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  1. Anyone interested can PM me a drexlj01@gmail.com
  2. You can PM me at drexlj01@gmail.com
  3. Hollister You can PM me at drexlj01@gmail.com
  4. Just removed from flush mount on bow. Includes MK-8 adapter for US 2 and flush mount install bracket.Factory installed on 2018 Skeeter. 6mos old.. still under warranty.Virtually new. $275.00
  5. The plastic fishing hots spot maps of Table Rock have good shoreline markings based on gravel, chunk rock, rock, mud etc. The legend shows what's what. Map itself isn't real accurate on fishing information but it does do a good job of marking gravel etc.Sort of old school but in an evening you can find spots you'd like to investigate your next time out.
  6. If anyone has a 2016 or 2017 Tyee GL please pm me if you wouldn't mind me taking a peek at it. The closest I can find to look at right now is about 500 miles away.Any thoughts from users would be great also. Comparing Skeeter 189 Solera to Lund 189 Gl. Have to keep the family happy but mostly for me!
  7. Take a cell picture with their numbers and call. Had to do that last week when three were doing continuous circles 20 ft from our dock. Not for minutes but half the afternoon!! They have to learn some way. Talking to them doesn't work that's for sure!
  8. Just an FYI ...for anyone between the Dam and 86. There's a dock ramp approx 20 feet long with a gate on it floating off of Emerald Pointe. Hope this helps anyone who hasn't checked recently.
  9. troller


    Got some Kietechs direct from Kietech slightly out of spec at 4.1....fished for hours with no love. Went back to the 3.8 and the 4.3 and it was on again.Amazing how the fish in TR can size up a bait so quickly before they hit. ?
  10. I have both his books with a 24"x36" map that he sold with the set showing all the historic underwater points of interest.... Cemeteries, School Houses, City of Oasis etc. It's very interesting to see what we're running over 100' below us when we're out there much less the history behind it.I think you can buy the books for about $12 each on either eBay or Amazon.
  11. Wow! What insight. Thanks for all you contribute to this site!
  12. I mounted the same thing about 3 years ago on my deep V.It sure gives me the peace of mind to know I can get to it and hopefully get back in especially in these cold months. I also put 2 small handles on the topside of my boat above the ladder(Lowes or Menards) to help pull myself in. Nothing's as easy as it was years ago for some reason!
  13. If you'd like wolves in your backyard contact the Wisconsin DNR they may be able to help.They are very successful at introducing predatory species. Wolves were introduced in northern Wisconsin in the late 90's by the Wi DNR and they have literally exploded in numbers and have decimated the deer population and the first minor Elk introduction herd. Hunters in the northern third of the state in recent seasons have reported seeing more wolves than deer during the 9 day season.Sometimes nature has has much better control than humans. My dock is also covered with scales and excrement from our relatively new inhabitants!!!!
  14. The lower end has its fair share of them. If you have any trees hung it's like a magnet for them.
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