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    Bass fishing and golfing with my best friend, Champ188 Oh, and wrangling a houseful of rescued cats. I am NOT a crazy cat lady - we are a crazy cat couple. :)

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  1. Donna G

    How I Spent My Ice Storm

    Nice. I'm a jig enthusiast and i really like some of your colors.
  2. Donna G

    February 8, Eagle Rock to Big M

    I'm sure Dave is already working on it. Question is, what will it be named?
  3. Donna G

    Ice Fishing Part Deux

    You can't tell, but I'm giving two-thumbs up in the boat. Looks like I'm just making fists. LOL Short digits.
  4. Donna G

    Ice Fishing Part Deux

    Thanks. I'll check that one out.
  5. Donna G

    Ice Fishing Part Deux

    It wasn't terrible, but we have good clothing. I had Under Armour ColdGear Infrared base layer top and bottoms with fleece thermals over that. I couldn't make it without my UA ColdGear Infrared baclava, Thinsulite boots with wool socks, Guidewear bibs/jacket and Patagonia waterproof fishing gloves. Not trying to sound like an ad, but these brands/models have worked well for me. But yes, my fingers are splitting in the corners. That's what Super Glue is for.
  6. Donna G

    Ice Fishing Part Deux

    Us, too. Didn't expect it to move in that fast and hard. However, we took it easy and had the low 4WD on it. No problems at all. Snow plow was BEHIND us for quite a ways. Boat and truck are nasty. Champ was going to hook up the pressure washer and knock the worst of it off, but both our water hoses were frozen.
  7. Donna G

    Ice Fishing Part Deux

    I'm used to recognizing that spongy feeling since I jig fish so much, but darn it, there was no hint at all that I had a fish on until it was leaving. Glad they didn't swallow the Ned, however, that seems to happen rarely on the little guy, thank goodness.
  8. Donna G

    Ice Fishing Part Deux

    Beaver, not Table Rock. Sharing for your viewing pleasure, though. A break from the shad kill thread anyway. Today's descent into madness. That's me in the red. Who can tell? LOL Really hard to fish in the wind and blowing snow. I managed to hook and lose two that felt decent because I was too STOOPID to set the hook. Dragging Ned behind the boat and line tightened up. Never felt a bite. Started reeling like an AM instead of popping it. First one felt like a good brownie digging. No love on the JB or crankbait. Normally Champ188 puts me in the water and then I get the trailer on the return. Due to the icy ramp, he went for the trailer and I drove the boat on. Made on the first try with the wind blowing sideways. I was pretty proud of that. Don't know if the pics will come out in order, but the one with the Merc showing and the ramp behind was as we were launching. Rig in the side mirror was the giving-up time. This post has been promoted to an article
  9. I'm in. Just set my roster and joined the group. Champ188 says he's in and has his team set, but I told him I didn't see him in the group. Think he's sandbagging.
  10. Donna G

    Still cannot access OAF from home computer

    I'm not very far behind you, Vernon. I work in a an environment surrounded by engineers and techs. Me, I'm not very TEKNEKAL. Why do I have to be techie? I just ask those smart people at work and play COMPLETELY dumb. Shhhh. Don't tell Champ188.
  11. Donna G

    Pig Sticker Jigs

    Love me some WE Pond Scum Perch. I like a darker trailer than the one shown, though, when I'm fishing that color jig. Just me.
  12. Donna G

    News Flash - Shoes / Boots and Fishing Gear

    You are brave or dumb. However, as Champ188 will tell you, I have less shoes than most men. And, what aren't Crocs, are golf shoes and a couple pairs of insulated waterproof boots for fishing. I'm always amazed at the fascination / addiction my gender has with shoes.
  13. Donna G

    Merry Christmas

    How we spent our Christmas Day. 😁 Didn't make it to the Rock, but the crazy things were eating a blade in 51-degree water on the bank at Beaver. You know Champ188 was grinning. LOL. We had a nice little limit and this kicker.
  14. Donna G

    War Eagle bought by.....

    Poor Champ. We were on TR when he got the news. Champ had just said he was going to text Keith and see if he could get some small split rings for a bait modification when someone texted him with the news. It wasn't pretty. Keith is a great guy. Hoping this was a planned retirement and that he's happy.
  15. Donna G

    Temperatures on a down hill run

    Thanks. Yes, the first few are fun. After that, they are a pain. Don't want them sliming the boat and they have some seriously tough, small mouths. Hard to get a treble hook out. Strangely enough, we never saw a white. I was surprised. Lots of shad and fish trying to school. Just not quite there.

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