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  1. Good to "see" you, Dave. Wow! Beautiful brownies - my favorite fish to catch.
  2. Donna G

    SK 3/21

    Forgot to mention my guide, Champ188, put me on this fish. He's my hero.😘
  3. Donna G

    SK 3/21

    Parking lot waa packed when we got to SK ramp today. Splashed at 9 a.m (I know, Bill. The day's over by then. 😊) Skunk buster at 9:40 on a blade. Not another bite on blade, jig, Senko, little swimbait, crankbait or Ned until this purdy thang. Honestly, I wasn't sure it WAS a bite. Just some suspiciously slack line. Headed home to play golf. LOL
  4. That's true. James knows how upset I am if a fish gets deep hooked or in the gills. We've spent plenty of time working on fish like that and working to save them. Have had very few losses and none were on Ned rigs. On the other hand, I've known some people who couldn't feel a delicate bite and the fish ends up swallowing the bait and swimming off before they realize it. Hard to save those, regardless of the bait. Guide friend of Champ's had a trip with a husband and wife at Lake Ouachita many years ago. Forget the exact bait, but the husband and guide were both catching a bunch. Wife said she wasn't getting bit. Guide checked her soft plastic and it was chewed to pieces, but she never realized anything was going on. A perfect storm for a gut / gill hooked fish. Net of it is, sometimes it's just going to happen, regardless. However, for us, the Ned has never been the culprit.
  5. Champ188 mentioned on the tournament thread that I'd make potato salad, if you want to add this to the list.
  6. That feller was talking about the crappie they had caught, too. Champ heard "crappie" and basically went blind and deaf to anything else. Must be the blame for the mistaken identity. He sure does like crappie. 😋
  7. Yep. You got your winders and you got your draggers. Fun when you have both in the same boat, right dear? 😋
  8. I don't deer hunt any longer, but when I did, I was that way about it. I loved walking the woods, looking for signs of deer, seeing all the wildlife. I'd sit in my stand for hours, happy as a lark. I especially enjoyed deer camp. Sitting around the fire at night, talking about the day, cooking on the Coleman stove. We'd fry up the backstrap of the first deer, fry some taters and make gravy. Don't want to shoot them any longer. I just enjoy watching them now, but those were good times.
  9. Slow catching day, but had a few keepers looking down. Got to show one to the camera with my Snoopy Santa hat on.
  10. Merry Christmas, Bill. Thanks for the detailed report. You never fail to give a good one.
  11. Yep, were going tomorrow and I just told Champ188, "It's Christmas and I'm doing what I want, which is NOT fishing 100' deep. LOL. Water must have warmed up a bit this week. We were at SK a couple of weeks ago and it was 48 degrees.
  12. I like it when I can say, "I caught the biggest one, right?"
  13. I tell him all the time, "Thank you, Mr. Guide." I'm a true guide client. I like yanking on them. Take me where they are and set me up where I can get to them and I'm a happy camper.
  14. I think the feller is on too many pain meds. He's made these for folks no-charge, but giving y'all the recipe? Feel honored.
  15. I miss Uncle Josh's. They did catch 'em. Lots of fancy plastic trailers very realistic looking and with great action, but there's just something about those ol' chunks.
  16. Geez, Bill. Sorry. Just went back and read all the responses. Didn't realize that your thoughtful question about Christmas turned into a whining poor-me session about boat buying and owning. Thank your for the original question and your incredible patience in continuing to explain...and kindly, at that.
  17. I haven't read all the replies and I don't know if Champ188 has responded, but here's what we do. Our three kids combined range from mid / late thirties to mid / late forties. No spouses. No kids. They are spread from Alaska to Little Rock to east Texas. They like eGift cards. 😊 James and I don't exchange gifts. Same bank account. Duh. We do gift each other throughout the year with small fun or memorable items. I broke one of my two Christmas coffee cups. James knew that and he also knows I'm a little silly about donkeys. He surprised me with a new cup with hilarious donkeys in Christmas hats. I am nuts about Christmas. I love the lights, the food...all the sights, sounds and smells. Don't get me started on Christmas music, specials and movies. The old ones, but the good ones. Yes, yes, yes. The warm hearts and acts of kindness and charity. The Reason for the season. We decorate minimally. Just a few pieces with special meaning. No tree (six cats..lol). I repeat, I LOVE Christmas. I have zero stress and it doesn't cost us an arm and a leg. Merry Christmas all my fishing friends. May your week be merry and bright.
  18. Meant to mention, he'll also paint your baits, as well as painting blanks for sell in the box. I'll post some pictures this weekend of a few.
  19. I work with Rick at his daytime job. I have a dozen or more beautiful baits he has given me and Champ188. Some unique colors and patterns with great attention to detail. Company name is Brouwer Baits. He sells direct and also has his baits at Hook, Line & Sinker in Rogers.
  20. Nice. I'm a jig enthusiast and i really like some of your colors.
  21. I'm sure Dave is already working on it. Question is, what will it be named?
  22. You can't tell, but I'm giving two-thumbs up in the boat. Looks like I'm just making fists. LOL Short digits.
  23. Thanks. I'll check that one out.
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