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  1. Going to get muddy?

    There will be mudlines, logjams, floaters & such. The White River crested around 18ft this morning, it was 2ft yesterday. Usually the mudline will go to HC area maybe Monte Ne within a few days. This is such a common occurrence that I've learned to embrace it & use it to my advantage. The walleye should be real happy.
  2. Bella Vista Membership Lot

    Unless you’re interested in buying the lot, please do not comment. This is not a debate
  3. Bella Vista Membership Lot

    Fishing season is almost here, somebody make me an offer
  4. Should I Get a Boat?

    Here's an interesting inboard/outboard conversion rig. https://littlerock.craigslist.org/boa/d/new-weldbilt-inboard-jet/6461646903.html
  5. Should I Get a Boat?

    Arkansas only titles the trailer, MO will fix it for you.
  6. Should I Get a Boat?

    One shot, this is your boat. Just lowball them. https://springfield.craigslist.org/boa/d/17-aluminum-boat-trailer-and/6491836660.html This ones $3500, they might take $2500 https://jonesboro.craigslist.org/boa/d/lowe-jet-boat/6471023622.html
  7. Should I Get a Boat?

    Whats a good starter boat for running skinny water? I need a beater boat with a jet outboard, steering wheel (I cant run a tiller due to injuries) Can the tiller model be easily converted to a steering wheel? I have a friend with a project boat. Its a 1448 Duracraft 1985 model, 25hp tiller Johnson outboard with prop 2000 model, I would need to add the steering console & shift cables, steering etc. then swap the standard lower unit for a jet drive. He might let me trade him for the rig. Its in pretty rough condition are setting up for 10 years. The motor was only ran from 2000-2007..
  8. Should I Get a Boat?

    Did you buy the boat, or appease the woman?
  9. Custom painting lures

    Here’s the response from createx. “The Flair Teal /Purple is fairly concentrate. Extend it with 4030 Balancing Clear, perhaps equal parts or slightly more paint: Teal / Purple 3:2 4030. Reduce this mix 10 - 20% 4012. Make this reduction mix in a separate mix cup, not in airbrush cup. mix thoroughly and let sit 10+ minutes prior to spraying. The color is best with a 0.5mm tip-size, however with over-reduction you can shoot it through a 0.3mm tip. In addition to the 4030, you could add 4004 Transparent Base to the mix. Essentially, Teal / Purple has enough of the pigment in it to make 3 or 4x the color. The good news is its a really decent price on an expensive pigment, however it needs to be worked. Please let us know if we may be of further service. https://autoaircolors.com/custom-automotive-paint/4030.html Best Regards, Createx Colors
  10. Bella Vista Membership Lot

    No trades please. There is some really good fishing at the village. I’ve caught smallmouth in the creek. The lakes have trophy size bass, red ear & enormous carp. I don’t get up there enough anymore to justify keeping the membership lot. Thanks
  11. Bella Vista Membership Lot

    Serious inquiries only please
  12. Bella Vista Membership Lot

    $16 month plus, $35 photo ID & $135 boat tags
  13. Abu Garcia Revo Spinning reels

    $70 apiece, free shipping
  14. Bella Vista Membership Lot

  15. Winter Time Lure Making

    Those are your version of slow death rigs? Does the night crawler stay on the offset worm hook better than slow death hooks?

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