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  1. Harris come in to DD and talk to me or PM on this forum. I kind of need to know what weights you want to throw. We can probably find something for you but may have to order it, which we do for people all the time. As you already know the selection of baitcasters in that length in light power is rather limited. I can think of a couple off hand but the prices are above your range.
  2. timinmo

    On beds?

    I don't think anyone on this thread said they bed fished. While my stream had more color than usual, I probably had 3 foot of visibility. For over 20 years my brother and I did multi-day floats in the second half of May. On rare occasions we would see beds but most of the time the spawn was over. We all know that this spring has had a lot of high water and maybe that has delayed the spawn. In any case we caught a few fish and none of the fish we caught seemed to be in any stage of the spawn.
  3. timinmo

    On beds?

    Cwallis Fished today did not see any beds. Fishing was slow.
  4. When applying to a boat that already has one that is failing, how do you get the old, bad one off?
  5. Ah Aaron you articulate just fine. I was just giving you trouble, but you know that. Keep up the good work.
  6. Hey, you did not say what you were catching them on. I am sure this is just an oversight on your part.
  7. I'll be your Huckleberry. But not Friday. I'm someone else's that day.
  8. Would love to eat with you guys but can't make Friday.
  9. Not cheap. Fish Monkey sells one with perforations at your mouth and nose. They also have some great sun gloves. I don't have a link nor do I sell them.
  10. Have to agree with the above as to the pickerel. Slack water, sloughs and have caught many more on the Eleven Point. I am sure that both streams have Gar but have caught many more on slower moving, more turbid streams.
  11. So I have not nor do I plan to read this whole thing so if I have missed some meaningful stuff I am sure someone will let me know. I will be 66 this year and yes it is much better than it was when I was a kid. Is it as good as it could be? Most definitely not. Could we do more? We could all do more. Criticize me if you wish but we as a nation can not base our activities on what China and India do. That is like throwing trash out the car window because everyone else does it. Should we encourage other countries to do more, certainly. I will not get into the "Global Warming" debate but we as a country and we as individuals could all do more than we are doing to improve the world we live in.
  12. I will be standing in line to take Gavin up on his offer. George Winter is close for everyone.
  13. I am also the proud owner of several of Jim's jigs. They are absolutely great and the workmanship is outstanding.
  14. I insinuated nothing, on the contrary, I commended and thanked all involved. My statements were just that we all have different things that are important. I always hope to catch big fish.
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