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  1. If I fish upstream from the Roaring River Conservation Area, will I notice any markers that tell me when I have crossed into Zone 3 of the State Park ? And, any tips on fishing CA & Z3 stretches over this next week, given current water conditions ? Much Obliged. -2Sheds
  2. Devan - Thanks, your info was exactly what I was asking about ! Sorry to learn FS1738 is not viable for me at this time, but I will come armed with a Plan B and Plan C (perhaps parking down at the C&R fisherman-friendly JD estate). JohnsFolly - Delighted you have recalled some of my memories. Hope to document some more. I've really had fun following your creek minnow safaris. Dutch - We're not supposed to tell. But DM me if you are C+R and still interested.
  3. Last time I was in the area, the MODOC road on east side of conservatin area was washed out so bad my sedan could not safely enter. Same with the Forest Service road that intersects the creek on west side. Can anyone offer an update for those of us with low suspensions ? I love this creek and hope to be passing nearby in July. Many Thanks !
  4. As with any fishing trophy, particularly among familiars, there should be a terrific amount of ceremonial reverence, certainties, and backstabbing. So glad this has settled out - and particularly along the banks of such a well-revered fishery as the Eleven Point River. I am fairly confident that my siblings ( AND parents) would have devolved into more serious settlement strategy over who had the most enjoyable river experience. My work buddy and I resorted to dollar coins for each category of besting - not nearly so well organized. glad you are having so much fun with this amazing treasure of a watershed ! wonderful to keep extending such a legacy !
  5. DKMan - Walkup Stealth is EVERYONE’s challenge at Crane. I’m convinced it is > 80% of the game. Have never seen pike at Crane. My only Missouri catches have been on the ElevenPoint as mentioned elsewhere. But I’ve caught a ton up in Minnesota and Ontario, so will tell all to avoid getting fingers near the teeth. Can really do some nasty damage. When intentionally fishing for pike, we would use steel leaders. If you hook one -always change your Tippett.
  6. I got checked a few weeks back at Crane Creek, of all places. Great Conservation Agent, professional, interesting discussion, and some good fishing tips exchanged. Realized that he had hiked the trail maybe a mile from the Swinging Bridge parking lot to observe me wade fishing downstream, but waited until I fished my way back up to the lot before interrupting my solitude. After checking my license, asked me to show him the empty beer can he had seen me drinking earlier. Happened to have a fishing vest full of recovered cans, plastic bottles, styrofoam worm containers, and even a can of carburetor cleaner - plus a freshly emptied Busch can ! Glad to have them out visible and helping us protect our treasures.
  7. 2sheds

    Crane in May

    All advice here is spot on. Just to reiterate a few themes important from my perspective: A short rod ( not just lightweight) can be helpful to avoid hang ups. Stealth is more important than fly selection. I select from what I have more on demands of the current and depth, rather than anything else. each different section has its own charm. Enjoy it all. dont get too bummed if your initial outing is less than stellar. This is a challenging venture. I enjoy this creek just because I know it exists. Let us know what you find from your first time out. PS - Realize this has the potential to ruin trout parks for you.
  8. Thank you for the follow up. Surprised that rainbow are reproducing in the upper Current and totally amazed that there might be browns reproducing as well. Understand the beds and trying, but success goes against what I thought, but wonderful to contemplate. wonder if the fry are escapees from last spring’s flood out ? The rainbow in photo have nice part marks to indicate freshness. But the report of brown fry goes against everything I have heard in my indoctrination. Haven’t heard that Montauk is raising Browns.
  9. Beautiful photos ! Are those stream-born rainbow ? I didn’t expect to see any stockers with parr marks; but also didn’t think the Current was cold enough to support natural spawning.
  10. Outstanding photo ! Thanks for keeping us posted.
  11. This is a “kick-posterior” river for world-class wild trout fishing. Gavin is an SME. Follow his advice. I will also tell you that there are wild experiences to be had all along. If you need a place to stay, you can’t go wrong with Justin & Amy at Sunburst Ranch - right in the middle of the best trout waters.
  12. 2sheds

