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  1. Estimated Flow Chart for Taneycomo

    it looks to be about 4 inches shy of the proposed minimum flow
  2. Bored so I went Fishing

    Nice fish Seth. Like you, I have always weighed fish using the net also.
  3. King Of The River

    Yes sir that would be him. thank you
  4. King Of The River

    I do not but I will check with some of the locals.
  5. King Of The River

    He referred to those tiny flies as "fleas". He actually caught some pretty big fish on those tiny fleas.
  6. King Of The River

    Robert Duffy. Known by many as only "Duffy", passed away on the morning of January 10 at his home in Branson. Myself and several of his friends were on the creek when we got the sad news. He leaves behind a legacy that will far out live all of us. An ambassador to Lake Taneycomo. Many a young angler have received expert tutoring from this special man. Rest in peace my good friend, and rest assured that you will not be forgotten.
  7. Trophy? How Long is a Trophy Trout?

    So is a current world record a trophy? How about the one just prior to it?
  8. paranormal activity while fishing

    One dark night, while fishing near outlet one at taneycomo , I was startled by something trudging and splashing into the water, thrashing one arm back and forth, and attempting to catch a fish. I immediately thought I had encountered big foot. Later I discovered that It was only Leonard.
  9. Chumming ethics.

    thats why my fingers are sticky
  10. Chumming ethics.

    I always use miniature marshmallows. I eat half and then put the other half on my fly hook. As far as the fish food, I only buy it twenty five cents worth at a time at the hatchery. Just don't put it in the same pocket with the marshmallows.
  11. They just sold some of Guido and Dion's stuff in an auction last week. Several hats were in the mix.
  12. I have always relied on the, "book of fishing facts", by Lester Kinderhook. Lester says, "the very best time to go fishing, is whenever you have the chance to go. " Lester also says that he developed his fishing skills by listening to what he had to say.
  13. I guess I'm like that"old" dog too.
  14. I drifted a few flies to some of those fish yesterday. Had one taker and missed getting the hook up. I guess i'm getting slow in my old age.

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