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  1. Bird Island take out

    Anybody floated and taken out at Bird Island this year. My friend went down to Bird Island last week and the place looked deserted.
  2. WTB Paddle Boat

    My wife and I just purchased a new property with a three acre lake near Warrenton, MO and she thinks she wants a paddle boat. Please let me know if you have one that we can take off of your hands.
  3. I am looking to float in the Lead Mine area this Friday and hopefully Saturday. Any information on the River and Fishing Conditions would be appreciated.

    Guys you should check out these lures. I contacted Mike last month to make some custom spinner baits. He was great to work with, turned the baits around in a couple of days and they are of high quality. I personally will be ordering more baits in the near future.

    Good Morning Michael, Your baits look awesome. I am interested in some custom made spinner baits. Please let me know how I can contact you to share the sample bait that I would like you to construct for me.
  6. For pumping the water out of my Shawnee I picked up a cheap bilge pump at Walmart and attached some alligator clips. I keep the pump in dry storage and when the water begins to build up in the bottom of the boat I hook it up to the trolling motor battery and in just a couple of minutes the boat is empty. Given the pump is portable if necessary I just move the battery to the front or middle of the boat to complete the pumping of the water. I have had this pump for about ten years and can tell you it is the best $12 I ever spent.
  7. 40 Vintage Rat'l Traps

    I live in the St. Louis area and would be interested in taking these Rattle Traps off your hands if they are still available.
  8. Wtb Crawfish

    Bill, I was aware of the crawfish ban, but thought the MDC had issued a new regulation effective this year which allowed for limited sales. Missouri's new regulation is another step to prevent new invasions. On May 31, the Conservation Commission approved the commercial sales of only northern crayfish (Orconectes virilis), also known as “virile” crayfish, from in-state sources for live bait, effective March 1, 2014. The regulation limits the sale, purchase and importation of other species of live crayfish in the state to human consumption, scientific research, or as food for confined animals kept by approved entities, such as research institutions, agencies or publicly owned zoos. The regulation prohibits the importation, sale or purchase of other species of live crayfish in the state for all other uses, such as fishing bait, pond stocking or as pets or pet food. The new regulation does not apply to other types of bait or to dead or preserved crayfish.
  9. Wtb Crawfish

    I am heading to Bull Shoals on Thursday and want to do some good old fashioned bottom bouncing with some crawfish. The wholesaler near Theodosia who normally sells me crawfish by the pound does not have any. Anybody know where I can buy crawfish wholesale near Protem or anywhere inbetween Protem and Springfield?
  10. Wtb Crawfish

    I am heading to Bull on Thursday and want to do some good old fashioned bottom bouncing with some crawfish. The wholesaler near Theodosia who normally sells me crawfish by the pound does not have any. Anybody know where I can buy crawfish wholesale near Protem or anywhere inbetween Protem and Springfield?
  11. Remington 1100 12 Ga. 3" Magnum

    Is this still available?
  12. Brand New River Jon Boat For Sale

    I am interested in your Shawnee, where can I see a picture?
  13. Oaf Member? Look Here!

    Phil, Hi, I actively review the forum. Thanks, GotaFish
  14. Big Gobbler On Opening Weekend

    Opening weekend of the fall turkey season was perfect. I headed to my favorite public hunting spot, arrived before first light and was happy to see no other vehicles. I headed to my favorite hillside to bust the turkeys off of their roost. Right at first light, everything was perfect, the weather was cool, winds were calm and the turkeys were flying everywhere. A bunch flew up the hill and several more flew down into an overgrown field. Almost immediately the birds were calling from all directions. I thought about it and decided my best bet was to work the birds down in the field. The birds were so eager to get back together I didn't even have time to set up my decoys. I would call they would call back, with each call my huge bird was getting closer. Eventually I saw him coming through the tall grass, I stopped calling because he was calling and coming right in. I raised my gun and starting tracking him, I had to wait for the perfect head shot. I was growing more anxious by the minute, don't stop, keep coming just a few more feet until I would have that perfect shot. Then as if by magic, the big fella stepped out into the clearing, carring his twelve gauge and tooting on his turkey call. I have no idea where that guy come from, but he is sure lucky I am an experienced hunter and know to clearly identify my game before shooting. In the past when hearing of a mistaken for game hunting accident I could never understand how it could possibly happen. In this instance it was almost a perfect storm - I had just jumped the birds off the roost, had birds calling from all directions and was calling in my bird - I can see how a less experienced hunter may have taken an ill advised shoot. I am not sure what the moral of this story is, but I do know a few things I do to never put myself in the same situation as this guy. I never walk through the turkey woods tooting on my turkey call and I usually wear or carry an orange hat when I am walking through the turkey woods. I hide the orange hat when I sit down to call birds. Later that same day I walked up on a couple of hunters who had three decoys set out on a logging road and they both were sitting within about 20 feet of the decoys pretty much directly in the line of fire of the decoys. One of the guys asked me if I was worried that the turkeys would see my orange hat, I told him I wasn't worried about the turkeys seeing me I was worried about other hunters not seeing me. While I didn't bag a bird that day it was a fantastic day to be walking around God's green earth.

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