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  1. timinmo

    WYSIWYG jerk bait sale!

    Your are buying your Megabass at the wrong place.
  2. timinmo

    Tackle HD Hellgrammite

    Really happy for all connected. I know it has been a long road. Wishing the three of you much success, you've earned it.
  3. timinmo

    Black Friday/Cyber monday

    176Champion good for you, nice winter project. I think you will like them.
  4. timinmo

    Fall Redear sunfish

    Good for you Jim. Glad you are after them and catching. Oh for anyone needing some Jim ties about the best jigs around.
  5. timinmo

    Fall Redear sunfish

    Looks like fun Jim.
  6. timinmo

    Getting Started Chasing Smallies

    The books maybe all gone. They are out of print and MSA had a limited supply. You can probably message MSA matt thru this site.
  7. timinmo

    South Fork of the Spring 10-21-18

    Come on in Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, 8 to 4. Would love to meet you, we will have a good time.
  8. timinmo

    South Fork of the Spring 10-21-18

    Joe, I like the picture where the fish hides your face. He is better looking than you. Good seeing you the other day. Hope you are enjoying your purchase.
  9. timinmo

    Vintage minnow bucket

    It is OK if you call them "Garden Hackle". At least that is what I heard.
  10. timinmo

    Replica Suggestions?

    I don't have an opinion of any of the above guys. I do agree with Al that mounting a fish, real or replica, is totally different than mounting a deer or other animal that is covered by it's own fur. Of course Al doesn't need my approval. The reason I bring this up is we have had a couple deer mounted by a guy that I think does great work but I do not like the fish that I have seen at his shop. As a matter of fact he does not like to do fish and has told me that. So I would make sure I picked some one based on the fish they have mounted and not other work they have done. Good luck you caught a beautiful fish and did everything in your power to keep it alive. So saving a few dollars now is not a bargain if you have to look at a poor replica for the next twenty years.
  11. timinmo

    Canoe Art

    Looks really neat. How do they paddle?
  12. timinmo

    Operation Clean Stream

    I know this is a little regional so some may not be interested but it is something that is going on all over the state. The Open Space Council of the St. Louis Region has been sponsoring Operation Clean Stream for 50 years. Teams from all over the region clean up trash at sites all over the Meramec River watershed. I don't have any numbers as to how many people participate, but it is a bunch. I have been honored to do my part for the past several years. I belong to the Missouri Smallmouth Alliance and members of that organization have been lending a hand with the effort for much longer than I have been a member. MSA had ten(?) people on the upper Bourbeuse this year and most of us met afterwards at the Beaufort Lions Club. The Beaufort Lions Club feeds volunteers both breakfast and dinner the day of the clean-up. They have been doing this for about 30 years. They have a raffle, limited edition Tshirts, free food and drinks and plenty of Stream Team give aways. DNR had a display this year as they have had for as long as I can remember. I did not make breakfast but did make dinner along with about 200 other people. There are about 80 feet of banquet tables loaded with food and no one went home hunger. The Lions Club is the collection point for what has been picked up and when you pull up with a load of trash the local Boy Scouts unload your truck and deposit it in waiting dump trucks. This is truly a community event and the people that do the coordinating do an absolutely wonderful job. It is also very much a family event. Just in my group we had people from 10 years old to 75, I am somewhere in the middle, I was please to be joined by my son and a friend from high school, which was a long time ago. If anyone is interested in doing this in the future, it is always the fourth Saturday in August. Next year I will try to remember to post something here in early August as a reminder and to help you plan. I think we are all saddened to see trash on our streams and lakes. This is something anyone can do to help, whether it is picking up at ramps and accesses or doing a short float and gathering trash along the way.
  13. timinmo

    MDC Headwaters video circa 1966

    great stuff Jim thanks for posting.
  14. timinmo

    Hauled in a 20”er today

    Congrats Jim. That certainly is a keeper.
  15. I have used the string deal on myself and a couple different fishing buddies, worked great. Sunk one in the ball of my thumb on Ten Mile Creek a couple years ago and neither I nor the guy I was fishing with could get it out. After a couple yanks each we ended up at the ER. Luckily we were within sight of car when it happened a hour or two later we were back on the creek.

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