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    How many of these school shootings have occurred at private schools? Offhand I can't recall one. A lot of private schools are are religion based. Maybe taking God out of the class room wasn't such a good idea. Seems more people and families used to make religion a higher priority. Don't recall having these shootings when I graduated in 78. Many times we had guns poles in our cars on Friday and leave for the outdoors right after school. Never concerned someone was going to shoot up the place. It is hard for kids to learn compassion, empathy, and respect when all they do is type into their phone and send things out on social media. Seeing how your comments hurts someones feelings requires you to be looking at them when you speak. Kids don't converse in person. Much harder to keep track of their conversations today than when you had to use the house phone.
  2. Thank you, updates, some jig stuff

    Prayers for continued recovery and improvement.
  3. One Cast +

    Hey Phil - What percentage of the time do you catch a fish on one cast?
  4. Last two days of south zone duck

    Still have to stack the rest of me dekes in the garage. Hunted more than I have in years. Might be my best season ever. Lots of memories laughs with my Son and various buddies made it a truly great season. C'mon snow geese.
  5. Just seems more and more folks don't care what their actions while driving can do to them or others. The boozers and druggies cause way too many wrecks. Seems I see more and more texters and folks messing with their phones casually easing over into my lane, missing the green light, or blowing through a stop sign/light. This includes 18 wheelers. Put your dang phone in your pocket or pull off to deal with that must respond to text or call. Seen it all over the years folks reading the newspaper or a book, shaving, brushing teeth, applying makeup, plucking eyebrows, stuffing food in their face, watching movies, disciplining children, dozing off, putting clothes on or off, and some possibly x-rated behaviors. Folks need to pay attention and concentrate on what they are doing while driving instead of multi-tasking. If you proceed through an intersection without confirming cross traffic has stopped you are a fool.
  6. Where to buy on Lake of the Ozarks

    LOZ is a weekenders dream fishery. One of the easiest lakes to catch fish. Now to compete with the locals in derbies is a whole nother thing. You best be spending a ton of time on the water to consistently compete with those boys.
  7. Where to buy on Lake of the Ozarks

    Where is Prairie Hollow?
  8. Great pic John. Looks like another awesome trip.
  9. Ever get any cans or redheads down there?
  10. What's Cooking?

    Cured some skin on mallard breasts and then cold smoked them over hickory/apple/cherry for about 3 hours. Cooled, wrapped in plastic wrap, and put in the fridge for a couple days. The result was seriously tasty duck bacon.
  11. Looks like an awesome hunt John. Can't believe green wings are still hanging around but they sure are.
  12. Sunday was literally a case of being on the X. Flock after flock cycloning down into our spread. Non-stop action from small groups to 200+ trying to finish 10 yards from your feet. Quite possibly the most spectacular duck action I've been a part of. Definitely top 3. The poor sprig in one group felt the wrath of at least 4 guns. I'd of been the 5th, but he died before I could hit the trigger.
  13. Great hunting with ya John. Wish they would have cooperated a little better. I totally agree with your thoughts on layout blinds. I'm usually last to the party when they say take em.
  14. Another slow day, low #'s, and a....

    Kent is a good shell. I'll never run federals through my shotguns again. Dirtiest shells made.
  15. Frustrating

    Looking forward to it John.

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