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    What's Cooking?

    Anyone have a really good Lobster Bisque recipe?
  2. Caught lots of nice crappie, walleye, white bass, and hybrids at Caplinger. The key is to fish it when they run water. Fishing picks up when the water starts to rise and falls off when it drops. Fish the eddys, holes, and places where the rising water backs into ditches coming out of the fields. Roadrunners, rattle traps, and shad raps are my go to baits. You can hang with the crowd at the bridge or go downstream on the east bank below the bridge. You can also walk up from the N bridge. Wade at your own risk.
  3. My Dad always said if it gets to rough beach the boat and hunker down or walk out if you need to. Too many folks especially duck hunters die needlessly every year for trying to out run the conditions and failing to wear a life jacket. Watch the contestants run the main lake on their way back to PB2 on a sunny June Saturday afternoon with the cruisers out and about.. Most aren't running 20 mph, but they are sure beating up their equipment and probably any fish in the livewell.
  4. Running like a fool does nothing but tear your stuff up. Just cause you can doesn't mean you should.
  5. What is this "old timers formula"? I have a deck to replace as well.
  6. What brand of marine epoxy? Do you treat the entire deck top, bottom, and sides?
  7. I've tried to get that put into the rules for a local weekly derby for years. Managed to get weighing a short fish gets you disqualified in the rules, but folks don't want the same for a dead fish. I also believe that no dead fish should be allowed for big. Often times it is the same boat(s) with the dead fish. The onus is definitely on the angler. Had a 3+ inhale a stickbait last weekend and was bleeding quite a bit. Applied rejuvinade to the well multiple times throughout the derby after flushing the well out and replacing with fresh water. Fish was major feisty at the end of the 5 hour derby.
  8. Blaming the tourney is easy. Most of the blame falls on the folks that catch the fish and how they take care of them. After dragging them around all day with little to no care you can't expect the tourney directors to perform miracles and save them all.
  9. People watching used to be as much fun as the fishing

    What's Cooking?

    Got to love it when a youngun gets a good job after all that schooling. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Tragedy. Prayers for the families and all impacted.
  12. Floated it many times. Biggest headache is where to take out. J bridge is used often, but it is actually private land. I have permission to take out there. J to Caplinger is a long float unless they turn the water on. There is public land at Caplinger. You can't hear the horn very far below 32 highway if they flip the switch on. If you notice the current picking up you'll know why. Best to get to your takeout as it is a gradual but quick rise and not a wall of water.
  13. Finished the season on the last day with a great shoot in a SWMO bean field..


    Shot some long sprigs this year
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