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  1. White Bass Run

    Twin Bridges yesterday - saw a handful of 8-10" males caught on drop shot with live bait of some sort. They didn't want my white road runner. Was only there 90 or so minutes after work, so no idea how the morning bite is.
  2. Bank fishing Prairie Creek Area?

    Hey now!
  3. Bank fishing Prairie Creek Area?

    Thank you, sir.
  4. Bank fishing Prairie Creek Area?

    Thank you for the ideas, sir They are older, as in 9th - 11th grades - somewhere in there. They haven't lived down here for that long. I mentioned Twin Bridges and the white bass run. They may try that. But, since they live in Rogers area, I thought I'd ask y'all about something up that way.
  5. Bank fishing Prairie Creek Area?

    Good afternoon everyone, I've got a buddy at work that wants to takes his two sons on a couple short fishing trips two or three afternoon this week. Any ideas on somewhere they can bank fish and hope to catch a few crappie or bass? I am having trouble thinking of anywhere that's publicly accessible, and would like to help him out. Thank you. Joe
  6. Bass Tourney - Big Indian

    thank you
  7. Bass Tourney - Big Indian

    Received an entry in the mail last night for 3-31-18 at Table Rock out of Big Indian. Thought I'd share with y'all in case anyone wants to fish it. I don't know where Big Indian is. Apologies for the terrible pics - it was early this morning and I wasn't feeling like a photographer...
  8. Anyone else see this?

    Considering the general tone of this particular thread, I had to do a double take on my front page as I thought "What in the world did I Google one day???" Then, reality hit and I felt better
  9. Going to get muddy?

    Ease back in to the water with that shoulder, brother... Had mine rebuilt (cut all muscles in cuff to bone, then reattached alternating sides: staples, eye screws, etc.) several years ago. First couple of trips were VERY painful. Didn't make me come in any sooner, just had to whine a little more than anticipated once I returned home Holler if I can be of any help - fishing one-winged is tougher than folks think.
  10. Cold weather to fish in

    This is the longest off the water stretch for me that I can remember in maybe 10 years? I haven't been out in may 6 or 7 weeks. I am planning to put in at Prairie Creek in the morning and run to Indian Creek. Figure the boat has been in the garage so long that I need to make a little run.
  11. Question on Distance

    Or.... If you are really bored, you can make your own map. I would say 22.78450 miles :-)
  12. Monday, Indian Creek Arm

    What tourney is Saturday? That will be some cold folks!
  13. Polar Bear

    Thank you! I hope to find something that'll bite. I have my entire bait choice ready....
  14. Polar Bear

    I will be there. It's good to start the new year off by being charitable to others, so I'll donate the entry fee and run North!
  15. Wednesday night 7/27 report

    ain't that the truth!!!!!

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