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  1. Definitely not as easy to find a 2 stroke 25 as you might think. I got a 2001 Merc I'd sell that needs a little work.
  2. Float before Memorial day and after Labor day to avoid the crowds.
  3. I concur on White River Lodge. It is outstanding.
  4. Looking for a 2000 or newer short shaft, 2-stroke, 25 HP outboard. Prefer a Merc or Yamaha. Would also be interested in a Tohatsu MD25.
  5. I'd at least need to take it and have a good mechanic go through it, test compression, etc.
  6. What are the best sources to pick up a used boat besides Craigslist?

    Baked Crappie

    Saute a crappie fillet in butter and sprinkle on a little old bay seasoning.
  8. They are easy to use. You can get a reasonable grinder pretty cheap at harbor freight. They work very well.
  9. Haven't checked the price but it might be easier and cheaper to grind your own.
  10. I'm still rolling the old green Shimano Curado CU-201s. Been great reels for me. Can still pick up lightly used ones on the internet for about $75. Easy to clean and just keep chugging along.
  11. Had the same experience at LOZ this weekend. I have never seen that many people fishing from boats and docks the first weekend in May. Wave runners, jet skis, canoes, kayaks, and folks swimming in low 60 degree water was all new to me for this early in May. Combine all of that with the big cruisers and offshore racing boats and it becomes difficult to get around in a 16 foot jon boat. We were around the 45 mm which typically does not get a lot of big boat traffic. Not much social distancing on some of those big boats and pontoons.
  12. Very similar tale for us. Evenings better. Had 3 different reports of pre-spawn females being caught in 15 to 20 feet of water on #7 shadraps, bandits, and flickr shad. Better than 70% of our catch were males.
  13. Haven't been. Won't know till I get back down there.
  14. LAst weekend we found 60 one afternoon. Mainly 56-58
  15. Crappie have been in and out for a couple weeks mid lake. Depends on the weather. Sunny afternoons they are on the bank. Mostly males last weekend up on the bank.
  16. I am thinking about the evinrude.
  17. The four I see most often are Evinrude, Mercury, Yamaha, and Suziki

    What's Cooking?

    Only time I ate vienna's was on a backpacking trip in high school. Had to build a fire and burn the outside to give them a little texture. The jelly on top is disgusting.
  19. Has it been run since August of 2019?

    What's Cooking?

    Did you brine those spots?
  21. Looking for a good aluminum rig in the 18-19 foot range. Spend too much time fishing behind docks to have a glass boat. Wrench what do you think of the 115 HP outboards?

    What's Cooking?

    Spent the weekend crappie fishing at LOZ. Had to have nourishment. Ribeyes, sauteed mushrooms, tossed salad, and red shrimp. The red shrimp taste like lobster. Simply sauteed in butter.
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