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  1. make a harness for the big grin.... he can pull ya home
  2. I knew I needed to get that "no fishing,- off limits" sign finished and posted last week..... Really all we need is a tug or two. Looking forward to it and see ya in 18 days
  3. Thanks for all the info here guys, I didn't mean to hi-jack a big fish story, but hope to post a pic. of one myself in a couple of weeks.
  4. Thanks Justin and Ham for the info. I have no problem catching them with the jigs I tie just looking for something else for my wife to throw. ( she is really stuck on the R-tails and in a pinch, sometimes the good ol rebel craw ) I think I have pretty much everything I like to use along with a truck load of the Rooster-tails for her, so we should be good to go. I am going to need to tie up a few more of my Marabou jigs but that shouldn't take long. I do have a large selection of 1/32 and some 1/16 oz, but thinking I might tie up some 1/8 just in case the water is moving. Good idea? Thanks again guys and looking forward to the 18th at Trout Island
  5. I'm seeing a lot of talk about this "zig jig".... I have never used one. I do tie my own jigs and have for years... seem to work for me. I did look the zig up and found their site. Seems to have a little different action than what I make up. Question is, are they really any different than any other jigs? I tend to stick to the fly rod but my wife and I are heading down to the NFTW in few weeks and she only uses a spinning rod. She does fairly well with a rooster-tail and I have tried to get her to throw jigs, but like the fly rod, she feels that there's just to much going on all at once with a jig and can't feel the bite. Is this zig jig any easer to use over a normal jig?
  6. Zig jig? Looking forward to seeing the Lodge for the first time over Easter this year, hope they are still biting
  7. My wife and I just did a trip from Greer to Whitten last weekend. Water is up just alittle bit but it made the white water very manageable loaded with camping gear. Id stay to the right at Maty Decker as we floated right through. Any questionable riffels we walked with no problems, and we walk most so we could fish the area. Caught alot of fish all day, every day, but got to get deep. There on the bottom and do not like to come up much to bite. The bugs how-ever will bite high, low,, morning and night. Take some "OFF" and, or bug candles. Also there are sand fleas in the gravel, again use "off" if not in waders. We had a GREAT trip floating the 11 point this year and will be doing it again next year,
  8. Just checked the river levels and looks to be high still. My wife is trying to talk me into doing a fish/camp trip from Greer to Whitten sometime early Sept. Anyone get a look at the stream or get a line wet, Please let me know what ya find.
  9. get a handle on the poaching and things might be alittle better
  10. I use thin wall pvc pipe. keeps everything in the boat and the rods are protected from the snags
  11. I think I'll leave that one alone --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. Well my wife wanted to head back down to Tan Vat Sunday and see If the fishing was as good now as it was 2 weeks ago. I told her we might try a new way, "the back door" just to see if it was any faster. From my properity on Dry Creek in Steelville, we always take 19 to Salem and then out 32 to 119 on in to the park. Hwy 19 is very curvey and up & down the hills, then 32 and 119 always seemed to be a slow-go. Just seems to take a long time to get there. When leaving out of the St. Louis area, 44 to Rolla, to Licking, seemed to be an easy drive. Hence I decided to time 2 different ways this time. I might try to a 3ed some time in the future, but I dont think its that nessesary as the "back Door" approch impressed me. We took 44 down to St.James and thats where I started the clock. From St. J to Salem I had 27.5 miles and it took 31 mins. Salem to Tan Vat, 20 miles and 29 mins. Total =47.5 miles and 51 mins, Thought to myself, not bad, Gene knows his stuff, he was right. Fished most of the day around the "rock garden" area and had a fairly good day, not as good as last time but caught plenty of average sized bows mainly nymphing with one nice brown on a dry in the afternoon. 5:30 and time to head home via Rolla. From Tan Vat to Licking,(vv to 137) 16 miles and 18 mins. Licking to Rolla, 35 miles and 39 mins. Rolla to St. James, 9 miles and 8 mins. Totals = 60 miles and 65 mins Gene , my hats off to you, you were right, I bow my head, Thanks for getting me to go fishing
  13. Rolla is 10 - 15 min. faster but 19 is not as boring a drive
  14. spinning gear is allowed also. Just no soft plastic or bait
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