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  1. On thursday last week, I had a couple and another guy crossing in opposite directions stop directly in front of me and start a conversation. I was in the process of changing flies, so I laid the leader across the lady"s arm {no hook} and she jumped like she had been snake bit. Then the husband bad mouthed me all the way to the other bank. I never said a word during the whole exchange. Wish I had a video.
  2. I have issues with people tripping over my fly line " while i'm fishing".
  3. I should have clarified better when I said fly fish. I meant with flies like you use any where else in the other zones.
  4. I think bennett might be the only trout park that restricts fly fishing in areas that allow live bait or prepared bait or un attached material. As a matter of fact, I think you can fly fish in any of the red white and blue zones in addition to taneycomo. Come on bennett, get back in the game.
  5. Yeah the good ole days when we could put a vinyl as an overback and fish zone 3 at bennett.
  6. Yes, and some of the wooly buggers you fished at taneycomo. these will fish good in the deeper areas. If you find some fast and shallow water, well, you know the routine there.
  7. Suggestions would be everything you use at crane. Went to Richmond Tx and caught some k3 bass, huge bluegill, and one channel cat that was not supposed to be in the lake we were fishing. Caught everything on a barbell olive and white sculpin.
  8. laker67


    Cook walleye and pretend they are trout
  9. Good for you, say hello to your Dad from Sandy and I. Normally I could tell you what the creek was like. But this past week I took my fly rod to texas to catch some bass. According to the chart the water is still on high side but well within the good fishing range. Fish will lay up higher in the water if the there is any color to it. Hope you guys have a great trip.
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