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  1. Thanks guys for the suggestions. we hit St.Fran state park. Did pretty well. I got about 10, mostly small ones, mostly large mouth. one piggie large-mouth about 17". Bootleg access sounds interesting. I've been to lead wood before, and though it was fairly wade able? Am I just remembering wrong? Maybe it was in Irondale? I don't see any accesses in Irondale, but maybe there's an unofficial off the side of the road area?
  2. Hey guys - life has got a hold of me and I don't have much time to fish, but finally, this year, I'm going to get out. I was going to go wade fishing - was thinking just going to St Francious State Park. Does anyone have any other suggestions? or willing to PM me with a special spot? I only get out about 2x a year now so I won't use it much Best areas of the water to hit and best lures? Any help and suggestions appreciated (hopefully I get a few in time) Also what is 8 to TDL? I saw that in a post Lastly - when they start getting finicky mid day, when you can see them clearly in the water, but they won't even chase, has anyone got them to react to anything? that's one situation I've not ever figured out thanks!
  3. I know I've heard of cotton mouths down there, but how many of you have seen them? I've wade fished a LOT of streams in MO and have never seen one! Possibly one on the big down in st francis county, but he was on a tree stump across the stream and high up, so I couldnt' really tell for sure so I can't say I've seen any From what I understand their normal range is much more south (boot heel and slightly higher). I don't doubt that there may be some here and there but are there really a lot on that little creek for some reason?
  4. Thanks for the help Gavin Do you (or anyone else) think I'll run into problematic people down there on 47? Thanks! Tim
  5. Hey Guys - I'm a long time Smallmouth angler and have released them all (including a 22" on the bourbouse!) I just recently got a canoe and would like to go down with a friend so we can drop in and take out with 2 cars. Can anyone tell me where I might be able to do this (email me if you prefer trpastor@yahoo.com). I've heard alot in the forum about buying and selling land and fences and signs going up. I know I could do Kingston to the Big, but thats only a couple miles and probably not the prettiest either? Thank you for any help Tim
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