    Creek Level

    Stealth is the skill. Once you learn, you can master this outrageously wonderful place. have fun with it !
  13. 2sheds

    Creek Level

    True, there are several tressels to consider. When in the dry season, I like to park at the ballfields and fish downstream. Alternately, You can hike down the RR track from the ballfields and engage Crane Creek at a tressels, but be advised there are only about 100 yards or so of water before you hit private marked (purple) property. even more water if you park at the CCA lot on Swinging Bridge Rd (off Gresham Ford) and fish downstream.
  14. Thanks for the photos, Phil. Great to see semblance of normal access returning for those of us who love this riverway. Here's the deal about bridges. Most of the designed structure (and cost) is intended to to protect the forces pushing DOWNWARD. Smart to let gravity help the design. iIt is incredibly more expensive to add features that would prevent damage by substantial LATERAL forces (say something almost unheard of, as if a bunch of huge trees were yanked loose, floated up to the top of the river, and then became battering rams at at height of 40-50 feet while trying to knock the bridge off its sideways anchors). Never would have thunk it - significant taxpayer cost impact. Dang it, turned out that's exactly what happened ! 500-year event, according to current data+statistics. IMHO, this is the right design for Hammond & James. Also tells us why Patrick was "passed-over" by the "angel of death to bridges". I'm much more concerned about what our campground hosts and outfitters need to restore their livelihoods. We need to keep our eyes focused in that direction.
  15. My standard 11 Point float has been Greer to Myrtle. Thanks for the update on this access. Great to know you are finding the bronzebacks. We have also caught a few walleyes in that section on spinners drug very slow, but pound-for-pound the smallmouth are my favorites.
  16. Maybe I've been napping, but pretty sure that I need to see that "frenchy fly". Congrats on a great summer's day !
  17. Have fun ! We're rooting for you from Dallas.
  18. Float Camps are designated spots managed by the US Forest Service. Most coincide with a creek feeding into the river. By design, each has a canoe landing (generally with tie up rings), fire pit, flat spot to pitch a tent, picnic table, and latrine. After a high water flood, it's not certain that all is matching the design. During my 1st times on the 11 Point (20 years ago), there were discrete signs on the river to point out the locations. Today, I fear most signs are absent. So you need to be following a map with topography clues and watching for a creek Inlet along the correct shoreline. Greenbriar is a small bluff overlooking the main river and Boze Mill is obvious from the large spring feeder. But the others are much more subtle. Can be fun to hunt them out along your way. Once you find the first one, it's easier to find the next.
  19. Jeff, Significantly fewer gravel bars than you find on the Current. But there are a few good gravel pile ups along the shore that make nice campsites (inside Horseshoe Bend, across+downstream from Connor Spring), plus some decent Float camps (Stinking Pond, Greenbriar, Bose Mill) that Make for great river camping options. And if you float a 3rd day down to the Narrows at H142, the Morgan Springs float camp is my favorite with lots to see if you arrive early enough for a hike up to the top of the Narrows followed by a plunge into Morgan Spring back near river level.
  20. We stayed at the Sunburst Lodge in late June. Great accommodation if you've got a large group (14 or so). Absolutely no downside from the flood. The Hanger at Sunburst is also available for slightly smaller groups. Floated successive day trips from Sunburst (between Blair & Patrick Bridges) down to The Landing (just above Dawt). Water is a bit higher and faster than normal for this time of year, but crystal clear and refreshing. Plenty safe and enjoyable to float, but lots of trees down lining the banks that hid most of my landmarks. Caught a few nice browns, but didn't tie into big numbers. Need to learn more about fishing the Northfork when water is moving like that. Unfortunately, the Sunburst campground and everything with it near river level was totally swept away. Justin and Amy are well into their rebuilding plans and hope to have camping