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  1. $800 is a really good price. Lemme know if it doesn't sell. I know a couple people that would be interested.
  2. I bought this kit for $88. Brand new in the Box Asking $60 https://www.makelure.com/store/p/654-Hard-Bait-Kit.aspx
  3. AquaVu is the pioneer in this retail space, IMO. I've never used their products, but they have a foreign made competitor that is much cheaper. Are these cameras worth the money? I want to be able to identify/confirm what I'm seeing on the down imager sonar with this camera. Basic fish identification. I once had a go-pro mounted to a cheap flippin stick. I mainly used it on clear water smallmouth creeks. Poking it under logjams & down into deeper water. It worked pretty good, but I couldn't see it in real-time. Plus the flippin stick limited my range of motion with the camera. Would the AquVu or its competitor be a better option than a modified GoPro ? https://wiki.ezvid.com/best-underwater-fishing-cameras
  4. Jenko makes a smaller version that I need to try
  5. the little dipper in houdini is the shizz nitt, (in my best little nicky voice)
  6. anybody tried the Jenko swimbaits? they look beefy. I havent seen the 3.25" in store, but I might have to field test them. I love the keitech lineup, but Jenko has a completely different profile. http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Jenko_Fishing_Booty_Shaker_Swimbait/descpage-JNKOBSB.html I found some 6" creek chubs last week on the river, so I wouldnt be afraid to throw an oversized swimbait. or at least match the length. It was pretty close in size to a cigar, so a walking bait would work too.
  7. Its not real efficient at catching little mouth bass like Kentuckies or Smallies, so I use topwaters with treble hooks. If you learn to cast accurately into nasty logjams, you will be surprised at what you can get in there without getting hung. They key is to land it on the water & not the wood. Its easier said than done, but with a little practice you can make it happen. Horny toad are okay, but swimming a finesse jig is money. I have a do it all baitcaster in the boat with 12lb test & spinning rod with 6lb. That's how i roll.
  8. I floated 4 miles of smallmouth country today, the water is cool but the fishing is fast. I landed 49 fish from the kayak. 44 of them were smallmouth or meanmouth. The best 5 measured 80” in length, everything was caught with a topwater or swimbait. They wanted it slow & steady, the biggest smallmouth of the day missed the bait 5 times trying to slash the bait. These fish are post spawn, they had bloody tails & fry was all over the logjams. I had to portage & drag 5 times but it was worth it,
  9. nice catch, somebody mentioned the water was muddy down to starkey. that's stained water, not muddy correct? I hit Rambo last week & it was stained 3ft vis & full of algae.
  10. Thanks! they served me well & I haven't worn them in a couple years, so I decided to find them a new home.
  11. anything crawdad colored, doesn't matter
  12. nice report, gotta love that waiting room!
  13. it only took 13lbs to win the boat at the chamber of commerce tournament, Lol
  14. We fished from 3pm-8pm. There's a lot of stained water in the Rocky branch area. water 3ft visibility. 63 degrees 21 kentuckies, 1 white & 1 walleye came aboard the BassCat. I had a monster smallmouth that broke me off under a dock right before dark. It wrapped around the horizontal bar at the end of the slip. Everything was 5-10ft deep on a 1/8oz Ned rig & Shaky head roboworm. The dock had to extend past the buck brush line or it didn't hold fish. That narrowed down my search quite a bit. I could run 100 docks tomorrow & catch 12-15lbs.
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