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  1. Looking for advice

    Should be a lot of nice bass in Long Creek after the Big Bass tournament.
  2. Battery question

    I had replaced some trolling batteries a few years ago with Interstate 29DC's, and after a few months one of the post actually broke off, exposing one of the cells. Interstate claimed it was due to corrosion, of which there was none on the batteries (I had bought these at an Interstate company store). Installed with lock nuts, they were well secured, etc. I ended up buying an Everstart to replace the failed battery, and if you put the two side by side, I noticed that the shell of the battery was identical in every way. Not claiming internals are identical, but they definitely came out of the same facility.
  3. Hydrofoil

    I just sold my 18.5 Nitro with a 150, and I had a hydrofoil on mine. I strongly suggested to the buyer that he leave it on there. I got on plane quicker, had less porpoising, and could cruise slower without coming off of plane. If your motor height is set correctly, the plate should be out of the water when you're trimmed out, and not affect your top end. The only negative I noticed, is that if you were up on plane and somewhat trimmed out, then turned hard, you would feel the hydrofoil catch at times, or it air might get under the cavitation plate and throw an alarm. That was not a deal breaker in my mind though. Here is the one I had. It doesn't require drilling, so for less than $100, well worth the experiment. Mine was on for a year before it slipped back about 1/2 an inch. I pushed it back forward and re-tightened the bolts, and it still in place after two years, so it was incredibly secure. https://www.amazon.com/Sport-Marine-SE400-Hydro-Black/dp/B0757LYJSD
  4. Mid-Lake/James - 3/24

    Fished from Pt. 5 to 14 today. Clearer water at 4 and starts to clear at Pt 14. I have heard about crankbaits for the last few weeks, and predominantly threw RkCrawler, Wart, and Zoner Hunter on banks that typically produce. Not sure if it shut off, but I ended the day with three keepers and no shorts. Needless to say for 9 hours of fishing today, I struggled. I'm sure the 25 degree temperature drop tonight will help....
  5. Aunts Creek 3/22 trifecta

    Struggled today in Kimberling City area on the RkCrawler and Wart. Conditions were perfect for the crank, but marking most fish out at 13-18 feet. could not buy a bite on a jig with those fish.
  6. Pete Wimmers

    Site is still up. http://www.hookedonbass.com
  7. Size Line On Baitcaster?

    I am not sure if it is still the case, but I know Excel used to actually be made by Sufix, who makes a pretty good mono. A guide told me he bought service spools of Excel to spool the spinning gear he had for clients.
  8. Size Line On Baitcaster?

    I've started throwing 8lb Maxima with my cranks and jerkbaits, and I'm pleased with the results. I like 10 or 12lb Maxi for swimbaits and finesse jigs, then 50lb braid for topwater, heavy jigs, etc. I've sized up in the last few years on braid, simply because the larger diameters don't seem to dig as much. I have some 20 and 30lb braid on a few rods, but they haven't gotten much love recently.
  9. dink fest in the mud

    Has anyone else thrown the 6th Sense Curve 55 yet? I tried it a bit this winter, but never when there was a strong crankbait bite. From what Bo is describing, it might be a similar bait. Didn't seem to have the wide, pronounced wobble of the wart, and didn't seem to get quite as deep. It certainly looks similar..... Not enough time to order the Iovino's for the weekend, so I'll report back.
  10. Cape Fair 1/28

    I fished from 9:00 to 1:00 today from KC to Point 9 today without a bite. Jerkbait, grub, and jig were all non-producers for me. I did see a significant number of shad floating, and lots more struggling 3-5 feet under the surface, so I'd say we are starting to see a legitimate shad kill. I probably saw in the hundreds today, but based on the number of shad I graphed today, there's still a more than healthy population.
  11. Ramps in the darn Area

    I launched at KC yesterday, and it was fine.
  12. Jerkbait setup

    Oh, I know that is how it's happening. I'm just surprised that it is. Both on the full frame and CT's. I notice it way more with gloves on; just the way that I palm the reel.
  13. Jerkbait setup

    I saw lots of Tatula's posted in here. Does anyone else have an issue with the brake dial turning during a retrieve? I love the reels, and usually have my brakes set between 6 and 10. I'll look down after a dozen casts and notice I've moved up to 14 or 16 on the 20 scale.
  14. Baxter 1/20

    I was out on Saturday and had similar results. On the water at Kimberling City at 9, off at 1. Went from KC up above baxter, and was determined to catch fish on the stickbait, but they were determined to not eat it. Sounds like I probably saw a few of you on the water based on locations. I noticed several dozen shad floating on the bluffs across from Mill Creek as well, but not as many as I'd have liked to see. I'm also not sure if I have ever seen more ducks on Table Rock than yesterday. I did get some time with a few baits I hadn't thrown before however, and believe I learned a bit. I have refused for a long time to spend $25 on a Megabass 110, but now understand why they cost twice as much as their competitors. I love my McSticks and will still throw them when I think less action is better, but I was amazed how much more action the 110 has. I also threw the 6th Sense Curve 55 (another Wiggle Wart knockoff), and the jury is still out for me. I really like their finishes, and was impressed with how little it hung up, but I'm not sure it is as good at deflecting and grinding as the Wart or RkCrawler. Probably why it didn't hang as much
  15. x

    This appears to support Gavin's claim, but refers to Gizzard shad and not Threadfin: http://www.in-fisherman.com/biology/science-of-shad-winterkill/

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