services and a bathhouse ready for next summer. They've got several fundraisers going and would certainly appreciate everyone doing what we can to support and to spread the word. River of Life was also seriously damaged. I know less about Myron's plans, but am sure they are also needing support from us river rats. Some of the historical access points are not (yet) viable. And one of my favorite spots of solitude, Althea Spring, caught a lot of washed in debris that made it almost unrecognizable when I hiked over. Last to report is the Riverstrong project, intended to establish support for a forward-looking strategy of trout conservation on the Northfork. Enjoyed catching up with river-friends at the successful June 15 Fundraiser event at Schafley's in StL. Thinking in hindsight that it would have been fun to disclose all of the OzarkAnglers pen-pals who happened to be attending so we could have met face-to-face. Folks can check here https://gladitood.com/projects/riverstrong#overview and elsewhere to learn more about Riverstrong. Bottom Line: Make no mistake, hardworking folks of all kinds were hit very hard and it will be a long recovery that needs support from all directions. But the river is a powerful force and is likely to surprise us with its resilience. James Bridge (SH-PP) - Before and After James Bridge (SH-PP) - River Level on 6/19/2017 Found: One River House - 1 mile Downstream and Across Back Porch - The Lodge @ Sunburst Fireplace Front Porch
  21. Interesting to see the changes imposed by recent high water events on both creeks. Significant changes to landmarks along LP downstream from the Lane Springs Campground caused Jason and I to mis-judge our location at several points. Some spots on LP were still higher than normal for this far into the summer. Mill was down to normal level, but had filled in some of the historically-productive holes. Visually saw far fewer trout than normally observed on both creeks. Fishing was slower than some prior years, but still productive enough to be plenty of fun. As usual, Jason out-caught me by the standard 3:1 ratio. My best fly was a mid-size PTN thrown without a indicator. Caught fish at all times of day. No fingerlings, almost all at the 10-13" range. Don't recall any larger. Campsites are in good condition and the springs look healthy. Great nights for exploration, stargazing, and guitars.
  22. Got to enjoy my favorite creek on the eastbound and westbound legs of my summer trip. Water was higher+faster than normal, but crystal clear. Creek very clean, just a few styro cups and one old rig tab Hamms can collected during 4+ miles of river walking. Great to see that folks are respecting this treasure. Had the creek to myself, generally out during mid-day rather than very early or dusk. Fishing for me was good, but not great. Caught more mid-size than normal, with few fingerlings and few larger than 12-14". With the deep + fast water I decided to fish some of my heavier flies, but I did not do as well with this strategy as I expected. Best on #16 pheasant tail nymphs, got some on #12 prince nymphs and a few on #10 wooly boogers. Visually saw fewer fish than normal, both during stealthy observation and also via inadvertent clumbsiness. All-in-all a great time playing in the cold water and enjoying this wonderful treasure. Thanks for your tips and encouragement !
  23. My favorite 3-night summer float is Greer to The Narrows. Camping at (1) Stinking Pond Float Camp or Horseshoe Bend gravel bar, (2) Boze Mill Float Camp or Connor Spring gravel bar, and (3) Morgan Springs Float camp. That itinerary leaves plenty of time for fishing (my preference) or playing in the Springs at (1) Turner Mill North, (2) Connor and/or Boze Mill, and (3) Morgan Spring plus an evening hike up to top of the Narrows followed by a dunk into Bathtub of the Gods at the final night Float camp. Brian in Alton at Eleven Point Canoe can set you up with watercraft and/or shuttle service. I like to camp at Greer Access the night before floating. If you arrive with extra daylight that afternoon, you should either hike down to enjoy Greer Spring or else hike from the old mill restoration down the logging road to the old cabins on the spring branch. Very cool in mid-summer.
  24. Thanks for the update. I'll get a shot for a few hours in the next week or so and will post what I find.
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