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  1. Wish you the best in your quest. Just because it is not "my" quest doesn't mean I can't enjoy your journey.
  2. Having both bought and used Jim's jigs I can not imagine any better in their class. They are works of art that catch fish.
  3. Beautiful fish. I want to hear the story.
  4. The small streams are there and you can find them. The upper ends are where you want to look, as Al said. but it will take a little exploring. The Paddlers Guide published by MDC can help but it usually stops on any stream before the fishable water stops. My best suggestion would be pick a stream you are interested in and them follow it on a map to the upper reaches. There are some public access on the smaller water but it might take some searching. Good luck.
  5. Man, Jim you are killing 'em. Just a figure of speech I know you are a catch and release guy.
  6. I think the 1.5 Deep is supposed to run 10 feet. As we all know what they list and what it does is often different.
  7. Lots of very good suggestions. I take it you are at the $200 level or there abouts and really most spinning reels at that level are really good. The BG which several people have suggested is very nice and much less costly. It will weight more than most as it has a all aluminum body but is a great value for the money and you are not giving up any preformance. The Ballistic and Tatula are wonderful and might go with an very light weight trout rod better. The Stradics are solid reels and the latest version,FL?, is really nice. The Ci4 version is great and a little lighter. I have no exper
  8. Alright you guys watch "WAY" more movies than me. "we don't need no stinking badges" Sorry if someone posted it before.
  9. Mitch, our prays for your wife's family and anyone else in danger from this. I know our well wishes don't buy much but certainly we hope that this tragedy will be under control soon. Tim
  10. I believe St. Croix has stopped selling their blanks. You might find some NOS at some supplier. Seems like maybe the higher end blanks were still going to be available but it might take some searching.
  11. To add to my previous post. I think Tanderson15's point is completely valid and also your guide train will be compromised. Your reel will be 6 inches closer to your first guide and this may change how your guides function. Don't let my opinion keep you from doing this if you are set on it, but it may not turn out the way you want. It is really hard to find "good" short rods or short blanks to build on. I think you can buy the St. Croix blank, not sure about the Falcon. North Fork Composites has 5 and 1/2 foot blanks that could be cut down and they have a quality product but their custome
  12. Given the choice, anyone building a rod would fit the handle from the tip. With that said it is perfectly acceptable to fit it from the butt and to build up the blank to fit with arbors. Removing the old handle and reel seat is a little bit of a job and once you do that and then fit the new handle and reel seat it may be more economical to purchase a new blank and have an reputable rod builder build you what you want. Hope this helps.
  13. Mitch, you come by the house, I will supply the Bourbon. I will "let" you tie leaders on all my rods that have braid on them. I don't know what FG stands for but I know it is a hard knot to get right.
  14. So I will admit to not having read all 8 pages, and I meant to bring this up when we talked the other day Mitch. So the story is the cat was following the blood trail, and maybe someone else mentioned it, but only an idiot would drag a deer backwards. In the first picture the deer is facing towards the cat so the person dragging the deer either turned the deer around or is said idiot. I would call BS on the incident but looks like a very large bobcat.
  15. It is always good to see friends. Bill and Scott. Next time I will get you some chairs.
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