i caught a 17 inch Rainbow on the BWO, He had been in there awhile cause his color was Brilliant what a fight took me all over the creek with 7x could not put to much pressure on him at first i thought i had hooked into a large brown,and that brings me to the Brown trout for the past two years i have not caught one??? The bottom line is i fish Capps creek like i would Crane creek and it works for me, Now to Hickory Creek anything i do there is for NOT..i have not caught a fish there have seen a few,I wont go back until they get it working how ever they plan on doing that.?
  11. For me theres no other box But Wheatley Fly Box's Check out this site you can build your own. http://www.anglersportgroup.com/data/produ...tleymodular.jpg
  12. Ok i can see that Thanks lilley.
  13. With the lake level being so low are they Generating in the day time any at all? The past couple of years almost every time I've got up and drove down to fish i would get in about an hour of fishing and they start up the Generators I've looked at the Generator reports guess I'm not smart enough to figure them out Just let the darn Fish GO BIll
  14. Just wanted to stop in and say hi to all, Am new to this site but have been a fly fisherman for years.I'm from Joplin Mo..Retired and fish all over the US.Wife is from North Carolina..(Good Trout Fishing there).Hope to get alot of good info from this site. Just let the darn Fish GO. Bill
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