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  1. This is a Precision Inferno Wildfire crossbow set. It comes with the following: - Crossbow (with illuminated scope) - String and a backup string - Cocking rope - Quiver (with 2 Carbon Express arrows) - The cocking devise (rope with end attachments) to take the string on and off - A gently used tube of scorpion venom rail lube - Sling This crossbow has harvested 2 turkey and many deer. It is a great crossbow. I have upgraded to a new crossbow. I am asking for $200 OR a reasonable offer. Hope you all have a great day and stay safe in the woods this weekend!
  2. That is awesome. Too many people focus on the competition aspect of fishing ... bigger, more, etc. I bet those trips will be as memorable for her as any rod and reel catch!
  3. Smallmouth topwater bite is always best for me ANYTIME on the great Ozark creeks/rivers we have. I do best in shallow runs (moving but not breaking), the convergence right before a riffle, and mid-depth pools. I do not ever focus on the time of day for topwater on Ozark rivers (largemouth are a different story). To me, the depth of water and speed of water matter the most. Others on here catch way more smallmouth than me, so listen to them. As far as bait, I am a fan of fishing soft plastics on top. Try different ones out and see how they walk, crawl or move as you bring them back. Also, the smaller Whopper Plopper and buzzbaits work well for me.
  4. It is funny to take someone to a small creek and start fishing. They usually ask within minutes, is there even fish here OR how are we gonna catch fish of any size in 6-12" of water. That is usually about the time a topwater hit explodes and their addiction to small water fishing begins. The best part about the skinny water fishing is seeing the multiple wakes coming towards the bait. When one misses, another is right there to pick up the scraps. Of course, I don't share these spots very often ...
  5. Finally got a little time to hit one of my favorite small Ozark creeks. It is one of those creeks that seems to always produce good fish for me, but you gotta work if you want the reward. Fished topwater 95% of the time, senko the other 5%. Caught a fish in the first hole, then the work began. The riffles that are usually just high enough to get through were no where close to high enough. This is the time of a float when a person gets to decide whether or not to get annoyed. The more I float and enjoy the outdoors, the more I understand that the enjoyment a person gets out of an experience is 100% connected to their outlook on the situation. I decided to "enjoy" the 100 yard drags and the beautiful scenery. The first part of the float doesn't ever produce like the second half and this float was no different. Once we made our way to more lively water it was GAME ON. The fish were lively and fighting hard. I was having fun catching respectable fish, but I knew I was waiting for something more. As I brought the bait slowly across the top, a solid 17-18" inch fish came totally out of the water and annihilated the bait. It is one of those fish that I will remember the rest of my life. Not the biggest smallmouth, but definitely the most violent bite I have ever had. Went on to catch somewhere between 30 and 40. As for the bait, be creative and fish baits differently than other people.
  6. I know the feeling. The good thing for you is you are on the water all the time and can tell the lake to take a hike.
  7. Those are some nice fish! Congrats.
  8. We put in off of that outer road that runs parallel to the lake. Literally launched from the road. It was a fun June there to say the least.
  9. Nothing beats catching big fish out of small water that most people pass up! Congrats!
  10. Are the frogs and insects not around due to water quality OR is it another variable? You are absolutely correct, I haven't even thought about frogs or the lack of insects.
  11. PS - we threw everything back except the walleye. Want to make sure people don't think I poached. The walleye was 20". Hope all of you on the water this weekend stay safe and catch a bunch.
  12. Funny you mention spoons ... I've been obsessed with spoon fishing this summer from Bull Shoals to the Gulf of Mexico. I agree rod and reel is best, but we will always have one setline trip just for the memories and the fact that we do so many other activities at the lake. Nothing like "fishing" and riding a 4-wheeler or golfcart at the same time! If anyone had questions about how to set the lines, PM me. I have a special way I do it and it really works for me. Check out our best spoon trip this summer. Bull shoals (pothole) in June after all the rain this spring. All were caught using a 7' bionic blade bass rod with a pflueger president. The spoonbill gave my 9 year old all he could handle ... I helped in the end once it got in the current.
  13. Took the boys to my favorite lake. Grew up going just to boat, tube and swim. Now my main objectives are keeping the boys happy (4-wheelers, tubing, fire, etc) and blue catfish. I take the boys on a blue trip every summer. We always catch fish, but this year the weather played out amazing. We showed up this past Saturday when the storm hit and made the lake turn to an ocean. It was fun to watch, but not much fishing. In the morning it was game on. We saw the water was way up and that meant the water would be dropping all day and into Sunday night. We caught some baitfish and set the hooks. The boys were excited when Monday morning rolled around. The first hook we checked was the 30 pounder (40 inches). Should have seen the look on my 9 year olds face when he was hand lining the fish in. After letting that fish go, we went out to check our other lines. We wanted to keep a few just under the slot, but the fish were either slot fish or over. Just crazy. Threw all but one fish back. Biggest 3 were 18#, 22# and 30#. The boys had a blast!
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