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  1. Good luck. Can anyone tell me what the current tailrace elevation is? The 336 number for the dam is not responding.
  2. Replica mounts spotted in a red GMC pickup headed south.
  3. Frank two and Frank three have been spotted in transit on the way back to Lilly's Landing. Possible debut this weekend.
  4. How much cheese could a cheese chucker chuck if a cheese chucker could chuck cheese?
  5. Two actually. One was 41lb 7oz and the other was 41lb 8oz. Both were the seaforellen strain
  6. You are right JoeD. When you talk about Scotland, Patagonia, and New Zealand; Missouri and Arkansas just does not sound like an exotic place to catch trout. Yet two of the top five brown trout come from these not so exotic places. And only one from the total of the other three more exotic locations.
  7. I am sure that water temps, air temps and DO have everything to do with survival odds. But like IGFA told Bill, most caught records do not survive. I think Frank was the exception to the rule due to the circumstances I stated. Released or not , I think the fishery deserves the recognition of updated records.
  8. Sorry about that technicality, that is just unreal. The fact that he is still checking is positive though. I hope it works out. Hang on to that set up that you caught the fish on. If they rule in your favor you will need to send it in for testing. It may be too much of a fish to let it slip though unrecorded.
  9. All these haters need to take up a new hobby where everything works just right in a just right world. Most probably never fish more than one of two times a year but read forums constantly. They never congratulate some one on an impressive catch, they only tell you what you did wrong. Phil pretty much covered that in his rebuttal. Hats off to you Phil.
  10. My info says the same thing Seth. two at 41-8 and a 42-1. Rip Collins comes in just after Bill at 40-4.
  11. Once again my congratulations. And just to point out that "if" that fish had eaten 2 more 15 inch rainbows prior to you catching it, it would be a world record. That's how close you came to being the next world champion. Quite a feat for a missouri trout fisherman.
  12. Congratulations Bill, that is a tremendous fish. I know you have fished taneycomo for a long time. Well deserved trophy.
  13. Good luck and I hope you have a great and safe trip.Looking forward to some pictures.
  14. Glad to see you out and about again Jd. It takes time to recover from something as devasting as cancer and the surgeries and treatments that follow. This is my 7th year out and it took me about the same amount of time as you. Balance and agility are still my biggest obstacles. Your grandson looks as if he is right at home on the creek with the fly rod. He may have just discovered a life long hobby. I went through months of physical therapy, but I'm here to tell you, that wading and fishing is the best therapy for both the body and the mind. Keep them reports coming.
  15. Silhouette is very important on a dark night. Pick the darkest night and hold a white fly and a dark fly over your head. You might be surprised which is the most visible. I always had good success fishing scuds high in water on a dark night. Same would apply to any type of lure. Good luck
  16. On thursday last week, I had a couple and another guy crossing in opposite directions stop directly in front of me and start a conversation. I was in the process of changing flies, so I laid the leader across the lady"s arm {no hook} and she jumped like she had been snake bit. Then the husband bad mouthed me all the way to the other bank. I never said a word during the whole exchange. Wish I had a video.
  17. I have issues with people tripping over my fly line " while i'm fishing".
  18. I should have clarified better when I said fly fish. I meant with flies like you use any where else in the other zones.
  19. I think bennett might be the only trout park that restricts fly fishing in areas that allow live bait or prepared bait or un attached material. As a matter of fact, I think you can fly fish in any of the red white and blue zones in addition to taneycomo. Come on bennett, get back in the game.
  20. Yeah the good ole days when we could put a vinyl as an overback and fish zone 3 at bennett.
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