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  1. Home Waters

    Trout pond at the KC Sports Show.

    You and Chief should start a "swimming with the sharks" business. I'll be your boat pilot and charge by the pound for netting casualties.
  3. Fishing trip with the Chief

    Hey BH... I was supposed to be down there too. Had to move the in-laws back to KC after 27 years at Shell Knob and Cassville. Sorry I missed it. Hope to be there next time.
  4. If you're camping on the river I think Blue Spring on the upper JF to Alley would be perfect. Bring your soft plastics IMO.
  5. Trout fishing in the U.K.

    We're going in 2018 now MTB. Stuff has come up for this year. Gonna meet our hosts in March at the beach somewhere. Thanks for the photos. I'll check'em out.
  6. The JuJu

    That I sometimes bring one pole and as you know my confidence baits only. I probably need to be more diverse. But less is more as far as I'm concerned.

    I used to always pick up trash but my mom never approved of 'em...
  8. The JuJu

    The one pole approach probably hurt ya if ya wanna reach stud status.
  9. Home Waters

    Sorry buddy. Never saw this post. 4 hours and 30 minutes on the average from where I live north of the river.
  10. is history for now. Floodwaters took the whole thing. KY3 has a video of it.
  11. Trout fishing in the U.K.

    Your trip sounds like it's gonna be epic! Looking forward to hearing about it.
  12. Trout fishing in the U.K.

    Thanks Brian. You're right, our friends know the deal. Gonna be a fun trip. Wife and I plan on coming down again soon to stay at one of your places in Alton. It's been about 4 years.
  13. Trout fishing in the U.K.

    Are you fishing with friends who live there or doing this on your own? Looking forward to your report and I'll give one as well (late aug. or early sept. for me).
  14. Trout fishing in the U.K.

    Thanks guys for the replies. My thoughts too KJack... dated stuff I remember. And Griz, I'll remember that thought. Need to yak with our hosts some more on the fishing thing.

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