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  1. Wednesday night 7/27 report

    ain't that the truth!!!!!
  2. Big Boats on Beaver Look Out!

    Same here. Everybody was friendly and waving. I think a lot of how a day on the lake goes has as much to do with our attitudes on the drive to the lake as it does with what anyone else does or says while we are there.
  3. Sold my fishing boat

    It was a pleasure, brother :-)
  4. FLW crash

    Thank you for posting this - Literally reminded me to order a new lens for my Save Phace.
  5. Tackle store at table rock...

    There won't be anything official online (well, the regular internet anyways - there is a dedicated page on the Tyson Foods' Intranet) This will be our 32nd tourney (it's an annual tourney). 280-300 teams is the usual average One member must work for Tyson (or retired Tyson Team Member). There is a provision for Major Sponsors allowing employees of the major sponsors to fish, but that's out of my paygrade to figure out :-) There is a dinner / rules meeting on Friday evening, and then the tourney on Saturday (This year Friday April 28 / Saturday April 29) Friday night at Reed Springs High School / Weigh in at Kimberling City Marina Saturday (might want to steer clear of those two spots - lots of folks) The TBA (Tyson Bass Association) has become a bit legendary with the door prizes for entrants that attend the rules meeting - everything from jumper cables to $400 rod'/reel combos to a largescreen TV... Usually 100 or so prizes. Seems like they pay back the top 75 places - and even 75th place gets maybe $100? Entry fee is $85 (includes big bass) It's a great time with a great big family. I just love the time spent with the same buddies from work every year - it's a two or three day man-cave on the water lol! And, just to prove that I have passed all of my required electronic media training this year....... #tysonemployee (I hate has tags...) Mr. Mike: Check PM's
  6. Summer time

    I would give myself three hours until I was headed to the ER to get a hook pulled out of my hand....
  7. Everett team trail 2-25

    well, that turned out like junk, didn't it?? I recreated a Top-2o list that will hopefully be easier to read. Please excuse me if I fat fingered a digit here or there - I do believe that I accurately reflected the results. P.S. I think there were 102 boats. P.P.S - They have a Facebook page. Search for Beaver Lake Elite Series
  8. Everett team trail 2-25

    I hope you can read this, I think it's a picture of a printout from facebook - but I tried
  9. Gosh I dunno. I thought those were weeknights maybe?
  10. Saw someone ask about the next tourney on Beaver, so wanted to drop this as a reference. All I keep track of are the Everett series, Elite singles deal, and the Rogers Chamber of Commerce - but it's a start.
  11. Everett team trail 2-25

    Congrats Mike - and congrats to Brock and Ronnie as well! Ever heard of an old saying about "don't catch a keeper on the first cast of the day" or something like that? I caught a 2.75 on the first cast of the SEASON last Saturday, and didn't sniff another keeper all day hahaha!!! we ended up with 3.7 or so (my fish and my partner's squeaker spot)
  12. Split ring pliers?

    Geez I am easy...
  13. Jerk bait colors

  14. Jerk bait colors

    Hopeitworks I like shiny when it's clear, and shiny when it's not. I like shiny in the cold water, as well as when it's hot Shiny here Shiny there I do NOT have shiny underwear :-) I have been messing around with color-shifting paint, and that practice has made its way into my jerkbait collection. I hope the video attached correctly.
  15. Custom painting lures

    I've been pittlin' here and there the last couple of weeks. I had some deep cranks all painted / rigged and ready for the Legend of Lake Fork Tourney in May, but then was just told this week about a training schedule change that made me cancel the trip :-(

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