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  1. Longball22

    Table Rock Lake Shell Knob 12-11-18

    Bill, are swapping out trebles on the ice jig, or leaving everything stock?
  2. Longball22

    10-7-18 big m

    Gar can actually use their swim bladder to supplement their breathing, kind of like lungs. Those areas could be ones with low dissolved oxygen.
  3. Longball22

    10-7-18 big m

    Agree with Bo, and they aren't usually chasing shad. They actually come up and gulp air to fill their swim bladder.
  4. Longball22

    Table Rock Lake Fishing Report 7-16-18

    Vernon, I did take about 3 or 4 hours of video, but need to do some trimming of the fat before I start putting anything up. Lots of video of dirty green water. I will share when I get it uploaded.
  5. Longball22

    Table Rock Lake Fishing Report 7-16-18

    I had the opportunity to scuba dive Table Rock for the first time this last weekend. I've only dove in the ocean prior to this. We were going out of State Park, and stayed in the Dam area. I haven't fished for a while, but it was interesting to actually put myself in the thermocline for the first time. Bill, based on what my dive computer told me, you are spot on. Definitely a thermocline that you could feel develop between the 25 and 30 mark, and it just got flat frigid below the 40 mark. We actually bounced back and forth between depths to keep ourselves warm. The most interesting thing I learned is how the water clarity changes between the depths. Water clarity is obviously what you guys are seeing from the surface down to about 20 feet, and with lots of overhead ambient light you can see very well. From 25 to about 35 or 40, it was pitiful, and I actually lost my buddy on one of the dives (maybe 5 feet of visibility tops). Once you got below the 40 mark, it is incredibly clear, maybe 20 to 30 foot of visibility, but not much light penetrating all of the suspended particles in the layer above. The deeper part of this lake is like a different planet; dark, cold, and absolutely no growth. Definitely saw the majority of the bass playing in the dirtier water, and some good ones.
  6. Longball22

    Kimbering Docks?

    Agree with Champ on this one. I have personally witnessed marina staff try and explain to fishermen that the houseboat docks owned by the marina fall under the Corps regulations regarding recreational use. By the law, even the leaseholders don't have the right to drop a line in the water off of a dock that they are paying to use. Is it loosely enforced? Absolutely? In all honesty, most turn a blind eye. When a few night fishermen came in between the docks on plane last summer, and plowed at max wake around the docks using their electronics to find fish, the policing of this policy was certainly ratcheted up for a few weeks following the incident.
  7. Longball22

    Kimbering Docks?

    Yes, it is a law. See this thread: We have boats at POK, and it certainly happens a lot. In regards to enforcement, I will make this observation: for every 100 people that have the fortitude to do it on the East side of the point where nobody is looking, there is about one that will do it on the West side in the gas dock area. Both sides of that point fall under the exact same legislation, and the West side is where a lot of tournaments release their fish. Why doesn't anyone want to fish on the side with more fish? Too many eyes over there? I'm not judging, and being a bit facetious, but it is rather comical when you stand back and look at it from the 10,000 ft. level.
  8. Longball22

    Flutter spoon set up

    When out with Bill Beck, he would always have a relatively stout split ring and pretty big crane swivel directly on the spoon. I mirror that on mine, and I actually think it helps offset the weight of the hook and create a slower fall rate. (spoon stays more horizontal) I'm along the same lines as most folks with rod selection: 7' MH with a moderate fast to fast action, and 12 or 15lb Maxima. You want some give so that they don't throw the treble. Also, I believe the Dixie Jet comes standard with an EWG Treble hook. If they are eating it well, I will stick with it, as it pins the fish better. If I'm getting hit but not hooking up(they're swatting it), I'll switch to a #2 round bend (Gammie or Owner) so that I have a better shot of sticking those fish that don't want to inhale it.
  9. I like seeing fish too, at times. That's why I trout fish.
  10. Longball22

    Spinnerbait Question

    No, you wrap the leader section around the spinnerbait hook and pass the trailer hook through the loop that is created, kind of like a "handshake loop". Once you cinch it tight, it doesn't move.
  11. Longball22

    Spinnerbait Question

    http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Gamakatsu_G-Stinger_Hook_4pk/descpage-GSH.html I don't always use them, but I've become a fan of these. I believe with the soft "leader" it doesn't interfere with the primary hook, and the circle type hook doesn't seem to be snag prone. I do wish they made it in a 3/0 or 4/0 though. the 2/0 is perfect for a 1/4 oz. spinnerbait. Short spots are almost always on the trailer when I have one of these on.
  12. Longball22

    Getting the green algae stain off my boat?

    Mixed opinions on whether it "damages", but putting the Works toilet bowl cleaner on and spraying off quickly works wonders. Awesome for scale on lower unit and stainless props too. https://www.thehulltruth.com/boating-forum/618234-hull-cleaner-vs-toilet-bowl-cleaner.html
  13. Longball22

    Smallmouth or Mean Mouth?

    Quill, I think you need to talk to EGO about some compensation for all of those pretty fish in their net.
  14. Longball22

    Looking for advice

    Should be a lot of nice bass in Long Creek after the Big Bass tournament.
  15. Longball22

    Battery question

    I had replaced some trolling batteries a few years ago with Interstate 29DC's, and after a few months one of the post actually broke off, exposing one of the cells. Interstate claimed it was due to corrosion, of which there was none on the batteries (I had bought these at an Interstate company store). Installed with lock nuts, they were well secured, etc. I ended up buying an Everstart to replace the failed battery, and if you put the two side by side, I noticed that the shell of the battery was identical in every way. Not claiming internals are identical, but they definitely came out of the same facility.

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