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  1. Got me beat, as usual... I had a handful of smaller fish. Put in at Prairie at daylight and fished the cove across from Copper Mine almost all day. I did have one interesting moment. I skipped a fluke past a tree, and it disappeared with a swirl and no splash. I don't know about up here, but on the St John's River that usually means it's a big girl "sipping tea", as my cousin calls it. Anyway, was no big girl, was a little fella that managed to stick himself to the bait and the bush at the same time. I had to stop, while reeling in, and take his photo just because, well, how many times do we see a fish eat a bait and a bush?? _
  2. Well..... I caught a handful of lil guys. All in 5' or less. 3 or 4 on a shaky head / brush hog and the others on a drop shot. All but one came out of the same culvert down by my house. Water got up to 63° by the end of the day. One more vacation day tomorrow. I think I'll put in at Prairie Creek tomorrow.
  3. Finally got out for a couple hours yesterday in the river by the house. Lost three on a buzz bait (black) in 3' or less. Water on the white is really brown and warm: 59.5°-61°. I planned vacation for today and tomorrow. Hoping I picked the right two days, as I am about to hear back to the same spot today and see if I can keep any stuck all the way to the boat.
  4. NWA Team Trail is fishing it - usually 150 - 175 boats I think.
  5. I hear ya boss! I tried to be a "good boy" an threw a crank bait / jig for the first three hours!
  6. Only results I can report are mine: Broken off the second Alabama Rig at 10:00 and was on trailer by 10:30. Didn't think I should start the new year off cussig, so I went home 🙂
  7. Yes sir I plan on it. Pay at ramp ($75). 7:00-3:00 Arigs allowed. Flyers at HLS / South town I am just donating - I have one fish the last three trips. But it beats working
  8. Got me beat. Last went out 7-20. Fished between 12 bridge and Beaver Shores from 6:00 am - 5:00 pm 3 bites total
  9. Thank you sir, but God gave me an awesome start to the new year and the excitement of being in the chase all day, so I can't complain. God is good all the time 😁
  10. I had 4 that went (according to the scale in the tow boat) 10.70. Thought I had a shot to place when leaving for my last spot with about a half hour to go - and then the #1 cylinder developed a new hole in a split second.... My buddy that helped tow me to a ramp in Rambo then back to Prairie to get truck / trailer had a scale so we weighed and released.
  11. Amen to that. 18° or so at launch, but warming to a balmy high of 22°
  12. Called HLS this morning. They have information in hand, and are accepting entries. $70 / boat 7:00 - 3:00 I think - I called VERY early this morning and might be off a bit!
  13. Anyone heard or seen any information on a possible 1-1-19 Polar Bear tourney?
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