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  1. laker67


    Name change. You are now entering ????? County. Maybe Scott county
  2. First grandchild was born in April. My wife retired in May. And we got to meet up with an Ozark Angler member and his wife this past week. It was a short but great visit. Look forward to seeing them and other OA members on the creek in 2020. Stay safe everyone.
  3. My Dad passed away when I was only 17, but he gave me my love for the outdoors and especially fishing. At a very young age, I was following him down any warm water creek and fly fishing for anything we could get to bite. Not sure how old I was, but one day after work he brings home a fly tying vise and all the components to tie flies. He says, "here you go, have enough flies tied up for this coming weekend". I had no idea how to tie a fly, but luckily there was a little pamplet that came with the vise. Those flies were pretty crude, but you know what, they caught fish. During summer months we would hit the creek, wet wade and fly fish. In the winter months we would rabbit hunt and jump shoot ducks off local ponds. Thank you Dad for all you did.
  4. "too many scuds" Is there a hidden message in that statement?
  5. Now catch a giant trout. You will probably catch a flathead first .
  6. Maramec is listed as one of the five cold water "hatcheries" in missouri.
  7. Ain't that the truth?
  8. Don't know what the eggs look like, but my wife was reading today that they like to nest in bushes.
  9. Shoot on sight. Atlatl season can be used in urban hunting from an elevated stand such as your roof top. Cars, traps, and pack hounds should also be allowed in urban situations.
  10. I am lefty on the spinner but always right hand on the fly reel. Bait caster I never got the hang of. I am right handed
  11. Lightning is not your friend when it comes to night time trout. Not only the danger factor but it scares the hell out the fish when the water is shallow. It's like shining a giant flash light in the water you are fishing. Good luck to you guys and I hope you get into some of those great fish that Phil has been talking about.
  12. I think I will go on the 12th.
  13. Look at this way. The water level at bennett has not been normal low for the past two years including now. If they stock fish it will only raise the level even more.
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