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  1. water over the blacktop or parking lot is the other option
  2. Pretty much state wide as far as trout are concerned. Looks like ice augers and urban trout will be the best option.
  3. Most fish I do not weigh. Those that earn a look see, I weight in the net and then subtract the net's weight. That is easy to do at night. Hope to run into you also.
  4. The old lunker standard was 3 pounds and larger. Never measured any fish just went on weight. I started a log book way back on my first lunker. It weighed 3lb 10oz and was caught on a salmon fur bug in zone one at bssp, October 18, 1975. Apparently the new lunker standard, at the parks, is 18 inches. Not many 18 inch rainbows will be any where close to 3 lb. You should do the log book just for your own personal data 40 years from now. You have some good ones that will make the list.
  5. You can tell that's a river fish, great colors. Very nice FW. You had a great day and probably no crowd. Hard to beat.
  6. First lunker of the 2020 season. Caught another later in the day but we parted company as I was trying to get a picture . A good start to the 2020 goal of 100 lunkers. I only have 98 more to go.
  7. I know you guys were fishing yesterday so how about some pictures of those 2020 trout? Or did mama out fish you again and you're not posting any pics.
  8. Are they upstream or downstream of the arkansas border?
  9. I am guessing that this will be my last lunker for 2019 because I do not plan to fish tomorrow. A great end to the year. A colored up female all dressed up for the dance.
  10. Well I will try for 100 lunker trout again this year. High water cut out about 3 months of good catching opportunities this past fall. Good luck to all on this year's goal.
  11. I guess I missed the class on lifers. What is it?
  12. Well I have fished several days this season but it looks like I will fall 64 fish short of my goal. Still it was a great year fishing with my wife Sandy. She landed her first lunker rainbow this season and ended the season with a total of 6 lunkers. As soon as cold weather hits she is done. Great job on completing your goal Daryk.
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