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  1. timinmo

    Hauled in a 20”er today

    Congrats Jim. That certainly is a keeper.
  2. I have used the string deal on myself and a couple different fishing buddies, worked great. Sunk one in the ball of my thumb on Ten Mile Creek a couple years ago and neither I nor the guy I was fishing with could get it out. After a couple yanks each we ended up at the ER. Luckily we were within sight of car when it happened a hour or two later we were back on the creek.
  3. timinmo

    Reel seat repair

    I can't believe this is on the third page. Yes there are some youtube videos of drilling and adding epoxy and you can probably do that. Yes you can fit a handle from the rear/butt of the rod. Is it the best way? No. The taper, or increase in diameter is not that great and unless you point it out to someone they will never know you did it. I have replaced several handles where the handle was damaged or a person wanted a different handle, but did not want to take off and re-wrap all the guides. It ain't a perfect world. My take on split grips is that several years ago there was a series of forest fires in Portugal where to my knowledge most cork comes from. This increased the cost of cork greatly, hence rod manufacturers could save some money by building split grips. Good, not great, cork costs a rod builder over a dollar for a 1/2" ring. Obviously a large manufacturer would pay much less. So split grips became common, then they became popular. I really think that is why we see so many EVA grips. So rod manufacturers could save money and make something popular. Win, Win. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.
  4. timinmo

    Fishing Trophy

    Well at least I will be able to sleep to night. Congrats.
  5. Big difference between lake and river smallies. Have caught several in the 20 inch range in Mo. rivers and none of them weighted 4 pounds. Time of the year can make a big difference I guess. Northern smallies are a whole different story, not better or worst just different. You rarely see the footballs out of the rivers locally but that is still what I chase most of the time. I know most of those pictures in the link above are from a different time, and I killed and ate some good sized smallies in years past, but all those dead fish almost makes me sick.
  6. timinmo

    Your first "big" smallmouth?

    Great job Nick. We all want to document our big fish but at the same time I don't think any of us would risk the well being of a wonderful fish just to quantify our catch. Hey whether it was 19 or 19 and 1/4 does not diminish the fish. You caught a beauty and congrats.
  7. timinmo

    Rare experience

    Aaron I just talked to Gary the other day. He spoke highly of you.
  8. timinmo

    A week camping/fishing in SW Colorado

    The truth of the matter is I could care less about any trout, but I enjoy your videos. You always do a fine job whatever fish you are pursuing. Good stuff.
  9. timinmo


    Devan I think my sons mind set was the same as yours. They camped every night. Their cousins were the ground crew and met them with camp set up. Other than the first night when they got off the water around 10:00PM, they were in camp early enough to enjoy themselves. What was your number? My sons were in a black Bell canoe #6623.
  10. timinmo


    Good for you GloryDaze. Haven't seen your posts as much lately, hope all is well. Yeah the boys are already plotting for next year. One funny thing, my wife has been posting all this on facebook. One of my old college roommates, 40 years ago, replies "that sounds like fun, I haven't been on a float trip since I left Missouri". I could not think of any reply.
  11. timinmo


    Jim, Moguy, we have them. Stop by.
  12. timinmo

    Mega Bass Rods

    I am interested in all three. Pm me.
  13. timinmo

    Mega Bass Rods

    I think you posted in the wrong place but be that as it may, I would be interested in all three. PM me.
  14. timinmo


    If anyone is interested there is a MR340 page on facebook. Also I think I mentioned before you can see results at "raceowl.com". Quite an experience.
  15. timinmo


    They finished about 2:30 PM. Tried and dirty but none the worst for wear. It is pretty impressive to see how diverse a group participates in the race. Everything from young men and women, to people in their seventies, I have no idea of the break down, you look around and the old saying "that it takes all kinds" gains new meaning. That goes for the water craft also, everything from purpose built racers to old aluminum canoes and cheap Walmart kayaks. I think this epitomizes the mind over matter deal. It is certainly not about equipment and maybe not about training, nearly as much as shear determination to finish. I admire the mental toughness of all the people who took part.

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