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  1. Looks like he has been stomped on, drug thru the rocks, and maybe roped a couple of times.
  2. i fish subsurface like I use to fish a jig and pork chunk. When you feel nothing, is the time to set the hook. Sometimes you might get a slow swim off to one side or the other. All good advice from everyone responding.
  3. Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water. Creek is on the rise again, rivers are up , and sounds like flood gates may be opening soon at my favorite tailwater. I think i'll go to Texas and watch the egrets migrate.
  4. Looked at the trout cam earlier. Water appeared to be about half way up the spillway.
  5. Looks as if you could fish from the swing set at bssp. According to the gauge, bssp has risen 2.45 ft.
  6. WOW congrats to the angler.
  7. Maybe dropper rigs off each of the 6 hooks. Might be legal on the arkansas side
  8. Last I heard Pete, he was in oklahoma living with his father.
  9. I am not sure that I buy the smell theory. I suppose sea run fish could possibly smell fresh water, but I think it is more like instinct. Like the great migration of herds of animals across the world. Something other than smell has to trigger that mass migration of "hatchery raised warm water fish. " All them fish headed up the glaize, niangua, and gravios are headed the wrong direction if they go by smell.
  10. That is cool, and I know 3 of those people. Brad , Jeff, and Leonard.
  11. I am liking the looks of those tigers. Are they stocked on the norfork?
  12. Way to go Pete. Are you seeing any rainbows up the creeks?
  13. I am guessing the first picture is a tiger. Never seen one before. They are a cross of what?
  14. With the exception of the 3 years I spent overseas while serving this great nation, I have spent 71 years and 10 months in camden county missouri. Came here in 49.
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