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  1. laker67

    Quick trip, report w pics

    Harv and I fished yesterday from 10 to 6. Fishing was slo and tuff. We couldn't catch more than one or two fish on the same fly. I agree with sio3 about the fish knowing what's about to happen. They check the generation schedule every night at 5pm. And as far as no one working anymore, I retired in 2012 so that I could fish week days with no crowd. That didn't happen. Where the h#ll do all of these people come from? They must have retired the day after I did.
  2. No worries about them not being in missouri. You won't find a pink fur bug hatching in missouri either.
  3. They should be shutting down by 8 oclock. Good luck "T"
  4. laker67

    New State Record Cutthroat out of Norfork

    Looks big
  5. laker67

    New State Record Cutthroat out of Norfork

    That looks like a brook trout
  6. Don't miss the opportunity to talk with fishndoug. One of many great trout fishermen that I have the privilege of knowing.
  7. Good report Cloyd. I can only reminisce about night fishing some years back. I really miss not being physically able to get out there in the dark anymore. Not steady enough on my bad leg to venture around in the dark. Keep at it and you will get a nice brown that is fair, not foul hooked. I have heard numerous stories of people keeping foul hooked fish in the past. One story in particular was relayed second hand to a fly shop owner. The story teller was talking about the 17 lb brown that his friend had caught, and kept, the day prior. And then he adds, " it was foul hooked". The shop owner tells the friend that it was illegal to keep a foul hooked fish. The story teller replies, "even if it might be a state record? ". My thinking on this story makes me wonder what the guy who caught the fish is going to tell when asked what did he catch it on. Is he going to say a number 12 fur bug right in the dorsel fin, or is he going to lie about it from that point on. So keep after it and you will catch that trophy the right way. Good luck Cloyd.
  8. laker67

    Niangua Arm Boat Collision

    That must be up on the river above tonka.
  9. laker67

    Does It Matter?

    I tend to agree with Al. I think the only time that fish don't see what is going on around them, such as line size, the eye and the bend of the hook is when they are not looking. Presentation and simulation is a lot more important to me. Use a leader size that you are confident in. If that don't work, go up an "x" size . If that don't work you might want to take a hard look at the water you are fishing. It could be void of fish and you need to relocate.
  10. laker67


    Happy Birthday Phil!!
  11. laker67

    Missouri's next record brown trout

    Same issue in Canada and that was a world record and if I recall correctly it was 48 lb.
  12. laker67

    Missouri's next record brown trout

    Maybe, or I might just sell it to Susie for $10.
  13. laker67

    Missouri's next record brown trout

    Looks somewhat like the one Corky and I saw last fall. I guessed at 25-26. but that was a year ago. I got a #14 sowbug tailored made for that fish.
  14. laker67

    Missouri's next record brown trout

    Hello Pete. The article says that they do not attempt to spawn. So the ones that showed up at the dam last year must have been there to feed.
  15. laker67

    Missouri's next record brown trout

    Thanks Gavin. I am all for this triploid thing every where they stock including the trout parks. I would also like to see trip rainbows .

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