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  1. I am posting for Gary Harrison, he has three working trolling motors for sale as well as a neighborhood garage sale going on this weekend in cozy cove subdivision off of bee creek. The trolling motors are: Minn Kota terrova 101 lbs thrust 36volt trolling motor $400 Motorguide four 43 lbs thrust 12 volt $100 Motorguide brute 67 lbs thrust 12 volt $100 Contact Gary at 314-603-0506 or by email at gharrison@clas.net $500 takes all three Thank you for your interest
  2. Grand lake and bull shoals...nothing to see there. Nothing but a couple gar holes I have to agree with the magazine and Mr. Babler in this case LOZ and the Rock are an apples to oranges comparison, two totally different styles of lakes but they both produce fish and are top notch fisheries ( # 39 and #31 respectively) I think for the weekend angler LOZ is quite a bit easier to produce a solid limit of fish (10-15lb class). You can fish several patterns and still produce fish. Table rock is a little harder to figure out. Think about a new guy to down here in the summer wanting to catch fish and they hear "they're 30' down over 60' of water" not so uncommon to us here in the area but to a first time visitor that can be mind boggling. Either way we are blessed to be in a position to drive a couple hours to 4 of the top 40 fisheries in the NATION , 2 of them right here in our very own back yard.
  3. While it is true about the fuel consumption and all that these 2 stroke motors of today are meant to be run and run hard, to much low speed /low temp operation is just as harmful if not more harmful to the engine. This allows them to build up carbon and restricts the engines performance, you don't have to keep it pegged open all the time but do it a favor and open it up for a little bit on every other outing and don't forget your additives (stabil or Quickleen ) A guy I know ran into this this year. His boat wasn't performing at the top end, it was to restricted from the buildup of low temp operation, a couple bottles of power tune and Quickleen and a tank of gas had his boat back in shape
  4. I threw a blade off a fury when my boat was new and the prop was maybe a month old, it came apart at 6000 rpm and 77.6 mph (I was watching my gps) when the boat jerked hard and lost all momentum and about shook me outta the boat, I let up the hot foot immediately and as I idled in gear the vibration was extreme and still making the boat shake. The prop was defective and warrantied, replaced it with the same type prop and ran it for over 2 years before I had my next issue (lost its cup). I'm with mixermark and GNS, I think the issue is in the setup of the motor at this point, the rpms are correct the speed seems to be light for a skeeter, therefore I think that rooster tail is sky high and just spraying a lot of water. May need to adjust the motor height either by jack plate or the bolt holes or a combination of both to get the optimum motor height and jack plate setting. It is awfully odd to throw so many ears off so many props, most guys will only ever throw one or two in their fishing career, I know several elites who have yet to lose one. Top Gun Marine in Nixa does a top notch job with performance boats and making them run there best maybe these guys can help getting it running right
  5. Nathan , get you some minnows for crappie and fish a shaky head and a mojo rig in the gravel spawning pockets should get you bit quite a bit
  6. RS00765605, what kind of rpm's are you turning?
  7. Did you notice the loss in speed/power right away or has it started happening recently? Are you getting any kind of warning beeps? Also you may run a bottle of Quickleen through her. If its gummed up a little, that will clean all the carbon out. There was another guy who had that issue and its coming back into its groove. It's all speculation until you can get warning horns or run a new or clean prop to see if that's in fact the issue.
  8. Tucker... Are you running a fury prop? If so you lost your cup, happened to mine last year I lost 8 mph when it went flat rooms climbed a little too
  9. Sam your idea will work but you still want to make sure that your small mower battery is a deep cycle as well the electronics you are running do not demand a lot of juice thankfully. The big screen units would eat a small battery in a matter of a few hours at most. As long as the battery has the minimum required cranking amps it will work for cranking, it just wears it out a faster rate. Hope this helps Troy Gregg
  10. Jerry hit the nail on the head, deep cycle batteries don't do well with a sudden demand for juice. I would put the trolling motor on its own circuit as that will eliminate any electrical drainwith your eagle unit. The Humminbird is a slightly more delicate situation, you will probably need to upgrade to a dual purpose battery with a highe cranking amp and reserve capacity to maintain enough amps to power everything
  11. I've been hearing reports as far up as sanders hole... not quite to slough hollow. I imagine this little cold snap will push em back a day or two. However, we are on the brink of the first run I imagine. A few days of warmer weather and the should be up and ready to go.
  12. The Fann Brothers are both excellent fisherman and proved that in the Anglers in Action Yesterday... Again bringing in over 28lbs this time with a 9.22 kicker. Brent Algeo and Jim Copeland had the other sack over 28lbs on saturday and came back sunday with over 25lbs.Lots of great fisherman in the OMTT and AIA and all of these guys can flat catch fish. I don't know what was going on around the kimberling area during the OMTT I fished and never had a bite fishing the deeper trees and bluffy type stuff. I do know some of the fish came from secondary points in the area, but I also know that some of the guys that whacked em earlier in the week came up with a goose egg. Myself included.
  13. Wednesday we started the day out up the kings looking for crappie and some wiggle wart fish, The crappie were no where to be found and the wart fish were two largemouth both dinks. So we loaded up and headed for the James Arm. I hit Flat Creek later in the day around 11 with one other boat working the crappie. That boat had been there most of the morning with very little success as well, he had 4 crappie. I managed to find a the crappie scattered around the edge of the flats and began swam swimming minnows and grubs through them with only short hits and nibbles. They appeared to have lock jaw as the cold front pushed through. I gave them over 2 hours with nary a fish. Worked the baits along the bottom from 7 ft all the way to 12 feet. The fish were still holding pretty much 8-10 feet and on the edges of the flats. They will turn on again as the weather stabilizes. I turned around from there and went to virgin bluff looking for ol' line sides and there were fish there too, but again lock-jaw seemed to grab ahold of them, worked Jerkbaits and A-rigs over the top and through them with only a couple nibbles on the A-rig. Two paddle tails came up missing. Wish I'd had a better report to post, Tight lines everybody and the fishing is only gettin better Troy Gregg
  14. Troller, Really the updates are for the mapping side of the HDS, If your unit is doind exactly what you want and you are not adding structure scan to it you will be ok leaving well enough alone. If you do want to expand the system, go ahead and bring it to bass pro as well, we can hook it up and update it there. I would like to offer this at these proposed seminars, however I do not have any dates or formatting done yet.
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