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  1. Those barred feathers from a wood duck?
  2. Word of mouth from satisfied customers not pro-staffing KVD wannabes. Fish against some folks in the local weekly derbies that consider themselves on a pro staff. Guess cashing checks and/or being one of the top sticks isn't a requirement. Usually they are the ones who have no common courtesy toward their fellow anglers. Their entry fee spends just as good as the non-prostaffers.
  3. Best to build a loyal customer base through quality products, great customer service, fair pricing, and standing behind the products you sell. Word of mouth advertising is far better long term than any radio/TV spot hyping the business.
  4. Who knew couples advice could be had from Wrench. Maybe he needs his own forum....... Dear Wrench. Probably a man version of Dear Abby but no where near as good a read as Dear Penthouse.
  5. Home Improvement and Last Man Standing might be better choices.
  6. Listening to Wrench reminds me of a couple of old TV shows. The Honeymooners and All in the Family.😀
  7. So where does it say that fish you give away are still included in your possession limit?
  8. A high percentage of people should not be driving a boat. They buy them and have no idea how to properly drive them. As for the tourney racers most of them lose money so that race might be their only enjoyment.
  9. MoCarp - you going to provide the actual regulation or do folks just need to rely on your opinion?
  10. The walleye chowder recipe I got off this site was outstanding! Can't recall who posted it, but it is a winner.
  11. After fishing many summers in Upper Michigan we found that a little Vics Vaporub behind your ears will keep a lot of the bugs from around your head and face. Off in the orange can was an attractant. Never tried deep woods off. We used a repellant called Cutters with great success.
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