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  1. That’s a steal. Would they be able to ship those items without a huge fee?
  2. Camping is a really expensive way to experience living in a 3rd world country.
  3. Dude has an aquarium in his garage & has bass stashed inside the boat swimming around in minnow bags. Lol what an idiot
  4. Stalking kids, poaching, abusive behavior. Guys a total dirtbag. Karma finally caught up with him. BYOB takes the cake! 😂
  5. Martens talked about how they wouldn’t touch a drop shot & he caught them on a jig. Amazing how much things change from week to week. Obviously the drop shot worked in other areas.
  6. Get the livescope, just be sure to hide the receipt from yerr wife.
  7. Excellent. Do they ever stop biting the Ned Rig? I have a hard time putting it down.
  8. Sure would like to see a Watermelon red color.....
  9. BTW, how do you watch the action if you don't have cable? I don't watch TV anymore but wanted to watch the TR event when it airs.
  10. The 412 ramp needs some Live Stream video to catch all the crazy boat launches. I've seen some real bad boat ramp etiquette. Hey, let's back the boat down the ramp & start overhauling the motor while everybody waits. Lol
  11. It’s good they’re moving water out but I don’t recall it ever happening in the past. They Usually do it after the flood. Today they stopped moving water, so the lakes backing up slowly.
  12. Why is the COE pulling the lake below pool level right now? It doesn't make any sense. I thought 1121 was pool in the spring time. It's 1119 & they're pulling water 24/7. Maintenance maybe?
  13. Best airbrush for lure painting? Specifically with this paint. https://autoaircolors.com/custom-automotive-paint/4412.html
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