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  1. http://forums.ozarkanglers.com/uploads/monthly_07_2015/post-2-0-05994200-1437316397.jpg http://forums.ozarkanglers.com/uploads/monthly_07_2015/post-2-0-30244400-1437316399.jpg http://forums.ozarkanglers.com/uploads/monthly_07_2015/post-2-0-30669800-1437316401.jpg
  2. water temp was 73 and the water was up about 5 foot. the water is still pretty clear. Walleye have been really biting along points and along 45 degree banks. a jig and a night crawler lis all you need, work it slow annd be ready for the hit. along with the we have been catchig some huge bluegill. fished for a little under an hour tonight and had 2 gills, 2 keeper eyes, a big white bass and several smaller fish. Coiuld have done better but had 3 kids that had never fished before. I missed a nice walleye ad they missed several. Overall, awesome fishing. Talked to an excellent fisherma leaving before we started, he said it was slow. either time of day helped or we just got lucky. either way i will take it!! Had enough to feed 5 of us for dinner. Can't beat it. Going to try for some crappie tomorrow. saw hundreds of them suspeneded. get the flicker shad out and bandits and get them fish in the boat!!! Catfish are starting the spawn. you bank fisherman need to hit the rip rap and get you some fish for dinner. Good luck and keep your hook sharp!! Bob
  3. It's why I've kind of stopped posting on lots of them. If you want some of them big bluegill go out on points in about 19 foot of water. I would downsize the hook cause we missed lots of them. I'm going to try some tomorrow too. theywere as big as your hand.
  4. So did ya'll catch any fish today? Sounds like I'm reading a Phil Donahue show.
  5. Water temp this morning was about 68 at ruark, but ended the day about 72. The water was super clear, even with all of the rain we have gotten. I fished from greaser to googer and up to birch. The walleye bite was slow this morning but started to pick after 10 am. worms and jigs in 18 to 20 foot of water produced the most fish. Had some of the biggest bluegill I've ever caught on the lake today. we had several that were pushing 8 inches and were pretty thick. caught them while we were walleye fishing but we actually stopped and fished for them since they were so big. makes for some good eating. The bass were awesome. we had 5 keepers on jigs in 18 to 22 foot of water. biggest fish was about18" long. No telling how many 13 to 14 inchers we caught. The crappie are moved off shore and are suspended in 30 foot of water. It's trolling time and it's what i'm going after with my people tomorrow. will be trolling flicker shad and some bandits. Was reading some of the other post and sounds like there is still alot of love between everyone on here. Maybe someday we can all get together for a big group hug!! Don't forget, never be ashamed to wear a lifevest!!! I'm getting really close to being booked up thru june, so if you are wanting a trip, let me know before to long. And as always, if you have a boat and just need some advice, give me a call and i will do what i can to send you to some fish. Bob Bennett Stockton Lake Guide Service 417.637.2277
  6. the.greenfield access is a good area to fish in the fall for cats and crappie. I think that is the same are you are talking about in your post. The farther you are willing to walk to get away from the pressure, the better you should do. If you are looking for flatheads, try some main lake points that have big rocks, like ruark east off the bluff ends.
  7. straw hat, we aint got any chlorine for miles around here!! And the only question i have is did you eat the catfish? if not please save it, i have a family reunion in 2 years and will put back for them
  8. Gary Burton called and asked that you drop off all legal walleye to me and I will get them to him later
  9. I'm tired so this is going to be fast. The water temp up the creeks and rivers hit 60 again today. this should really help the crappie spawn. the ones i cleaned today were still full of eggs, so they are not done. Evening bite is better!!! Jigs are working best, but today the bite was the tuffest I have had over the past 2 weeks. We switched to walleye and got 8 keepers in the boat in about an hour, lost 2 others at the boat and lots of missed bites. Caught lots of bass also. If you want ssome walleye, fish night crawlers onl points and fish the slow or tight line them in 8 foot of water. Had lots of fish today, but the mid day bite died off for us, glad they did a split day trip so they could have all the fun in the evening. Some of the fish way up the creek arms have spawned out, but the main lake fish are still going. this warm weather will get them active again so keep at it and catch some for dinner. if you have any quetions, give me a call at 417637BASS Good nite, Bob
  10. I was out today with a group of 4. we started out crappie fishing, which has been pretty good up until today. We only had 2 keepers, but we changed to the walleye bite and had 8 nice keepers, and lost 2 at the boat. The crappie are biting lots better in the evening, find a point close to the spawning area and you can catch the on jigs in 4 to 8 foot of water. today the fish pulled back early because of the cold water. the only fish I saw caught were about 30 foot off the banks in 15 foot of water. It was a tuff bite so don't be bummed out if you didn't get them. they SHOULD be back in by tomorrow with this warm weather. Your best bet is head up the creeks and fish the cuts and coves, by tomorrow you should catch some shallow, but as we all know that isn't a for sure thing.. Watch your graph because i found lots of fish suspended in 30 foot of water today that have pulled back because of the cold. Good luck!!
