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  1. timinmo

    St. Croix rods

    So, you do not really need the receipt. Each rod has a serial number and they can tell when it was made. If you register the rod when you purchase it your warranty goes from that date. If you did not register I assume they use the serial number and go from the manufacture date. I am making some assumptions here. What St. Croix will do I have no idea, but I will tell you they have replaced rods under warranty that I thought were clearly abused. What do you have to lose.
  2. timinmo

    St. Croix rods

    At this time Avids, Legend Tournaments, Legend Elite, Legend Extreme, and Legend X all have 15 year warranties. A few years ago the Legend series had life time, I believe. Your best bet is to do what you have done, contact St. Croix. In my "limited" experience St. Croix is the best at standing behind their rods.
  3. timinmo


    Well the moving fur coat was in Barnhart last night. One of my neighbors took pictures. I was hoping to feed it my S-I-L's little dog but got no cooperation.
  4. timinmo

    Top Water Bonanza

    Fished today Scott, not as much success as you have had.
  5. might try a drag chain.
  6. timinmo

    Ozark smallie edit

    Good stuff as always.
  7. timinmo


    For any of you in the St. Louis area you can pick-up Ozark Angler stickers at Denny Dennis in Fenton. Ask at the fishing counter. I had lost them for awhile but they were relocated. Limited numbers available.
  8. timinmo

    Wash State Park Float?

    JoeD, good to see you back. It seems like we haven't seen you in a while.
  9. timinmo

    Wash State Park Float?

    I have seen them do the Blackwell to 21. I have seen some one picking people up at Mammoth, some outfitter, I assume the park people. So for what Twigss wants it seems like the Blackwell to 21 or the 21 to Mammoth if the guy that does the canoe rentals will do either. Of course it depends alot on how fast they want to go and how many stops they want to make. Three miles isn't bad for 4 hours with a long lunch and some swimming along the way.
  10. timinmo

    Wash State Park Float?

    If you are taking out at the park where are you putting in? From the 21 bridge to the park certainly will not take 4 to 6 hours unless you want it to. From the park down to Mammoth may be better for you but you need to check with the park about canoe rentals.
  11. timinmo

    Homewaters with my BFF

    The usual suspects. Oh did Mitch get the old guy seat in back?
  12. timinmo

    Grand Bahama trip

    Good stuff as always.
  13. timinmo

    Newell to sell Pure Fishing

    Yeah, I think that is kind of funny. It was purchased like two years ago. I guess it was not the cash cow that Newell thought it was. The problem that this creates for us fishermen is a disruption in the supply chain, which usually means shortages in some areas. So if you like certain products from Purefishing, and there are alot, you might think of stocking up now. Some of their products have been hard to get already.
  14. timinmo

    303 Protectant

    That fish is built like me, big around the middle. But beautiful.
  15. timinmo

    River conditions near stclair

    Hey is that A-rig water?

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