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  1. About time for the Berkley smelt on the drop shot!!! Tnx BB
  2. Hideaway near pt 11 was packed with boats on Saturday when I cruised past
  3. Well done...incredible day! I showed my wife the pics and all she could say was "they don't look very happy in the pics, no one is smiling". LOL...
  4. I got down to fish Mon - Weds for some solid time on the water. Stayed mostly between Pt 11 and Pt 9, most of the time pretty close to Pt 10. Mornings were more productive than afternoons, but still was able to catch fish either time of the day. As others are saying, most fish were in 30-45' of water, close to or on the bottom, with standing timber nearby helping. While I did have a few on the McStick, wayyy better catching with the Gulp drop shot or 3" or 4" swimbait on a jig head. Definitely a light bite for sure, and the calm winds certainly helped stay on top of the bait while watching the electronics. The bellies on the K's were full to say the least! I was reading this article this morning...100% exactly what I found the last few days. https://www.wired2fish.com/tackle-tips/damiki-rig-vs-drop-shot-when-and-where-to-use-each/#slide_1
  5. Got some decent water time on Sunday and Monday. Following other's suggestions, spent a while Sunday am on the big motor looking for shad. No challenges finding the bait with all the loons and gulls diving. What I did have challenges was getting them to bite. Lots of fish streaking to the bait, only to take a peek and bomb back to the bottom. Most of the fish were 60' deep in 80-100' of water. I was also able to find some active fish amongst the cedars along steep banks in 35-50' of water. Had quite a bit better luck on the drop shot than the ice jig. Ended with 4 solid keeps and a dozen almost keepers. Yesterday the wind was brutal. After a couple hours of searching for bait in somewhat protected areas, I cashed it in and got a few projects done on the boat.
  6. Great update...well done sir!
  7. thanks again for the help folks, looking fwd to getting things rolling with the Lakemaster. FWIW, the local Plus version map is 25% off at d!cks sporting goods.
  8. I've got a couple new HB Helix 10's coming my way shortly, will need to add map cards to each of them. I've owned Navionics chips in the past but that has been a long time ago. Anyone have a suggestion / preference of the Navionics + vs Lakemaster maps? Tight lines Edwin
  9. https://www.pristinemarinetrl.com in Spokane does some incredible work
  10. Tnx rps! I've been a lurker for a few years. Buying this old boat (1990 model BTW) sure makes me appreciate the 2008 BassCat Cougar I had with big HB's on the console and bow, new everything, huge decks front and rear, and the purr of that 250 Opti scooting down the lake. That said, this previously enjoyed boat will serve just fine for my limited use and weak at best skills. tight lines, edwin
  11. Thanks James. I recently picked up an old semi-beat up BassCat to at least get back on the water. Hope to get back into the groove and catching some fish. Hope all is well with you and Donna.
  12. thank you for all for the time invested to pull together the write ups...truly appreciated!!!
  13. The Pro TI is $349, so probably in that range. I've had great luck with my Shimano stuff...took great care of it and sold it for almost what I paid for it years later. Not opposed to dropping the coin if it's a solid product. Thanks in advance
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