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  1. Dennis

    Estes Park in September

    Thanks for the info. How do I get in contact with you motroutbum about a guide trip?
  2. Dennis

    Estes Park in September

    I rented a condo in Estes Park for the second week of September and I am looking for recommendations for flyfishing in and around the Estes Park area. Also any guide suggestions that you may have as well. Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. I have good luck with Camdenton glass. They showed up when they said they would..
  4. Dennis

    Next Week

    Very nice bunch of fish. Not looking for specific places I was just wondering where you were catching them on points on the main lake or in the creeks in the back of coves. I found some Wednesday way in the back of a cove in three or 4 foot of water but nothing like that. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Thanks after I wrote carberator I got to thinking it may not have those. Thanks for the information. Where is your shop located and do you work on Yamaha engines.
  6. Thanks fishinwrench! Is that a major repair or just need the carburetors cleaned and adjusted.
  7. When I first start the motor for a day of fishing it's smokes an unbelievable amount of blue smoke. So much the other day I thought it was on fire. When I'm fishing during the day It rarely smokes just a little. Is there something that needs adjustment or is it just the basic nature of a two-stroke engine? Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated thanks.
  8. Thanks for the report. What part of the lake were you fishing?
  9. Dennis

    Need some Help on the Gravois

    Thanks I'll try it in the morning
  10. Dennis

    Need some Help on the Gravois

    Thanks for the help. Backs of cove or toward the mouths?
  11. Fish the last four days on the Gravois Arm for Crappie got five Wednesday night inabout 12 foot of water since then have not caught a fish. Have fished points, have fished condo docks deep water fished shallow water all of the above. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  12. Dennis

    Bass Fishing

    Where were you fishing the Bobben and jig? Next to the banK? Around condo docs?
  13. Dennis

    Walleye In Upper Taney

    walleye often are found in more murky/darker water. Walleye are not very fast swimmers, and often rely on "sneak attacks" to get their pray. Their huge eyes help them see better than most fish in their environments. Thus walleye would have difficulties in the clear waters of Taney.

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