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  1. This is why I went to barbless hooks about 10 or 12 years ago. I still get hooked but they come out a heck of alot easier.
  2. We fished with a kid at taney that was the master of the multi fly rig. He could rip a fly out of his hand, face, arm and other body parts quicker than any one I have ever seen.
  3. If your looking to vacate a shopping mall parking lot full of looters in downtown St. Louis, I would recommend a 930 or 940 Pro by Mossberg.
  4. These people make all of these claims on what they are going to do "if '" they catch that big fish. They never say "when" they always say if. I say the jury is still out on how they will react when put in that situation. If they want to turn loose a 12 year old fish that will probably not survive then that is their option, just like it is the option to keep. It should not turn into a day long discussion on what someone else would or should have done.
  5. Yes. The largest of the original strain is just under 29lb and that fish was was probably 12 years plus. My fish was just under 28lb and 12.5 years. The 34lb triploid was 6 years and the 40lber was probably 7 years. The remaining fish from those year classes have another 5 to 6 years to grow. Watch out world record from a put and take fishery.
  6. The adipose fin is clipped off on a triploid.
  7. As you can see from the photo, this is not a triploid so it is an old fish. A real good possibility that this fish is 11 or 12 years old. The stress may have been more than the fish could handle. Life expectancy is about 13 years for this strain as best as I can recall. The fish appears to already be losing some of it's color in the photo.
  8. My wife and I fished Sunday. The fish we caught were hot and showed no signs of wear and tear after the battle.
  9. They had a picture on fly fish taneycomo but the conversation got ugly and they pulled it.. It is so unfortunate that other anglers have to hate and criticize someone for keeping a trout. Good grief, missouri is not a trophy destination, it is a put and take fishery.
  10. A 34 inch long by 23 inch around brown was caught at taney today. Weight was 24lb and fly rod caught using a #16 scud. Gotta love those scuds for big trout.
  11. Yesterday it was probably the pressure fall from the hurricane. Dropping pressure may bring them to the surface.
  12. Well I just spoke with Clint at the hatchery. I will have to retract my comments about nothing being done. They have just contracted with a private company to maintain and clean the restrooms at the pavilion on a daily basis. This is great news . He said they should be re-opened within a week or so. Thank you Clint for addressing this issue.
  13. Think I will go directly to the hatchery and see what happens there
  14. "one size fits all" huh. I think they could come up with a sign that might isolate one from the other.
  15. Porta pottys for each sex would be a good investment of our tax dollars below TRD. Heck I don't care if its coin operated to reclaim their expenses of cleaning and rental. Sure beats unsuiting to drive my wife to the quick stop. Come on who ever is in charge and make some considerations for the people who fund your very existence .
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