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  1. Shoot on sight. Atlatl season can be used in urban hunting from an elevated stand such as your roof top. Cars, traps, and pack hounds should also be allowed in urban situations.
  2. I am lefty on the spinner but always right hand on the fly reel. Bait caster I never got the hang of. I am right handed
  3. Lightning is not your friend when it comes to night time trout. Not only the danger factor but it scares the hell out the fish when the water is shallow. It's like shining a giant flash light in the water you are fishing. Good luck to you guys and I hope you get into some of those great fish that Phil has been talking about.
  4. I think I will go on the 12th.
  5. Look at this way. The water level at bennett has not been normal low for the past two years including now. If they stock fish it will only raise the level even more.
  6. Probably during the upcoming catch and release season. They will be using a front end loader like they do at Rockbridge.
  7. Watched the fly over in Camdenton about 4:15 or so. This is the third time I have got to witness the B2 in flight. The first was a few years back at the week long veteran celebration at Branson. I was fishing and it flew upstream of taneycomo and made a hard bank north as it flew over the dam. Quite a sight to behold. Hope you all get to view it as it flies today.
  8. I have tried bribing her to let me get her a new fly rod, because she took my favorite one and won't give it up.
  9. I'm talking 8 to 10 inches above the fly on the seagar tippet. Drives my buddy crazy to the point that he has actually retied the whole setup when he watched me tie a knot in my wife's leader. I have never had it break at the overhand knot while fighting a fish.
  10. I use seagars and I intentionally put a knot to keep the split shot away from the fly once it starts slipping. Incredible strong tippet.
  11. Old times also called them puff adders and spreadhead around here.
  12. I use to night fish with a tactic I call "cruise control". I think it might work in a situation you are describing. Standing upstream near the main current, point your rod straight up as high as you can reach. Pull line off your reel until it makes a slow arc downstream in the current. You should have about 25 foot or maybe more of total line and leader. Lower your rod tip at a rate to let your fly be slightly slower than the speed of the current. You might have to experiment with weight to keep it sub surface if fishing a scud. A floater won't matter. By keeping it slightly slower on the sub surface you will feel every take. If the current is 3mph set your cruise at 2.9. At the end you can swing it outside the current and fish it back. This requires being quiet and move slowly which is probably what you are doing anyway. Instead of casting give this "cruise control" method a try. Might take a little getting use to. I have caught several big fish at night using this method. Let me know if you try.
  13. Well my part time fly fishing buddy stepped up to full time fly fishing buddy. As of yesterday my wife of 47 years is officially retired. I am putting any trout in the state of Missouri on notice. She worked 33 long years as an administrative assistant at the local high school. I will be doubling up on my fly tying and looking forward to our upcoming adventures.
  14. laker67

    Favorite fish fry

    "Old fashion fry meal" from the mennonite stores around the area. If you like the true flavor of fish and not a cover up, this is the one.
  15. Are you calling the 14 "Anderson cove" ?
  16. I thought it was at the 6 or is that a realtor marker too?
  17. Use to be we just went by landmarks. Linn creek cove, Libby cove, sunken island, Sharp marine, the Flame, and owen point etc
  18. I did not find a single mushroom on my walk from the driveway to the dock, but I did catch a limit of white crappie. I was fishing at my SIL's dock at the N37 according to fw's calculations. Only 5 female crappie in the bunch and the males were not colored up yet. Six to seven foot deep over 15 feet of water. And they were not very aggressive, more like a hang on dead weight kind of bite.
  19. Wow great catch. I hate to think what those would do to lake taneycomo. Keep them flood gates closed.
  20. They will be implementing their self driving hatchery food trucks that drive up and down the raceways at 3:00 pm. Hope they remember to set the controls to central daylight time.
  21. Use to fish every march there. Any time Paul Henry was there it was a good bet that you were going to catch a few.
  22. They are closing all concessions but have yet to make a decision on fishing
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