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  1. Thanks Bill. Had not seen your response when I sent a minute ago.
  2. Thanks for the input. When trying to do the right thing to help sustain our wild trout population (Blue Ribbon waters), I'm thinking our primary objective is to maximize probability of successful ''catch and RELEASE". Therefore, stuff more likely to mouth hook (less likely to be swallowed and gut hooked). So I'm sensing a thumbs up for my foam beetle and that I don't need to trim off my rubber legs. Many Thanks.
  3. Is a foam beetle considered a FLY and allowed on Blue Ribbon Trout waters ? Does addition of rubber legs change the classification ?
  4. Is that the Riverton access where you launched ? I've caught pike as far down as the Narrows, but not any trout that far downstream. But again, I'm never on the river this far into the cold weather. You both are troopers !
  5. Patrick Bridge parking lot is immediately downstream on the East side of river. There's a public campground downstream on the West side, but I recommend avoiding the walk down the highway. From the Patrick Bridge parking lot, be sure to take the short walk downstream and slightly away from the river to check out Althea Spring. Haven't been to Althea Spring since the great flood of 2017, but its always been one of my favorite hidden gems in the Ozarks. Great spot to cool off in the middle of July ! The discharge into the river might also be another interesting place to throw in. W
  6. Was wanting some help to ID the birds. I thought some kind of migrating duck.
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