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  1. Caught an 18 inch walleye on a buzzbait in a bass tourney. Not what I expected.

    What's Cooking?

    Love it when the local sweetcorn is in

    What's Cooking?

    Billet - that is an outstanding compilation of epicurean delights.👍


    Apparently Master Bedroom, blacklist, plantation, and many other common English words are on the list to be removed. Does that mean terms like cracker will be a no go as well? How about the word Jayhawk? Nothing pleasant associated with that word either. I'm all for equality. Good people are good people. Has nothing to do with race, creed, gender, etc.
  5. Car theft goes on at Walmart's in suburbia as well. My daughters car got stolen while sitting in line for an oil change. Walmart swears the keys were not left in it. BS. 100% sure it was an inside job as the perp got a phone call while on Walmart's security cameras near the gas pumps. Proceeded to walk several hundred yards across the main parking lot, around the side of the store, and directly to her car, opens the door jumps in and drives away. There were other vehicles sitting there as well, but he never checked a single car for keys. Somehow he knew exactly which car had the keys in it. Walmart employees did nothing but call management. By the time I was notified still in the store I found out no one had called the cops as "We aren't supposed to use the phone". Car as found 3+ weeks later in Johnson County, KS after the clown crashed it running from police on other charges. I believe the car theft was dropped as part of a plea deal on his litany of other charges including several drug charges, assault, fleeing from the cops, etc. System sucks. Walmart tried to lowball an offer, but paid a few grand in excess of FMV for the vehicle. Funny how quick she got a check when I threatened to involve the local news and give them some publicity. I hate thieves.


    Native brookies are a fine fish to eat. Hatchery fed trout not so much. The hatchery fed fish are very good brined/smoked.
  7. Private property - All should have been charged with TRESPASSING
  8. "But we don't say "Odell got the job because he's so experienced and knowledgeable." Or "Odell got the job because he's a great leader." Or "Odell got the job because he always put more effort in than anyone else." Or "Odell got the job because he's a great guy, and a good person." We say "Odell got the job because he's black." We're telegraphing to the world what we think is important about guys like Odell. It isn't their experience, work ethic, or character. We see them as black folks, first and foremost. The only way an employer is going to run afoul of affirmative action is if they're not interested in hiring intelligent, hardworking, talented, honest, decent employees- regardless of their skin color. Is that the sort of business you want to be supporting?" Not sure where you get your information. No where did I say he got the job because he was black. All I know is he was an experienced hand that had been there for several years and I was fortunate to have worked with him. Typical of left leaning folks you jump to conclusions to try and make your point.
  9. "You don't get to pick a star to be. Just trying to live the life you have lived as a black man. Think about it. Just try it." What if your parents adopted you as a 1 day old African american baby and raised you the same way you were raised? Would you still have privilege?

    What's Cooking?

    Love me some slaw just not on my sandwich.
  11. Patrick Mahomes would be a good gig.
  12. The national debt is absurd.
  13. Numbers are great. I don't believe the election will be won based on the things that should be of importance. I believe it will be won based on folks being tired of the constant social media biotching, dissatisfaction with the handling of corona, and the current surge of racial tensions causing division among the citizenry.
  14. While on the topic of batteries - I run a 24 volt trolling motor. Is there a problem using one of the trolling motor batteries to start the 25 HP outboard?
  15. The Company had 6 permanent roustabaouts 1 of which was African-American. I spent a lot of time working with Odell and learned a lot from him. He was always at work early and typically the last to leave. He was a great guy and a good person. I was 1 of 3 summer hands. All were petroleum engineering students at UMR.
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