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  1. Bennett Bronzebacks 2017?

    I guess I'm like that"old" dog too.
  2. Bennett Bronzebacks 2017?

    I drifted a few flies to some of those fish yesterday. Had one taker and missed getting the hook up. I guess i'm getting slow in my old age.
  3. I ain't new ta nuthin'!

    Welcome back FC
  4. Rare Predator Sighting

    I have only saw 5 live ones in my lifetime. And two of those were in heavily populated areas, one in the city of springfield and the other in the city of fort wayne.
  5. Final Weekend of Catch and Keep

    I googled the archives FW, and 1976 is correct. Not sure if was on the 11th or the 18th. the other parks were added around 1980. If I could find my earliest log book I could tell exactly because i caught a lunker that day. It was at the big rock across from the gauge tower. We were only allowed to fish zone 1 for the first couple of years.
  6. Final Weekend of Catch and Keep

    If memory serves me well, it was december 11, 1976
  7. turn over

    They just can't help trying to rush nature
  8. Finally Time! Placeholder for Weekend TR

    Foghorn might be on to something no one thought about I don't have a current book of records, but in 2008 the fly rod #2 lb record was 12lb 8oz. Was he using a fly rod ? Did he have help landing the fish? And was he using a dropper fly? The last two of these could disqualify.
  9. Coming Soon To a Town Near You

    I have found that it is best to fish the area in a counter clockwise direction. That way they are swimming toward your bait and not away from it.
  10. Coming Soon To a Town Near You

    The highly anticipated arrival of the "Urban stain" of rainbow trout is near. Their northern migration could start any day now. This strain of missouri rainbow is a mix of McCloud river rainbow, one part, two part Arlee strain, and one and one third part of California Red Band trout. They are reared in a round stock tank, manufactured by Tarter USA. This allows them to learn how to swim in circles at a young age. They grow quick, but life expectancy is short.
  11. Black Bear hit by Macks Creek

    Kdan and I were night fishing the norfork tailwater several years back. That place has got to be the darkest 4 mile section of creek in the world. So dark in fact that in one area we were using lighted indicators and they would almost blind you from the glare. Any way we had relocated to the goats bluff area, and as we walked over the bank something large, and heavy, and glad it was going the other way, ran up the gravel bar and crossed the creek to the far bank. What ever it was, we have no idea. We didnt look for tracks, or try to shine the light. That pretty much ended our fishing for the night. So, if you want to meet up with a bear Chillbilly, I would recommend that it be during the daylight. Just saying.
  12. 28-inch Spawning Colors Rainbow

    Wow! Great looking fish.
  13. Blast and Cast

    I know what you mean. We were there last november 3, 4, and 5. Water was not ideal then.
  14. Blast and Cast

    It has to get better Pete, it surely won't get any worse. We had to go to Gene;s to buy a tag because the y store no longer sells them. The water was running all day, so hopefully they will get the lake cleaned out by your trip.

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