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  1. Ahhhhh, now I see Taxi - if we get a microscope out we can see the horrible damage that has been done.... Once again - the Sea Shepard denies every throwing "acid in someones face". You read somewhere that it did happen - so where are the police charges filed? Where is your proof that it did happen? As far as backing an anti hunter or fisher - well, I guess if that means going on the side of what I feel is "right" and "just" - and frankly flat out the legal side of this issue.... I guess you got me... JS
  2. Was down below the dam for a few hours today. Kind of slow. Caught one walleye about 4 pounds - a guy next to me caught one that had to be 8 or 9 - A few whites and a couple of hybrids being caught. One guy just below us brought in two cats that must have been 20+ each. Both the walleyes had a ton of eggs - so the spawn is still on - but the only thing stacked up more than the walleyes were the fisherman. JS
  3. Lots of fish? And lots of spring break crowd? May make it down in the next day or two - thought I would see how it is - JS
  4. You know Taxi - it is comments like yours that just continue to perpetuate the lies heavily funded by the Japanese government. How? Because when someone says that someone "Threw acid in somebody's face" - what do we think of? Of course what they WANT people to think is that some poor soul has had some terrible disfiguring burning acid thrown in their face that melted their skin right off..... That is NOT what we are dealing with here. Many activist groups including the sea Shepherd use Rotten Butter - which becomes butyric acid - they throw this on the deck of the ship and it's smell is suc
  5. If you actually read any of the other stuff this guy writes, who did the ESPN article - his stuff is pretty much all - the sky is falling etc etc.... How he gets an article in places like ESPN I don't know, but just look at the titles of his articles and you see what you are about to get fed..... Bet he's got himself a bunker somewhere in the Ozarks waiting for the next millenium... ) JS
  6. Al, you just don't get it do you? THEY are coming for you!!!! You and your "sport" fishing buddies!!! Comon man, get with the program! Even though there is no real mention of outlawing sportfishing... you KNOW that is what they mean! It is all part of the plan.... Don't you read the National Review? Soon there will be a knock at your door and young men in Jack boots will be coming in to confiscate your fly rod - it could be next week!!!!!! Ahhhh, good stuff in the morning! (I also heard "they" are going to send us all to concentration camps - so be on the lookout)..... As an interes
  7. Hey Trev - RMNP is an awesome place. It depends if you want to do stream/river fishing or lake stuff. There are some really good lakes where you can catch a ton of fish - Fern, the Loch, Lawn - done really well everytime I have been to any of those. Just have to hike to them. If you go to Lawn you can do Roaring River on the way up. - btw Roaring River is usually neither Roaring or much of a River - it is kind of a small trickle down the mountain in the fall. But each little pool holds fish so it is pretty fun fishing. For me, the Thompson gets so over fished that I usually don't have as m
  8. For any of you that didn't come to the Christmas show - here are a couple of videos I finally got up for your viewing pleasure. A couple of special guests that made it fun! First up, Danielle killing the vocals on this blues tune Next - Janet Jameson from Shooting Star playing some nice electic violin JS
  9. Bman, you KNOW that isn't a "gigged" smallie - it was probably just one of those rogue snail darters, or those pesky flesh eating scuds or some such thing that took a bite out of him. If there is one thing we've learned from this post is that no matter how many pictures you take, or how many fish you no longer see in your favorite holes, that it is not giggers gettin em, but rather some sort of rival wildlife attack. That is reassuring to know anyhow. JS
  10. This to me is no different than what gets talked about right here on this forum regarding illegal activites at Taney or wherever. The problem? Not enough agents to enforce the law. So what do we say? We usually suggest that if you see someone using powerbait at the rebar hole that you say something to them. It was just talked about in another post of having a group go down to the boat ramps where giggers launch to make sure they are aware of the laws. It is citizens taking action against those who are illegally taking what belongs to us all. Sure, the boats that chase the illegal whalers ar
  11. I am so sorry I have been away from the forum for so long! I almost missed this thread with some absolute classic posts by Forsythian!! Great stuff - It is good to see in this crazy world that some things never change. It is the same conversation we had on the topic several years ago. Did you just copy your posts? OK - so I have rambled about my "experiences" with trout and smallie giggers before and won't go into it here - but Al........ Don't ever believe that things can't change! And we should never believe that gigging at least on some streams will never be banned. Laws are made all
  12. Hey guys - don't know how many of you read down this far in the forum But for any of you in the KC area - our annual Christmas Concert for the Animals is Monday Dec 21st at the Uptown Theater in KC - ALL the money raised goes to local animal shelters. - So for rockin Christmas music and to support a good cause come on out - JS
  13. Hey guys - I've looked into a new boat myself and have read up on the Ultimate 12 so good to see some responses from guys who have one. Here was one review I had checked out if you want some more info. http://www.georgiariverfishing.com/GAartic.../Ultimate12.htm Having said that... Several years ago I bought a Perception Swifty 9.5 - just a "recreational" kayak from Dick's on sale for like 215 bucks - and it has been fine for all of my adventures. I usually fish small lakes - do occasional ozark streams, and it has even taken me down several rivers in Montana with no problems. I don't t
