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  1. stripping cracklebacks

    He could probably guess how many, but no one would believe him. I have watched him catch half of them.
  2. Blue trout

    blue is supposed to be albino. they have had several in years past
  3. Hunter Killer Crayfish (Pic Heavy)

    My good friend Jim, "Harv" on OAF, has tied one similar since the late seventies. I still carry one in my fly box today. It is an awkward fly to fish, but has accounted for several large trout, two tiger musky, and numerous other warm water fish.
  4. Beaver and Swan Creeks, March 13

    I use to go to every early march. I would always fish swan creek side but from the ball field up along the sand bank. Never did great but was always entertaining. Usually I would talk to a gentleman by the name of Paul Henry. One day when I was fishing, I found some nice size walleye right up along the bank in a dazed condition. After working with them for a while, they slowly swam back out away from the bank. Later that day, Paul Henry told me that AFG had been up there doing one of their shock surveys. Occasionally I would catch a small walleye or two but not that day.
  5. Mobile fishing unit

    Fishing equipment is like a master card. Don't leave home without it.
  6. Opening day at Bennett

    I probably would not go even if I was paid. Any offers?
  7. Yes it is but i only have a single level home. The blower reaches about 10 feet or so you don't get very high to reach it. or you just wait until it melts.
  8. Winona man gigs state record northern hog sucker

    Alternative methods record. Congrats
  9. leaf blower works good JD. I had the same issue this am.
  10. Sad News

    Rip. Once stayed at one of his cabins on wildcat I think. Grilled burgers, watched the river go by and caught trout. One of the most relaxing trips I had ever had to the white.
  11. Catching fish and having a good time. I wish more had that attitude. It would have been a pleasure to shake hands with you all.
  12. I fished from the bridge to the outlet in the afternoon. Unlike you brave souls, I waited until noon to show up. I recall seeing Marty from the photo. He was just below the outlet later in the day. What kind of hat did you have on John? I was wearing the blue and white sun mask.
  13. Saw you guys on the creek friday. Unfortunately I didn't make the connection as to who. Sounds like a good time was had by all and friday was the least crowded day of the entire season.

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