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  1. Yeah that is probably right FW.
  2. Kind of dwelling on what Gavin has said. I wonder if an ambulance could make its way into that end of the park. Also, I know they have property up the hill to the left that is lived in by park personnel. How about a fire truck?
  3. I heard that it flooded the swimming pool and it if full of trout and red horse suckers.😎
  4. That would be common with multiple hooks. I once fished a trout tournament that allowed a fair catch to be any hook up from the gill plate forward. I protested their definition of a fair catch but lost that argument.
  5. I'm pretty sure they mean out side of the mouth by saying jaw
  6. "hooked in the jaw" must be a new reg. I have always considered that as "foul hooked".
  7. Now that you mention it, every time I get near the water I hear a stinkin ole loud boat. I will sign it. We get rid of the leaf blowers, maybe we can work on the boats.
  8. The sycamore hole was about 200 feet upstream from the raceway intake at the dam. In years past you could fish both sides of the creek in zone 1, but you had to be in the water on the hatchery side. Access was limited due to the deeper water and almost impossible at the blue hole. Lots of big fish laid up on that side and lots were caught by gaining access on the hatchery side.
  9. Due to flooding over the past 40 years, there are not a lot of the old landmarks left in place. Going upstream from the rock hole, you have kingfisher flats and above that is the high bank hole. In zone 1 about the only landmarks left are the gauge tower and the holland dam. Original wing dams have all been washed out and replaced. I can't recall if the sycamore tree is still standing for the sycamore hole. The hole is definitely gone. And of course the original whistle bridge is gone.
  10. Directly upstream from the bluff hole in zone 2. Named for the large boulders{ rocks} underwater on the far bank. The lower rock is known as "state record rock". A state record rainbow was caught there in 1974 by Bob Lamm of Sedalia.
  11. Lets hope so. Close to 4 inches of rain is what I am hearing from a local source. I wonder if they removed the tree at the rock hole prior to this flood. It was almost bank to bank last friday. That would do some damage if it went downstream. Not sure it would fit through the tube at the whistle bridge, or under the newly remodeled wooden bridge.
  12. As in covered up with water. Shows about a 2.5 feet rise overnight. I noticed that no brave individual was fishing on top of the dam this morning. Not yet anyway.
  13. Is there still access to that area Pete? We used to be able to drive across the field and park near where the creek came in. I have caught some nice cutts in that area in addition to several nice rainbow. Kdan caught a big rainbow one day that we guessed at 13lb.
  14. I don't recall why, but back in the 80's , we referred to the handicap as " goats bluff". I think there used to be an overlook at the hwy.
  15. Beautiful fish. I am not familiar with ackerman access.
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