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    • Phil Lilley

      Masters Trout Tournament   01/16/2018

      Lilleys' Landing Resort & Marina, Lake Taneycomo, will hold it's annual trout tournament this Saturday, January 20th.  It is a 2-man team event.  $75 entry.  This is an artificial only, catch and release contest.  Cash prizes for 1st through 4th place.  Start time 8 a.m.  --  Weight in time 4 p.m.  A meal will follow the weigh in for contestants and spectators.  Call 417-334-6380 for more information.  Register at Lilleys' office up until 7:55 a.m. on Saturday.  http://www.ozarkanglers.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Masters-Elfrink-Entry-Form-2018.pdf


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  1. MSA Al Agnew

    Hope you are feeling better.
  2. MSA Al Agnew

    Mitch, you know Al always does a good job. He actually prepares and everyone seems to enjoy it. If you had that upper RI/flu/cold I had it last week. It seems that everyone has been getting it. Hope you get to feeling better.
  3. MSA Al Agnew

    The MSA meeting with Al giving a talk was very well attended. I think we ran out of seats. Just wondering how many that are regulars, or not so regular, on here were at the meeting? I know I met and talked to several guys but certainly did not get a chance to meet everyone, nor will I remember many names. For anyone that was unable to attend, or some that may want to review. I think we will have a link to a video of the presentation. Will keep everyone up dated about link. Would also like to thank all the people who signed up as members.
  4. Abu Garcia Revo Spinning reels

    OK I get it now. I stupid early or late.
  5. Abu Garcia Revo Spinning reels

    Your math confuses me, but it is early.
  6. Midwinter Multispecies trip with Ham

    Great trip report to warm me on a cold morning. Enjoyed your adventure.
  7. Paint a fishing rod?

    Never painted one but all the white rods and blue ones are all painted. Hey try it what have you got to lose.
  8. Proposed Eureka Gravel Mine

    Love John Prine?
  9. Floated a new river last year

    Sometime after I posted I realized that I kind of "high-jacked" Drew's thread. That was not my intention, I should have started a new thread, sorry Drew.
  10. Floated a new river last year

    Drew, I think we would all like to be on either of those rivers this May. Your post brought a question to my mind when you mentioned May being prespawn. My guess is under normal conditions by the middle of May the spawn is winding down on many of our rivers and streams. Maybe I am wrong, I'm hoping that some of the more experienced anglers will chime in and give us what they think is the normal time for the spawn. Either way I hope to be there pre, post or during. Any thing but sitting inside.
  11. Everything is frozen and I am bored

    It seems to me we have spent way too much unproductive time on whole episode. I know everyone gets testy in the winter but ten pages on something we can not figure where it went wrong. I give up.
  12. USE Sunscreen

    Well my hat is off to you invincible guys. My father and B-I-L were both invincible until they started taking off pieces of their hide, specially ears and bridge of nose. They are both now deceased, cancer for both. They were both very enthusiastic fishermen. When I was young I also thought I was invincible and never wore sunscreen, which I still hate. About a year ago my wife noticed something on my head. She thought it was a tick at first, but discovered it was a mole that had never been there. To try to shorten this story I now have a bald spot on the back of my head and a scar on my side where they took the skin for the graft. I tried to talk them into taking it off my behind as it has more hair but they would not buy it. So for all you invincible types carry on. Normal people should wear sunscreen or cover up.
  13. Reel Size for New St Croix Rod

    Often, not always, the only difference between the 2500 and 3000 size is the spool with the 3000 holding more line. The body of the reel is often the same. On several of the Shimanos the 3000 has a faster retrieve ratio. For most fishing I see little use in having more than 100 yards of line but the faster gear ratio maybe appealing.
  14. Mid Mo Smallies

    Like most environmental problems there is probably not any one answer. Most likely all the things mentioned above have some effect but maybe no one of them is the complete answer. Any environmental issue is going to have people on both sides and it seems like it always has to reach a critical point before any thing is done. Wally I don't doubt what you are seeing but I certainly am not seeing that on other flows. As an addition, some of the common names are really good, like Spectacle Case and Heel Splitter. I guess if the current trend continues these and others will pass out of usage. We will all be poorer for it.
  15. Mid Mo Smallies

    When I was a child, 50 to 60 years ago, we spent alot of time on the Bourbeuse. We found lots of large mussels. They seem to have all disappeared. On Operation Clean Stream this past summer one of my sons found a large shell, but most of the small ones, about the size of your thumb nail or a little bigger, you see are an invasive Asian mussel. In just the last couple years MDC has started to do some studies but it maybe too little too late.

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