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  1. Mottled Sculpin

    upper eleven point

    I spoke with the new owners at Eleven Point Canoe Rental and they didn't say anything about Cane Bluff being closed. What is the best way to get ahold of Brian Sloss now? Thanks
  2. Mottled Sculpin

    upper eleven point

    Considering putting in at Cane Bluff over the weekend and spending a few nights on the river. With current river levels is there enough water for a loaded to canoe. Not worried about a few drags but just don't to be pulling through every riffle. Thanks
  3. Mottled Sculpin

    boiling springs to Slab town

    Thanks for the input. I might try the 12 mile stretch above Boiling Springs. In your opinion does that water move quicker than BS to Slabtown?
  4. Mottled Sculpin

    boiling springs to Slab town

    Considering fishing boiling springs to slab town on an overnight trip. Will have an entire day but need to be off river by 1pm the following day. Just wandering if this 15 mile stretch is doable within this time frame? Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks
  5. Mottled Sculpin

    Recommended Fishing Reels?

    My bad, I meant spinning reel. I gave up the zebco 33 many years ago! Thanks for the suggestions so far.
  6. Mottled Sculpin

    Recommended Fishing Reels?

    I'm in the market for a new spin casting fishing reel and am looking for suggestions. I'd like a reel that can handle getting wet and thrown around a little bit. I largely fish for smallmouth on various Missouri steams. Any thoughts?
  7. Mottled Sculpin

    Fishing Report From Yesterday 4/6

    What general location of the meramec where you fishing? Thanks for sharing the pics. I'm laid up after having food surgery so I have to live vicariously through people like you at the moment.
  8. Mottled Sculpin

    Devils Back Float

    I've floated that stretch several times and would certainly check it out. You will likely be putting in at Peters Ford and floating down to the campground. There are some really nice runs with great habitat scattered between some long slow running pools. I've caught some real nice smallies along that stretch. I've had real good luck throwing a buzz bait in the weeds along the bank. You'll catch some nice spotted and smallmouth bass using this techniqe. Be prepared to paddle for a long time through the slow stretches but in my experience it's certainly worth it. Let me know how it goes. Good luck!
  9. Mottled Sculpin

    Too Hot To Float? Not Really.

    It is ashame that it isn't against the law. I'm not one to generally want more laws but when it comes to blatant abuse of a stream it doesn't seem right! What about the clean water act? What if you owned land downstream adjacent to this propert?
  10. Mottled Sculpin

    Taneycomo Rookie

    Thanks! I appreciate it.
  11. Mottled Sculpin

    Taneycomo Rookie

    I'm considering trout fishing lake taneycomo for the the first time this winter. I'd really like to rent a secluded cabin on taneycomo that could suit 2 families. I'm looking for suggestions. I'll be asking technique questions later! thanks
  12. Mottled Sculpin

    Secluded Cabin

    I'm looking to stay in a secluded cabin on lake taneycomo and do some winter trout fishing with my family. Any suggestions? thanks
  13. Mottled Sculpin

    Secluded Cabins On Taneycomo

    I'm looking to stay in a secluded cabin on lake taneycomo and do some winter trout fishing with my family. Any suggestions? Seclusion is key! thanks
  14. I'm considering doing a float this weekend on the upper gasconade putting in at Wilbur Allen mdc access and I'm wondering what suitable water levels are for that area? Does anybody have any input on the floating conditions of that area? Thanks
  15. Mottled Sculpin


    Lucky you! The upper Whitewater river is beautiful! I used to fish the river near Sedgewickville on a regular basis. Whenever I would have a bad fishing outing on another river or get into a fishing slump I'd head to the upper Whitewater River and almost always break out of my slump. Upper Crooked Creek in Bollinger County is another great stream in that area I used to fish quite a bit.

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