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  1. Brush- 18-21ft. Keep hitting brush piles until you find them.
  2. Not hard to come by if you know where to look. Minnows are working best right now.
  3. Well obviously there are daily and possession limits because those bass are being killed. We aren’t talking about that. We are talking about moving fish during the spawn. Big difference. There are fish everywhere. If you watch a tournament some run for miles others stay put. Another tournament runs for miles to get where others stay put. Also varying conditions at different points effect the bite as you well know. I didn’t say I didn’t want to score fish immediately...... I don’t think anyone did. That’s not what my post was referring to.
  4. I'll play a little. Sure it has an impact, that isn't the question. Does it have a significant impact on the fishery. How big is the lake? How many fish are spawning? What percentage of those fish are moved and then do not successfully spawn. Any studies that prove this issue to be true? I tend to believe that such a small portion of the bass are caught that it really has no impact on the fishery as a whole. I could be convinced otherwise with some data.
  5. The idea that 1000 boats on a lake the size of Table-rock can have any effect on the bass spawn is laughable. Weather and water levels effect spawn.
  6. Seems like this spring has been slow turning on fishing wise. Found some right at dark. High Point Area. Water temp was 60-62.
  7. PHhunter

    4-10 morning

    I had 57 at high point on Sunday
  8. Crappie are really scattered because they have been pulling so much water. The shad are scattered. Once they stop generating, which should be anytime, everything will get grouped back up and it will be on.
  9. I have a hard time believing that bass tournaments are carrying all the fish off from a location. Now they might get pressured and move, but how many fish are being transported really? And then how many are being put back by the next tournament launching in that area.
  10. Seems like things are heating up a little..... Stickbait on a secondary point
  11. I fed about 40 people white bass last night and many people told me how good it was. Even some that said they usually do not like fish. People who bad mouth white bass do not know how to fix them.
  12. Some at 18-19ft. Rest at 23 ft.
  13. Caught a few out of the brush.
  14. 20lbs won it. We had 13.91lbs and got third. Water temp was 84-86 most places. Fish definitely really close to deep water.
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