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  1. War Eagle bought by.....

    Poor Champ. We were on TR when he got the news. Champ had just said he was going to text Keith and see if he could get some small split rings for a bait modification when someone texted him with the news. It wasn't pretty. Keith is a great guy. Hoping this was a planned retirement and that he's happy.
  2. Temperatures on a down hill run

    Thanks. Yes, the first few are fun. After that, they are a pain. Don't want them sliming the boat and they have some seriously tough, small mouths. Hard to get a treble hook out. Strangely enough, we never saw a white. I was surprised. Lots of shad and fish trying to school. Just not quite there.
  3. Temperatures on a down hill run

    We actually went to Grand today. Plenty of wind, but sun came out. They were looking down and it was challenging in the wind. Ended up with about 20, only one keeper, though. Well, some keeper Big Purples (Drum) showed up. Lol. Had to be on relatively flat banks. Get too steep and couldn't get bit.
  4. Falcon rods

    Yeah, I let him practice on me so when he has a guide trip he can get the customer back to fishing ASAP. I'm helpful like that.
  5. Aunts Creek fishing

    We would love to meet you and your lovely wife for another picnic on the water. It has been too long. Thanks for the Aunt's Creek pass.
  6. Aunts Creek fishing

    Hey, Techo. Good to "see" you. Since Champ188 and I know you own Aunt's Creek, we would never, no never (fingers crossed behind my back), EVER fish Aunt's Creek. Honestly, haven't been much. Working fulltime puts a damper on too much fishing or golf. Waiting for the good bite to start before putting up the golf clubs for awhile. Champ went Friday with Ranger185 and had some decent numbers, but nothing to write home about, he said.
  7. Water Patrol Rescue

    It's the same reason Champ188 and I dust off the golf clubs from the time the wakers overrun the lake until good ol' fall. I'm on vacation, so we did take a weekday trip that was pretty peaceful and met some forum friends for late lunch / early dinner at Danna's on Monday. Fishing wasn't that great, but Champ figured out a pattern similar to what Babler posted from yesterday. Easier with one person in the boat and we had to get off the water early to go drop the Ranger at Ulrich for some warranty work. See you on the water.
  8. True Pioneer and My Friend

    Very well said, Bill. James and I are thinking of you this morning and praying for you and Bill's family.
  9. America the Beautiful COE pass

    I turned 62 in May and went to our local COE office in Rogers, AR. Gave 'em $10 and I'm supposedly set for life. Champ188 was liking that he married an older woman. Guess that makes me a cougar. lol
  10. Decent bite up the White

    Hey, Tim. Good to "see" you. I'm definitely ready for some fall fishing and for all the rec watercraft to get winterized. I might get Champ to take me to Aunt's Creek.
  11. Stupid rigged tube

    You're right about those rod straps. Don't use them anymore, but when I fished as a co-angler in the old CPAA, BFLs and the defunct ESPN's Women's Bassmaster Tour, those straps were lifesavers.
  12. Indian Point area - 6/17/17

    I'm too night blind to "go Bo" anymore and don't enjoy the night fishing like I used to, so summer means more golf for me. One of my favorite things about fishing is the relative quiet and tranquility. Not much of that this time of year.
  13. Somewhere near Big M with my Wife/ just pics

    Is there a disturbance in the force? The wife is wearing a Razorback t-shirt, but you live in Missouri.
  14. New Tackle Shop in SK

    We saw it, too. Looking forward to checking it out , although we've scored some good finds in Jug n Plug.
  15. Keitechs

    Good explanation. Thanks. The overall action in the Fat is why I prefer it. It even shimmies when falling.

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