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  1. You can row em but they are slow and dogish. Turning is slow sluggish but just back rowing to slow a drift it they do fine. If you're used to a drift boat, you'll be disappointed. I run a series 2000 supreme with oars and that's my take.
  2. http://bransontrilakesnews.com/news_free/article_b665fe8e-4af0-11e7-9df6-a79ce27dceff.html?TNNoMobile how far up river will this thing go?
  3. Nice thing is no one is forcing you to buy them. It's an evolution of sorts,. More options more tinkering leads to better baits. Even blatant copies will tweak a bait and each tweak could lead to better baits or not.
  4. I've used both Ulrich and Bruton's marine with happy results
  5. A few dogwoods were blooming and the redbuds started. Also the white bass are running, just getting started.
  6. Twin bridges at goshen lots of bank fishing opportunity there
  7. Let the sun hit that chocolate water and it will warm on up....
  8. i have heard tales of buying your kayak/canoe etc from a friend out of state with a bill of sale. my guess would be find a friend who lives in a state that friendly to this kind of transaction. But check the legality of his first... ?
  9. Last few times I've been at emerald beach I've noticed some suspicious folks there. They aren't locals since the full timers there don't recognize them
  10. Is this romp hole access you're referring to bozinsek and babler? Thanks
  11. Yea it's carter branch the spot u are talking about
  12. Looking for a boat launch for smaller boat around the hwy86 area and up river. Any leads please trying to avoid main lake launch want to fish river section thanks
  13. Ive used Ulrich and Bruton's marine (golden mo) both are good IMO
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