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  1. What kind of water temps were you seeing today? Wonder if this cold tonight will knock them back out a little.
  2. Interested, will you PM me your phone number?
  3. Lake is still rising several inches an hour. Beaver has crested so hopefully they will be able to reduce outflow from it sometime tomorrow.
  4. Hoping for the best for everyone downstream, situation is looking pretty serious with the James River still rising, Kings River and Long Creek still rising, and Beaver Lake now at capacity with rain still falling. Going to make a run at the record elevations it appears.
  5. Looking at the gauges from most of the tributaries they have not slowed or crested. Lots of water still heading towards the lakes.
  6. I would not be surprised to see this sell for $40-$50.
  7. This is a "first run" bait. Only made them like this for a short while. There are collectors who search for these side stamped baits. I have seen them bring 2x-3x value if in good condition. Sweet find!
  8. That picture is actually a SP-100. More rare than a V-44. Only difference is it has a clear lip.
  9. Not sure if they still make it or not but I have a 7'3" cara reaction series deep runner crank rod that works excellently with larger cranks and also throws a rattle trap really well. I bought it about 6-7 years ago.
  10. I have been putting these reels thru normal use since last fall. The SX started making a clicking noise not long after I got it and the bail return spring was broken. Got that fixed and now it has started seizing up. Lots of resistance from inside the gear case. The S models seem to still be operating pretty smoothly, only issue I had with them was durability. I did drop one a little harder than normal on the deck of the boat than probably would be advised and broke the plastic that holds the bail to the body. Was probably my fault but still pretty disappointed in the durability. Overall I feel like I could get the performance I am getting from the Revos as I could get out of a much cheaper reel.
  11. I've got 3 Revo spinning reels I've had for less than a year that are all about toast on me. Have two of the S model and one of the SX. Very disappointed as I've had fantastic luck with Revo baitcasters.
  12. Still for sale. Price reduced to $11,500!
  13. 200 boats in the derby today. 19.97 was the big bag anchored by a 7 pounder. We got 15th with 13.58 and won free entry for next year. Lots of fish weighed today. Dozens of 11-12 pound limits. We fished around Kimberling throwing finesse baits and caught 11 keepers and probably around 30 shorts. All fish came from the 4-8 ft range back in pockets. We had a tough time culling, lots of twinkies. I would guess our second 5 fish limit would of weighed 12.5. Congrats to the winners and thanks for a great run tournament.
  14. I've always thought it would be interesting to rope off a few small creek arms or coves during the spawn to give the fish a protected area to spawn. If you could keep people from sneaking in there the whole lakes fish population could potentially benefit.
  15. What big tournaments are going on this weekend?
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