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  1. Well Mr and Mrs Foghorn, you picked a good time to fish regardless of air temps. Looks like the creek came up over a foot since you were there on Saturday. You need to have Susie do what Sandy does on a cold start, she suits up at the motel and ready to hit the creek about the time the car stops rolling. While she is putting a stocking hat on I pull her rod out of the case, snap it together and she is ready to go. I have already rigged it at the motel with new leader and the fly of her choice. When she breaks off or wants to change flies, she swaps rods with me and I get to do the cold re-do.
  2. Yep caught some there this winter, and also at the hatchery outlet on the inside bend. Send some pictures of the tutu of you when you fish with fw.
  3. Great hunt Marty and Pat, your scouting payed out big time. Thanks for the pictures.
  4. Thanks for the ID on this fish Ham. For some reason we have been catching these in the tropy area at taney. I had no idea, until now, what they were. Thanks keep posting.
  5. Big Foot survives and re-populates near all of the Boggy Creeks in Texas. I look each time I cross one just in hopes of seeing a fleeting figure. They especially like Muddy Boggy Creek because when pursued, they can camouflage in the water. With only their head above water they resemble duck weed.
  6. We are headed to the creek today to do some kingfishering.
  7. I once named the area below the high bank hole at bssp, "Kingfisher Flats" A resident kingfisher always sat in the same tree and worked that area. Just this year I have noticed another kingfisher working an area near the bluff area. A neat bird to watch.
  8. You are talking about the bears being shot, aren't you?
  9. A man was mauled and crushed to death by a bear in 1969 at Ft. Leonard Wood.
  10. King fishers, green herons and red squirrels use to be common in camden county.
  11. Hey that gives me a new name for the wading fishermen who do the same thing to me. Pontooners
  12. That would be them. Waiting at the pavilion for the next out of state plate to show up in the parking area.
  13. Yes indeed. I don't post any reports there but I do argue sometimes with the experts. I like posting reports here on OAF because of the respectable crowd that hangs out on this site. I like seeing other's reports on different topics even. Posting about taney here on OAF is about exchanging ideas and getting info on several different ways to fish taneycomo.
  14. Yes "Fly Fishing Lake Taneycomo" 4.6k members as of today, probably 5k by the end of next week. Most interesting thing on there is Phil's one cast video, the rest is a typical, come on down and catch the biggest and most browns you have ever caught. Don't need no experience just ask for the locals and they will give you the catching lessons. We cater to crowds and video camera's to post all the action nationwide. "come on down"
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