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  1. On my way girls

    Be prepared to stay the entire day. Often times the last 2 hours are the best at Schell.
  2. Smallmouth of the North Country

    Some real bruisers. Congrats on a great trip.
  3. How much on the electric start 25
  4. Air Rifle

    Great thread. Would a spring gun be mire accurate than the compressed air guns? Which has the higher fps. Needing to whack some squirrels in the yard.
  5. Wanted Lure Duplicator

    Nothing more than a replicating lathe.
  6. True Pioneer and My Friend

    SO sorry to hear another great man has passed. Prayers for the family and friends.
  7. Labor Day Walleye

    Me three
  8. Limits on fish and game harvest

    MoCarp - If you knew folks were selling gamefish or deer, why did you not turn them in? The MDC sets the limits on game and fish and this State has some great angling. If a person legally wants to harvest a limit then so be it. Not sure what the point of your post is. Do you object to folks harvesting and utilizing fish and game? Are you claiming that these pics represent lawbreakers?
  9. What the heck are these?

    We call them brain balls
  10. Last 2 days walleye

    Are you slow trolling the jig and crawler or casting it? If casting are you hopping it back, dragging it, or just slow retrieving it near the bottom.
  11. From the research I've done it seems that most folks are going with braid and tying on a fluoro leader. Anyone drop shot with their baitcasters?
  12. I have always spooled the line onto the reel with it coming off the spool counterclockwise. I also close my bail by hand and start my retrieve on a tight line. Not sure what the nephew was doing although I had suggested he do the same. I grew up fishing a spinning rod and switched to a bait caster many years ago. Other than my ultralights a bassin sized spinning outfit feels funny now. Going to learn how to drop shot and figure I best get used to the spinning rod again.
  13. Another weekend of...

    Ain't nothin better than a yella dawg. Great pics Wrench. Brought back a rush of memories of my ol yella Dakota.
  14. Got a couple of spinning outfits that I obviously need to change the brand of line on. Been using them primarily when I troll, but took a nephew fishing over the weekend and he used them for casting frogs, chatterbaits, etc. What a nightmare. The poor kid had numerous bouts of severe line twist. Tried running all the line out with no lure on it to get rid of the twist and added a swivel for him, but still line twist. Pretty sure I had spooled them with 10# AbrazeX fluorocarbon. Apparently that was a poor choice on my part. What line do you wire reel experts recommend. Planning on using one of the outfits for drop shotting.

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