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  1. Nice Redears

    Way to go Jim. Beautiful fish!!
  2. Personal Best Smallie

    beautiful fish man, congradulations
  3. Solo canoe thoughts

    So, Fishfighter, did you order the canoe? From a dealer close to you? When will you get it? I think I am looking for a new solo.
  4. Solo canoe thoughts

    Any canoe that is as short as 14 or 15 feet is hard for two people to fish out of, you are just too close to each other. No tandem paddles like a true solo. I have heard all the arguments of turning it around and paddling from the front seat but believe me it is not the same. When it comes to rocker a short canoe is better on "our" streams with little to no rocker. On true "whitewater" streams rocker is necessary for maneuverability. On most if not all Ozark streams a person would be better off with little to no rocker. A 14 foot canoe does not track as well as a 16 or 17 foot one would, all else being the same. If you were to paddle some of the 12 canoes on the market you will find going in a somewhat straight line is hard. As far as the high sides that is a double edged sword, yes that may help on rough water but yes they also catch the wind more and will let it blow you around more. I think your thinking on your original choice seems spot on.
  5. What's better than this?

    Well apparently my dark cloud has passed. We did better today.
  6. What's better than this?

    Drew I must be bad luck too. At least in Missouri.
  7. Red Hooks and invisible line

    So if I am reading this correctly, color probably does not matter on deep diving crankbaits or plastic on the bottom is 10 to 15 feet of water?
  8. So just because I'm bored but also for the sake of discussion, I have two questions. Do you believe red hooks make any difference? Do you believe that fish, specifically bass, will bite more often if they can not see the line? Or see it less clearly, braid verses fluorocarbon?
  9. What's better than this?

    Great day guys. Warm up.
  10. Spiral wrap rod (acid rod)

    176champion try this on you guides. http://www.mudhole.com/Guide-Tubing Just cut little rubber bands. Roll them onto the blank, as many as you plan to put guides on. For me it is way easier than using tape, especially with micro guides. After you get enough wraps on to hold the guide just cut the band. I have three different sizes for whatever diameter the blank is where the guide is going. Its cheap.
  11. Spiral wrap rod (acid rod)

    Careful use of heat, and scraping with something softer than the blank. I started using a candle but after ruining a blank with "too" much heat I went out and bought a heat gun. Care is still required and I think the best recommendation is, not getting it hotter than you can comfortably touch. I then scrap the surface with something like a Popsicle stick or plastic knife, or in most cases my thumbnail, unless I have done a bunch lately and have no nail left. I wipe it often with alcohol, this tends to soften the epoxy somewhat but doesn't seem to soften it enough to remove without the heat. A word of caution is that any colored rod is painted and the heat can soften the paint enough to where it comes off. When repairing rods with broken guides it usually takes more time to remove the old guide and epoxy than to install a new guide. There was a good written instructional on "rodbuilding" a while back, but I have been unable to find it with a quick look. In any case it is not a one shot deal. Gently heat, scrape. wipe, repeat, repeat, repeat as needed. If you are lucky the new guide wrap will cover the old wrap. As a disclaimer there maybe a better way, and I am open to learning
  12. Spiral wrap rod (acid rod)

    Guys I think it is a great hobby. The fact that you can build a rod the way you want one is the best part. For me and maybe this does not apply to anyone else, but I am sure I have spent much more money than I would have if I had to buy rods. You like a short grip go for it, fish out of a canoe and a 7 foot rod does not fit, no problem. In any case I think I have built somewhere north of 50 and have two in process right now with 2 more blanks waiting. In any case my suggestion is do not be hyper critical of you work. In a year or so you will probably look back at some of your early attempts and wish it were better, but you will get there by practice. Sometimes the best way to learn is to make mistakes and if you are afraid of doing that you will not try new things. Like a spiral wrap. The rods I build are certainly not prefect but I strive to make each one better than the last. If you don't like the results you can always strip it down and start over. I have blanks on their third iteration. In any case good building everyone.
  13. Spiral wrap rod (acid rod)

    Yeah Champ they are not necessarily real forth coming. Often they advise to search the archives. You might try messaging directly to Tom Kirkman who owns the site. Another resource is Otterods who is a custom builder in Mn. Both those people are believes of spiral wraps. I am kind of not convinced, but I also don't see a negative. As someone who repairs alot of rods I love rod boxes in boats. Oh the guy at Otterods name is Matt but I can't think of his last name right now.
  14. Spiral wrap rod (acid rod)

    If you would like advise from people who build lots of rods go to "rodbuilding.org"
  15. Not a bad day

    Well did you use your new reel?

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