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  1. Any info available for what's going on down around the Cole Camp Creek area or the area around Bucknaked marina? Hoping to get some fishing in over memorial day weekend if the weather allows? Thanks!
  2. Ohh, my bad. I saw that the water levels were fluctuating, but still staying pretty high. Do you think that will continue and it will stay high enough to get a boat to below the dam without any issue? Thanks for any info!
  3. Do you guys think they'll still have the flood gates open this weekend or is it looking like they'll be shutting down soon? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the report. My in laws purchased a place near buck naked marina a few years ago and I have quite figured out the fishing in the area yet, so it's nice to see some info.
  5. So if they shut down the gates and just run four units, can you still boat up to the dam without too much worry about running into shallow water or are there areas to avoid?
  6. Looks like it's down to 7 flood gates now.
  7. Thanks! I've always wanted to see the good gates open, but never timed it right. Maybe it'll happen this time.
  8. What would this mean for levels on Taney?
  9. After reading the "how to boat to the dam" post, it looks like you can run up the middle of the lake at 705. So it shouldn't be a problem to run up to the dam even if they just continue to run 3 units, correct? Then if they open the gates it will be plenty deep pretty much everywhere? Do you guys have any recommendations for fishing that kind of water? Jetkbaits? Do you think there will be any shad? Thanks!
  10. Sorry, this is probably a stupid question, but what does this mean for the lake level on taneycomo? I've never heard clear up to the dam. I always stop when I get to fall creek. Would the water be high enough to easily boat to the dam or would I still have to avoid obstacles and shallow water? Thanks for any advice!
  11. I don't know the answer to any of your questions, but I hope they keep stocking them.
  12. Maybe this is a stupid question, but how is the oxygen level so low if the corp is injecting oxygen? Do they not inject much? Does it not get distributed in the water very well?
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