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  1. I hear ya boss! I tried to be a "good boy" an threw a crank bait / jig for the first three hours!
  2. Only results I can report are mine: Broken off the second Alabama Rig at 10:00 and was on trailer by 10:30. Didn't think I should start the new year off cussig, so I went home 🙂
  3. Yes sir I plan on it. Pay at ramp ($75). 7:00-3:00 Arigs allowed. Flyers at HLS / South town I am just donating - I have one fish the last three trips. But it beats working
  4. Got me beat. Last went out 7-20. Fished between 12 bridge and Beaver Shores from 6:00 am - 5:00 pm 3 bites total
  5. Thank you sir, but God gave me an awesome start to the new year and the excitement of being in the chase all day, so I can't complain. God is good all the time 😁
  6. I had 4 that went (according to the scale in the tow boat) 10.70. Thought I had a shot to place when leaving for my last spot with about a half hour to go - and then the #1 cylinder developed a new hole in a split second.... My buddy that helped tow me to a ramp in Rambo then back to Prairie to get truck / trailer had a scale so we weighed and released.
  7. Amen to that. 18° or so at launch, but warming to a balmy high of 22°
  8. Called HLS this morning. They have information in hand, and are accepting entries. $70 / boat 7:00 - 3:00 I think - I called VERY early this morning and might be off a bit!
  9. Anyone heard or seen any information on a possible 1-1-19 Polar Bear tourney?
  10. Great job! Those smallies are beautiful.
  11. I went for a bit Saturday morning to Monte Ne. Couple of 13" chunky spots white jerk bait tossing around timber. Only out a couple hours.
  12. Fork in right hand unless the meal is something (steak, for example) that necessitates a knife. At which point knife in right hand and fork in left. (I do use left retrieve for spin cast and right for baitcast). This discussion reminds me of a story and warning to not overthink things. The whole town gathered at the square one Saturday afternoon. Seems Mr. Hodges' beard had finally grown long enough that the fella from the Guinness Book of World Records was coming to measure and possibly award a world record. After all was said and done, Mr. Hodges did in fact have the longest beard. At the conclusion of the press conference, a final call was made to ask if anyone had anything else to ask.. One little boy stuck up his hand and asked : "Do you sleep with your beard under or on top of the covers?" Mr. Hodges said he wasn't sure, but that he'd let the little boy know once he decided.. Mr. Hodges never got another good night of sleep....
  13. I bought some live well lid vents a couple of years ago, and now practically beg others to get a set when we are visiting before and after trips. May be several versions out there, I don't know - and I am certainly not advertising for these in particular. Just wanted to give an idea. No more ice, the air flow takes care of everything. https://www.newproproducts.com/products.html
  14. I am not a good fisherman, and I caught 6 Saturday. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out they must be eating lol! 1. Beaver Shores in 5' from some flooded brush on a yellow square bill. this was around 9:45 Saturday morning (4-21-18). This particular girl was awfully white - not sure if that's because of the muddy water (it's awfully muddy around that part of the lake) or if she'd just come up from the deeper water. My hand help scale put her around 2.5 pounds, of course that's an uncertified scale. 15" spot. 2. Ford's Creek in 5' in front of flooded brush PB&J 3/8 jig 2:03pm - 13" spot 3. Ford's Creek 20' along the channel - red/orange Storm Deep diving crankbait (can't remember exact name - it's the one with the funky line tie that has a gap in the lip) 2:34pm -13" spot 4. Ford's Creek 5' out in front of flooded brush PB&J colored lizard on a wobble head - 3:12pm - 16" spot 5. Ford's Creek same deep diving crankbait between trees in 20' of water (I am starting to understand why folks like deep diving crankbaits)3:48pm 13" spot 6. Ford's Creek in front of flooded brush about 5' water 4:21pm 14" (maybe could've coaxed him to 15") smallie That's all I know. Seriously, I am not a good angler - if I can catch 6, most of the folks on here can likely catch 20. Water temps in Beaver Shores were 56-67 if I remember correctly and 52-54 in Ford's Creek. The times seem very exact because I looked at the time stamps of pictures (I try to send pictures to my 9 year old princess no matter the size) taken Saturday. Tight lines everyone, go have some fun while they are eating! Joe.
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