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  1. That would be awesome however the summer months are off limits for me because I coach baseball. With that said, my wife and Neil's wife had so much fun on their first trip to Lilley's this past December (they shopped and we fished) we've already booked our rooms for this coming December...the same weekend. So...if you wanted to hold the 1st anniversary tournament on December 10th we'll certainly participate.
  2. Wish I could make this event. I fished the December event Phil mentioned...it was fun even though Shawn beat the tar out of us. It's definitely a different approach. Rather than thoroughly or methodically fishing your favorite "big fish" spots your searching for concentrations of fish...multiple bites. Had to continuously remind myself two 9"-10" stockers beat one "good fish"...generally speaking.
  3. That awesome. I've thrown some Luck-E-Strike Rick Clunn jerks on my baitcaster as well but never caught anything that nice. I usually catch one here and one there but I just can't stay with it...switch back to the jigs.
  4. Awesome fish..congrats! What size jerk bait do you throw?
  5. Phil...Have you heard anything from the Corp recently? Are they still planning to reduce flow when TB hits 920? I see they've lowered power generation to about 160mw a few days ago...did they close one generator and raise flood gates a bit to maintain 20,000cfs?
  6. wow...2 more feet since 9am...that is a lot of water!
  7. How's it looking and what's the local "word" on the lake? As of 9:00AM I see Table Rock has come up 24" in the last 24hrs and 4 units running since late last night. Given that Table Rock is still rising, I'm assuming at some level and by some method they have the ability to release more water...is this a concern for Taneycomo yet?
  8. Phil...do you know yet what your going to charge per person for tournament entry?
  9. Neil Boswell and myself are already booked Friday and Saturday in #21, I think it's 21. We're currently debating on coming down very early Friday morning or possiblly late Thursday night...assuming the room is open.
  10. Phil...would you require or even want multiple photo attempts of the same fish or just the final photo? I personally would likely delete any photo I'm not sure clearly shows the fish from tip of nose to tail with the length clearly in focus.
  11. December 12 sounds good...fishing partner and I already have reservations. I've not read about the kayak tournaments and/or rules...but you mention "Each angler takes a pic of each trout caught on the ruler showing length." Would total length for the day be the cumulative of all fish or only (4) largest? A "limit" of (4) per fisherman would reduce time to determine results however allowing "all fish" would give the opportunity to chase quantity vs quality. If allowing quantity I can foresee an issue with ensuring every picture is of a different fish...i.e. when catching stockers it would be easy enough to recycle 1 or 2 fish to the livewell for a few additional pictures later in the day. You might consider a "fool proof" measuring device and/or a detailed method for measuring and/or taking the photo. I can foresee varying camera angles and/or shadows which do not clearly depict an accurate measurement. Lastly...what if it rains on tournament day...you need GoPro to as a tournament sponsor!
  12. Nice video Phil...Is this video from yesterday? The schedule shows water flow all day yesterday and today...hopefully they keep it going as myself and a bunch of friends will be on the lake tomorrow through Saturday. Was that a white jig? Was that one drift...I noticed the video was cut a few times. I stopped counting after the nice fish at the 3:30 mark.
  13. Phil, I thought oxygen levels go up on Taneycomo with the turnover. I read this as if they are watching for/expecting a drop.
  14. I’ve read several reports on here referring to “spin fishermen” using a leader.. I’m looking for a better understanding of the leader itself and when is it practical for a spin fisherman to use a leader. Considering everything you do is in the name of “natural presentation” is the choice to use a leader more so related to water clarity/current conditions, fishing method/technique, personal preference or maybe even cost? Generally speaking my line of choice is P Line CX Premium in 4lb. It’s a thin fluoro coated monofilament. The 4lb is approximately .006” in diameter…or roughly 5-6X. That said I’ve been thinking of trying a fluorocarbon and/or a fluoro leader for jig fishing or jig/float if it makes a practical difference. I recognize one consideration must be cost. Obviously there a big difference between filling your spool with $20 of fluorocarbon vs. filling with $3 of mono then using a 3’of fluorocarbon as your leader. The knot - What is the preferred knot used to connect leader to line? If I am correct in understanding a line will generally break at the knot is this knot trustworthy and/or why would I want to add another knot between myself and the fish? Is it still a comparison of cost vs. reliability? Leader Materials – I see leaders or tippet material is sold in a variety of materials. Say I’m looking at fluorocarbon tippet material, is there a difference between using the actual “tippet” material vs. a “regular” fluorocarbon filler line? I’ve studied a few different “X” sizing charts thus believe to understand the 5X, 6X or 7X to identify diameter. That said, there are several choices of thin diameter fluorocarbons and/or fluoro coated monofilament lines in the 5X – 7X (2 – 4lb) range. Thanks for the help. Toby
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