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  1. Couldn't decide if I was going on the Elk Thur. for most of the day. Sure glad we went,,,,,,Floated from 4:45 till dark. Most big fish we ever caught in one 3 hr. outing. Lots of large mouths because we did the flat stretch from Pineville down to riverside. Sure miss the current that that stretch use to have. Caught about 30, but about 10-12 were from 15"-18"s. Buzz bait, floating repala, tubes. Yahoo.................Saw the resident bald eagle too.
  2. Phil, with this much water and the 1/4 oz bell weight, I assume you are still using a large indicator? Approx. how deep are you setting the indicator? Thanks, Bobby
  3. Took a friend on the Elk Mon. about 5:30 p.m with only moderate expectations because of the low water. From Ken's to Riverside. I planned on dragging a lot, but to my surprise, we only had to get out 2 or 3 times. I have really been disappointed with how the flood this year changed the Elk,,,,,,,,,,so much flat water now,,,,,however, that flat water sure makes you want to throw a lot of topwater,,,,,,,,just hoping for a big ole largemouth...It seems we lost 1/2 of the good, typical moving smallie water. At least to my way of viewing it. We started out catching the smallies pretty good o
  4. I finally got to try a late fall smallie trip on the Elk today with a good friend. I had heard the water was up a bit because they were lowering the level of Lake Windsor in Bella Vista. Russ checked the water for me at Hog Heaven, and said the river was up a bit, so we decided to give it a try. Ronnie at Riverside gave us a shuttle to the public launch in Pineville about 1:30 P.M. today and we floated back to his take out. The temperature was fantastic, but the wind was tough. Right in my face for most of the day. I was really hoping for a great day of fishing because of the on coming
  5. has not set their status

  6. We floated Thur afternoon from Hooten Town Canoe rentals downstream 6 miles. I have never fished that river before, as the Elk River is my favorite and much closer. We boated 30 + smallies with the largest being a whopping 18 3/4 ". The only thing was, the fish was quite skinny,,,,,,,probably hadn't been to long off of the bed. We could only imagine what she would have weighed pre-spawn.....Had a strong one break me off too. 1/2 were in the 12 to 14 1/2 range with the others typical 8" to 12 ". Had hoped for more large fish, but since it was our first trip on a new river, I guess it coul
  7. Floated 6 miles
  8. c & r

    Indian Creek

    Thanks for that update on the log jamb........You may have save me from a heart attack.......dragging a canoe 100 yds or so may have put me under......Thanks.....
  9. I'm planning on floating that stretch for smallies tomorrow.......How is the water level concerning dragging, etc. Thanks
  10. c & r

    Indian Creek

    Help please,,,,,,,Can you float from Anderson to the Elk??? I heard about 3 yrs ago there was a hugh log jamb inbetween the low water bridge above the Lanagan City Park up river to the low water bridge. If anyone can help here I would really appreciate it.....I sure don't want to try that stretch and ware myself out making a difficult portage if I can avoid it........Thanks for any help here..... Also,,,,,,I'm going for smallies.........CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY.......ANY RECENT FISHING REPORTS WOULD BE NICE. Thanks,
  11. I fished Tenkiller last year for the first time for smallies.....Which is my favorite fish to catch and ''RELEASE''.....did ok........Would love for anyone to chime in for a current report....e.g. what this rain will do over there......I would be glad to swap stories on my favorite smallie stream in Missouri.,,,,,,,,,, the Elk River.....Thanks,,,,,,Bobby
  12. present and accounted for..........C&R..........that's catch and release,,,,,,,,as we should all be doing for the large part
  13. Russ, We fished from Big Elk to low water last night. Saw you guys pulling out. Sounds like a similar trip for us. Tubes & senkos got us about 30 or so, but it was the smallest group of fish all year. 1- 15" largemouth and about 4 smallies in the 14" range. However, lots of 8" ers that I would rather not talk about. I threw my frog a lot, but only had 4 blowups on it, and only hooked 1.......The little action on the topwater was quite a surprise and disappointment. How did you guys do with your black buzz bait?????? Sure hope to catch another trip before winter........... Bob
  14. I'm taking a couple of youngsters this weekend in hope of finding some surfacing whites.......I'm not very familiar with Table Rock and I will need to rely on the visual part of SEEING THEM ON TOP. ....any suggestions concerning location, etc. would be very much appreciated.
  15. I usually don't post any pictures, but this one was special, so I thought I would share....... Caught him Thur. p.m. on a frog just before the fast water leading to the railroad bridge. Overall, just a so so day, as the water was running faster than I had hope for...Caught about 24 with only one decent smallie going about 14''.......However, a little before dark,,,,,,,,,,WHAM.......sure made my day. .......for that matter,,,,,,,,that one made my year...... Measured 19''..wished I could have weighed him..
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