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  1. Won't be much corn on the westside this year.
  2. Sounds like an awesome tradition
  3. Wow. What an awesome fish. Congrats.
  4. Congrats. Those are some big smallies.
  5. Hear lots of stories about live scope. Folks not even fishing till they find the specie and size they are looking for through the scope. Doesn't really seem like fishing to me anymore. More like a video game. I've always enjoyed finding fish on different lakes at different times of the year. Time on the water and past history and experience helped in the search. Now a feller just needs a scope. Add a robot to present the bait and a few more electronics and a guy can sit at home in his recliner and virtual fish.


    Anyone know the water clarity and temp around the 45 mm? I'm guessing dirty and mid 50's.
  7. Obviously you didn't fish it sloooooow enough.😊
  8. More and more fishing is becoming a video game. Go to waypoint, find the fish on the graph and get your bait down to it. Watch the fish eat and crank him in. Less like fishing every day. Don't forget to turn on your your hydrowave to put em in the mood to feed.
  9. Used to fish Caplinger all the time. Haven't been in years. Used to hammer the big crappie, whites, and an occasional walleye and hybrid. I remember driving over the bridge. Always thought building a restaurant on the old mill site would be a great idea.
  10. Not sure that it would hold up in Court.
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