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  1. Way too many people own boats and have no real clue how to operate them safely and have common courtesy for others recreating on the water. Many have little to no respect for the water itself, boat traffic, other's property (docks), or the weather conditions. Add in egos, cell phones, alcohol, twin TV sized electronics n the dash, and any other distractions and it makes for a dangerous situation. As for the testosterone junkies that think they are the next KVD or Wheeler as they fly around the lake in search of tourney fish slow the hell down as you aren't going to actually make money unles
  2. Awesome looking rig.
  3. Put the idiot on the back deck or on the bank.
  4. FIL gave me some old tackleboxes full of various lures, hooks, soft plastics, etc. Some of the lures have a whitish film on them I assume from the adverse reaction of soft plastics and old skirt material with the plastic tackle box. What is the best way to clean these baits and remove the whitish film? Those still in their boxes look fine. Never seen so many bombers, hellbenders, and mud bugs. Bass orenos, lucky 13s, torpedos, Big Os, hula poppers, and jitterbugs as well.
  5. I second the "looking for more places to hunt".
  6. I'd throw it. Give it a try and then decide if you want to make more, although you might want a spare.
  7. Saw this on another site and it made me laugh.
  8. Anyone catching much trolling at Stockton?
  9. be nice to know the youtube channel and explain the facts
  10. Thanks. I'll give Southwinds a shout
  11. Any recommendations for lodging near Mutton Creek? Have always stayed around Stockton in the past.
  12. The playing field is not really level unless all the boats are identical and set up identically. Tourney fishing is really becoming a rich man's game. Do the circuits still limit HP?
  13. Video game versus knowledge/experience. The trait that used to separate anglers was their ability to find fish. Now the electronics find them for them. No longer the same game.


    IS there a law that authorizes no fishing on a public body of water? Funny how the slip renters can fish off and around docks.
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