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  1. I think most were 8 to 10 inches that they brought to bssp. Not sure if they stocked their own creek below the park. I heard the number was 30 thousand dropped at bennett. Not sure most creeks could handle those numbers.
  2. I agree. Harv and I have been trying to find a break to head down to Pete's home water. Too much water for wading.
  3. Not sure why, but the wooden bridge was closed again on Sunday march 10.
  4. Water was up level with the spillway lip but a good color. Park was crowded for a Sunday afternoon. Only fished about 4 hours. I was trying out a new hook today to see how it would hold up. It hooked up good, held good, and the point stayed sharp for the first 20 or so fish, maybe 30. I am thinking that maybe tomorrow I will add some fly tying material to it.
  5. Gone fishin instead of just a wishin. report later
  6. Now that you have convinced most people not to make the trip, I will meet you there this afternoon at 1:00.
  7. I see a guy standing on top of the dam at 8:25. Appears to be about the same height as opening day.
  8. Choked on my glass of water when I read the open mouth thing. You gotta ask yourself, why would he cast to a fish "laying " on the bottom? Maybe to" up" his lunker count, or turn it in for the big fish contest ? Or he might have mistaken it for a halibut.
  9. It is confusing. Lakes through out the state seem to have different regs depending on the area. I would have bet against soft plastic being legal if I hadn't looked at the rules.
  10. I thought power worms were scented. Regs call for unscented before christmas.
  11. Since you say that I can kind of see that taking place. I forget you all get a natural spawn whereas you very seldom see a brown on a nest in missouri and especially at taneycomo.
  12. This must be a distinct difference between the true german strain in arkansas and our sheep creek strain in missouri. You put a light on our fish and they run like hell and keep on going. I doubt that they even come back to that area for some time.
  13. I have witnessed the shocking boat, in the big hole, on several occasions. With the vibrations from the generator and lights as bright as a moon landing vehicle, I am amazed that any self respecting fish would get caught up in that commotion.
  14. Cool that would make it about 66 lbs. I think I will jump up to 4x tippet
  15. Like I say I do not know the details as fact, but this is the fish I was referring to. A later article on fly fish taneycomo discredited this account.
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