  11. Lake is about .80 foot high and the water temp ranges from 40 at the dam to 52 up the rivers. Most of the water is clear to normal The whites have started making their run up the rivers. several reports of mainly smaller whites have been coming in. most of the fish are hitting on white grubs in the creeks and feeder creeks, as well as up the river arms. The crappie can be found on the main lake under schools of shad and up the rivers along prestage banks, points and channel drops. they are hitting minnows, jigs, and some of the deeper fish are still hitting jigging raps The walleye are starting to hit the jerk baits. Fish main lake points from the twin bridges north to the dam. Had 3 keepers last night from dark until hout 9 and missed a 4th. all of the fish were over 18". the bite was very light , but once you set the hook you knew it was there. If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call at 417-637-BASS. If you are wanting to book a spawning walleye trip, do it fast becasue the bite is here and I am getting pretty booked up. Good luck on the lake and be careful!!
  12. I also failed to mention in the seminar that I have started a "clean and eat" program. It is completly free to participate and all you do is go out and catch all the crappie you want. then you call me and I will clean and eat them at no charge.
  13. I didn't read all the responses but you have to download the program from humminbird, then convert them and save them to the sd card. if done right, when you turn on the machine, it will auto load them.
  14. Thanks to everyone that attended. I couldn't sale anything there but if u attended and want to go on a trip I will give u 50 bucks off a trip, just use coupon code "really I was there". The winter bite is on strong. Catch them crappie
  15. I put in at mutton creek (north side of cove) today. it was iced in when i got there, but i got mad and put the boat in on the ice then ran the motor for a while to clear out some ice. made a path out to the main lake and got to fish for a little bit. Someone else did bout the same at ruark bluff, and 2 boats put in there. I think about 4 or 5 of us fished out of mutton creek today. I did hear that old state park was still froze and so was cedar ridge.
  16. Haulin, when i locate schools of shad i will use a 1/8 oz jig and a 2" grub and drop it down into the shad or just under them. sometimes you will see the fish above the shad, but most of the time i find them in the shad or under them. today they were on the bottom in 50 foot of water. maybe it's just the way i like to do it, but during the winter, i don't move the jig hardly at all. i hold it really still and wait to feel any weight, bump etc then set the hook. the fish are not very active so they are looking for an easy meal. I have to finish the stuff for the seminar tomorrow night, and have to deal with a KCMO inspector up in KC on friday, but if you get out next week one day give me a call and if i'm around maybe we can meet up on the lake. very few shad in googer today, but it did hold enough for dinner!!
  17. I caught a few today!! had to bust ice to get out there, but it was worth getting on the lake. Does the library have a powerpoint projector? I have been workng on one so i will bring and hope they got one.
  18. 13 states require people convicted of urinating in public/indecent exposure to register as sex offenders, and yes missouri is one of them. I have no idea if the story is true, but this is one of those things that can ruin someones life/reputation in a second.
  19. Ivan put I'm at mutton creek on north side Ruark greenfield. Had a few crappie but got ice broke up pretty good at mutton creek. Others did the same at Ruark. Crappie are hitting under the shad
  20. If you are interested in ice fishing on Stockton you need to get it done sometime before tomorrow. I went to twin bridges this morning and ice as far as I could see, this afternoon, open water to the beach and to the son creek bridge and it looked open up around ruark bluff. the ice isn't very thick. walked out on the dock and put my foot on the ice and it gave way pretty fast. Don't worry, foot stayed dry. I am going to give it a try in the morning. Feel free to shoot me a text or a call and i will let ya know if it was a success. I am assumig that hawker point is probably the safest place to put in a boat if you are coming up, but i haven't been over to confirm that. If you get down to the ramps with ice, please don't throw the big rocks onto the ice where we have to back out trailers. there are huge rocks on the ramp at ruark and i assume all the other ramps also. Be really careful backing in and pulling out on the ramps. some of the rocks that people have thrown in are pretty big. See ya'll thursday evenig at the library.
  21. I'm not a seminar type of guy but interesting it could be. Can we fry fish in the library Phil? I can bring a mess and a fryer!!
  22. bringing back warm weather with me!! Leaving florida on friday and should arrive there with some nice weather unless it decompresses on the plane

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