  14. Hey, Thanks Terry - should be a fun event, and I really hope it raises a ton of money and awareness of these different charities! Always on the lookout for white dudes in panama hats. Granted it is usually so I can avoid them but..... JS
  15. Cool z!! Yep Phil - the hair gets caught everywhere -especially on the strap button - of course it used to be worse when there was more of it JS
  16. Hey Guys! I haven't been on lately - been too busy it seems. Actually haven't even gotten much fishin' in - But did manage to chase tarpon at Boca Grande last week after shooting a guitar video so that was pretty invigorating! My band is playing an event called reel aid - www.reelaid.com that benefits several fly-fishing charities. The event is in Memphis on Aug 7 - And as a last minute - we are playing this Sat - June 20th up here in KC if any of you guys are up here - a place called the Eclipse in Raytown - doing something a bit different - first set of all our stuff and then
  17. No problem George, The flats thing is just so much fun because number one: You are sight fishing - not just casting for hours "hoping" for a bite - so that is cool, kind of the hunting side of fishing. But number two: This is the most intense thing that people who have never done it don't realize, sometimes you are sitting on a hump that is a mile across of just two feet of water - so when you get a fish, they can't just bore down deep and feel like they have got you - they can only take off! The most amazing runs I have ever had are on the flats - even small bonefish will take off like the
  18. Went yesterday for a few hours. Fished below the dam up from the handicap dock. Was pretty slow. Caught quite a few whites - on pink slab slayers or some such thing - basically a pink and white grub 3" - a few guys were catching crappie, but I was really after hybrids and they were not cooperating unless you were one of the 9 people standing shoulder to shoulder on a little island of rock next to the fence by the dam. Saw those guys bring in quite a few hybrids casting up towards the dam, but didn't see any others caught. Water was really low and not running much while I was there. But it was
  19. A couple of years ago a friend of mine and I went out with a guy named Lenny Lennard - and there was another guide that Lenny setup for us named Pete - he was an Australian dude - really good guide though - except he would yell at you if you missed a cast to a bone! The flats experience is imho the best - although we did get out to deep water one day and caught Yellow snappers and some big nurse sharks. Was later in Aug when we went so the big Tarpon were mostly gone but we did catch some baby tarpon that were awesome fighters - but June should have good Tarpon there. We also got into som
  20. Yep Phil you are right - I have a lot of friends who are touring and sign up their fans to their "twitter" accouts - then these "twits" Can be sent out to all of thier phones - It can give someone a play by play of what that band is doing that day - I guess it is almost like being there with them - Hard for me to imagine anyone would want to know what I am doing on the hour but.... I have a couple of friends that follow others twitter reports and they claim it is like a soap opera...... so...... there ya go. And yes - you could be standing knee deep in a creek with the bite full on and sen
  21. Hey Phil, I read through most of this post (until the part that Trav hijacked) so don't know for sure if this has been said - but... I love this site and actually plan my fishing trips with it's help. But lately it certainly has gotten a bit big and hard to meander through. Moreso than other forum sites - there seems to be a bit too many topics listed to sort through and find what I am looking for. But having said that, I think expanding it and making it cover the world would be awesome! Need a complete section on Montana waters, CO waters etc etc - - - But..... then it just gets big
  22. Went to RR today - thought - it's Monday, 60 plus degrees, the week between Christmas and New Years so I can get away - - - - Apparently that wasn't an original idea! hehehehehehehehe Fishing was pretty good - did OK on midges and SJWs earlier in the day - wasn't on fire but decent - then I switched to using Griffiths gnats in the afternoon and did real well with those - more fun on top anyway - but they were pretty picky - couldn't get them to take it in the non moving water unless it was 7x Which means I lose more flies - spend more time retying tippet etc etc - I really hate 7x..
  23. Hey Bill, Looks like an awesome trip - have never been to AK - Never played there with the band (usually I can finagle an extra day or two to go fishing if we get a gig) !!! ) But everyone is really answering in one of two ways - one is what is this really worth - which is what you asked, and for that it looks to me like the 3k plus per person seems in keeping with what you are describing. The other thing you asked is what price would it have to be before a person said "I can do that". So for me those are two vastly different things. The airfare is the added thing that really kicks up an
  24. Good. Then maybe the MDC can buy up his 30 acres and make a wildlife sanctuary. And hey Al.... Don't go doubtin on fixed income stories - why back in 72 I had 4 tags and only one bullet, so I had to line up my shot and wait til I could get all 4 deer at once. I laid out in my stand for nigh on 72 hours until I had the perfect opportunity when 4 big bucks walked side by side right in front of me - I had to shoot 'em in the eye sockets to make sure my one bullet travelled through all of 'em. - - - - This forum is way more fun than should be allowed! JS
  25. Thanks guys - it was a wonderful trip! Of course MT is always a good idea - but with the weather the way it was this time it was pretty special. - The week after we got back the East rosebud where we stayed got 37 inches of snow..... guess they are right - timing is everything!! JS
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