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  1. laker67

    Favorite fish fry

    "Old fashion fry meal" from the mennonite stores around the area. If you like the true flavor of fish and not a cover up, this is the one.
  2. Are you calling the 14 "Anderson cove" ?
  3. I thought it was at the 6 or is that a realtor marker too?
  4. Use to be we just went by landmarks. Linn creek cove, Libby cove, sunken island, Sharp marine, the Flame, and owen point etc
  5. I did not find a single mushroom on my walk from the driveway to the dock, but I did catch a limit of white crappie. I was fishing at my SIL's dock at the N37 according to fw's calculations. Only 5 female crappie in the bunch and the males were not colored up yet. Six to seven foot deep over 15 feet of water. And they were not very aggressive, more like a hang on dead weight kind of bite.
  6. Wow great catch. I hate to think what those would do to lake taneycomo. Keep them flood gates closed.
  7. They will be implementing their self driving hatchery food trucks that drive up and down the raceways at 3:00 pm. Hope they remember to set the controls to central daylight time.
  8. Use to fish every march there. Any time Paul Henry was there it was a good bet that you were going to catch a few.
  9. They are closing all concessions but have yet to make a decision on fishing
  10. I see one guy fishing just above the dam on the parking lot side
  11. As I recall, opening weekend of winter season 2018, was the last time that I remember having normal, summertime low, water conditions.
  12. You could always start with the scud and transition into the midge. That's what I call my scudge pattern. By the time they have eaten all of the fuzz off the back end, you end up with thread and a little puff of fuzz on the front end.
  13. I was at the park yesterday. Up about 8 or 10 inches and a greenish white color. A little water still coming over the upper slab crossing.
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