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  1. There was a person killed on the lake. My parents went to church with them but I do not know the details. I cannot imagine being out on Beaver in the crazy wind we had that day. Even if you were out early before it started and was trying to load when it was rough. I've been out between Deer Island and Ventris when it was blowing 35mph once and I'll never do it again.
  2. I've had my Terrova for I think 2yrs now. It's not been used but 4 trips last year, and maybe 10 before that? Still look like new and in great shape. The Fortrex I have is down and needs more repair than I care to invest. Someone that is willing and knows how to replace the lower unit can make me an offer on it also. Parts or otherwise. I don't fish that often anymore and have considered selling the boat entirely. So I'm looking at getting a simpler setup. Make a fair and reasonable offer for Terrova of only 2yrs of age. 80lb thrusts 45" shaft, 24v, Ipilot remote, and I'll even throw in a removable mount with it if offer is fair. Also comes with foot pedal. Not in a hurry to sell so if you're needing a new trolling motor and local, let me know. Can provide pics later if needed.
  3. J-Doc


    I think lake is starting to turn over a bit too. That always scatters fish. Still early for stripes. My crappie hole dried up and the community pounding it takes made it dry up even further. Never seen a more stubborn group of fish before. Ever. Went from 10-15 per trip to 3 in a day.
  4. I fished Saturday morning and Sundsy morning last weekend. All junk fishing. Never found s pattern and bloated two small ones. Finally found some crappie and worked them for a couple hours. Lots of dinks. Shad everywhere and that's what they are snacking on all day. Tough to get a work bite or even other plastics. Tough tough fishing is what I keep hearing from most folks.
  5. Years ago, I had a summertime job with a plumber. The crew I worked with were HUGE Tombstone fans. Everyone had nicknames. They started calling me "Doc" as in Doc Holiday. My first name is Jason and years later friends combined it can called me "J-Doc". It just kinda stuck. I'm not a doctor. But I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express once...........so......
  6. Yes. Lowrance. Next units may just switch over to the Dark Side and go Birds. Lowrance has really lost a lot of people on customer service and warranty issues.
  7. Okay I definitely need some tips then because side-scan has not been that large of a factor for me and I know I could use them better.
  8. According to many, that's the way it is supposed to be. Especially the guides I've gone with. I can do either way now.
  9. It was 86 at sunrise Saturday morning and 89 by the dam after sun was high all day Friday afternoon. It was a washing machine Friday afternoon with weekend traffic everywhere. I ran around looking for spots to fish the next morning and hardly marked a fish with thermocline around 23-24ft. Sunrise Saturday morning it was slick and the lake was a ghost-town with no surface activity from the Dam to Indian Creek. Ventris was also pretty empty Friday afternoon of bait or fish (not totally empty but nothing worth camping out on). For me it was a mid morning deal. Fish slept late and I did not. I at least landed a good one before having to head in for honey-do's. I had it figured out about the time I had to leave. (figures) We were going for stripers as I was taking out a friend who had never striper fished before. I did not make a fan either.
  10. You're figuring out the lake and learning to use your electronics better than many. Outstanding. Lessons?? Lol
  11. If is long and straight, has a reel on it, and the handle is on the left as it should be. Am I right? Its mine obviously. 😂
  12. No reason to apologize. You do you. People need to learn to find them. That's the hard part about Beaver, it's clearly a pattern lake and people become too focused on finding s hot spot or bait and expecting magical results. I have found I am better off being me and doing what I do vs putting my stock in a report. I've been burned many times on "they were biting this bigtime this morning at X location". I take off work, go ther that day, and zero.
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