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  1. Harv and I fished Columbia's city pond on Friday. We quit around 1:30 only catching a few dinks between us. I stopped in at Mckay on my way home and added a few more to the tally. Felt like I should have saved time to visit the zoo just to round out the day.
  2. that stuff used to be red hot in the 70's and 80'. now it seems just kind of average compared to other egg pattern materials. Did you tie those streamers you sent? I caught many a bass on those. thanks
  3. Yes that would be whatever hits the water just prior to the guy fishing beside you.
  4. Are you trying to make me feel guilty? I should note though, that Foghorn gave a secret fly that I caught 19 lunker brown trout on.
  5. There was a discussion once way back when on 'suggestive" patterns. With my skills at the vise, my scuds are suggestive at best. But I can tie several in a short period of time. Pick out the best looking ones and head to the creek.
  6. For trout I tie scuds in size 14, 16, and 18. Color is not important as long as it is gray.
  7. Yes december 10 1976. What I meant was that I didn't know when the 2nd friday in november started. First they added friday then followed by monday. The first season or two was zone 1 only.
  8. In answer to Gavin comment. Not sure when it began, but the second friday in november is the start, and the 2nd monday in february is the close. The shut down time in november allows them to deliver fresh fish to the city ponds.
  9. Like you and Pete, I agree. Not sure what purpose it serves compared to the lower ones. It seems that dumping that extra water into the lower ones would have been a better option. Someone had one of them million dollar ideas.
  10. Standing on the stairs at either outlet is the only option. That is if the wooden stairs at #2 are still secure. Normally in conditions like these, the locals meet at the pavilion and take bets on whether the stairs will survive this flood event.
  11. Didn't know that Westover was involved. How about Crystal Lake near West plains? When I talked to the hatchery at bssp, they mentioned several north and northwest lakes that they took care of. I fished Mckay lake and recognized the pathetic and pale 8 to 10 inchers they stocked. Every one looked like a faded out Mcloud with Jaundice.
  12. Them browns might be headed north. And you are right, I can count on one hand the number of browns I fished for this past season.
  13. When MDC tells you in February that there is going to be a shortage of fish for the upcoming season, and that numbers stocked will be reduced. They must have already pulled out the tens of thousands of fish, and most of the lunkers, that they send to city ponds.
  14. They sure as heck don't at bssp. Unless of course it happens to be out of state free fishing weekend.
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