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  1. what are the bass and the crappie biting on because im headin down to the rock this weekend and i hope to catch some fish. please post your info.
  2. Were are the bass and what are they biting on mostly in your expeiances
  3. What Type and brand or rod and reel would you recommend for bass fishing on table rock
  4. do u think that the crappie will still be spawning next weekend.
  5. bass master


    How has the rain been affecting the lake so far
  6. bass master


    what have the bass been biting on
  7. my uncle was done there today and he cought 2 6 lb larhe mouth and 2 3 lb white bass on black and silver rattle shad
  8. bass master


    what are the bass biting, on my uncle was doin there yestetrday and cought 2 six pounders what lures would you suggest. also when will they be hitting on top water
  9. we were down at long creek and the fishin was pretty slow until my dad got a huge bight and told me to get the net because it felt like a bass but he pulled it in and it was a monster 18 inch 2 1\2 pound crappie then it picked up the next three days in long creek catching 30 each day using rubber skirts and a minnow on the end fishing the timber in the channel 6-12 feet deep in 25 feet of water
  10. What have been the best lures for whitebass and crappiue as of latley
  11. have any big trout been cought as of latley
  12. any fisherman out there have underwater cameras??? if you do then how are they working for you and were on the lake
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