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  1. mmirg

    communicating with the mdc

    TPW has stocked Florida strain large mouth bass, which are large mouth bass. https://tpwd.texas.gov/fishboat/fish/action/stock_bywater.php?WB_code=0640
  2. So now it's an artificial reef? Should be a fish magnet.
  3. mmirg

    Quick trip, report w pics

    Sounds like a good trip. Pretty fish too. I only live 30 minutes away and can't seem to be able to make the time to get down there. Thanks for the report.
  4. mmirg

    Fishing Trophy

    Agreed. Let's see that trophy.
  5. mmirg

    Upper Bull Shoals Walleye 7/30 - 8/3

    Nice fish. Good report. Thanks
  6. mmirg

    Red Hot Walleye!!

    Sounds awesome! When I was a very young kid (4 yrs ) old living in Indiana, I remember my Dad coming back with a cooler of Pike and walleye from Canada. I've wanted to go ever since!
  7. mmirg

    A Curious Pair on the Upper End

    Nice walleye and good report. I'll have to look up that fish burger recipe.... it sounds interesting.
  8. mmirg

    Shadow Rock Park

    I asked because i was talking to a guy yesterday that said Shadow Rock was flooded. I wondered if he was confusing the 2 parks. Thanks for your reply.
  9. mmirg

    Shadow Rock Park

    Is Shadow Rock Park flooded?
  10. mmirg

    4/28 Pothole to Swan

    Fished with my son from 9:30-noon. Trolled A-rigs from the dam to Swan. Ended up with 7 whites and a keeper walleye. The fish were in the middle which was kinda odd. 3 sows, 1 15" male and 3 small males.
  11. mmirg


    Caught about 20 small males at Walnut Springs last Thursday. Didn't catch any sows. Fished again on Wednesday of this week at Walnut Springs and didn't catch any whites.
  12. mmirg


    Fished from the pothole to Barker, trolling a Flickr shad and an Arig last Friday, got 1 bite. Talked to 2 other boats that did just as well. I didn't mark very many fish in that stretch. Last year at this time we were catching sow white bass there. I think we need some steady 50°+ temps to get em stacked up.
  13. mmirg

    Water clarity?

    Thanks Paco
  14. mmirg

    Water clarity?

    Has anyone been to Beaver Creek or Swan near the main lake? Wondering how the water looks after the recent rain.
  15. mmirg

    White bass rewind

    Awesome video. Thanks!

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