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  1. I have two boats hung in the ceiling of my 3 car garage.
  2. Did you use to fish the Black river in the  70's?  Your name sounds familiar.       


    Chris Griffey 



  3. Oh it's popping... Will we get Fireworks too?
  4. We need some rain. I don't see any rain in the forecast for the next 10 days either. We need some rain.
  5. Caught some hogs when I was young lad and a bait fisherman. (back in the 70's and early 80's) Several 19s and a 20 or two. One in front of Black River lodge on a live frog, and the others camping in Lesterville way up on the middle fork. If I remember correctly on a live crawdad. Several 18's and a 19 or two on lures, but I don't think I have broken that 20 inch barrier in a long while. I'm not a very good fisherman though, but I love to try.
  6. My best brown trout came at Baptist camp, right at the access. I was getting ready to float to Cedar Grove, and was literally testing a real and lure. About 22 inches abt 4 lbs I guess.
  7. Black is where I learned and grew up fishing for smallies. Courtios and Meramec are my most visited\fished now though.
  8. Interesting I saw 3 different area's just like this. Sort of a mini land slide. River appears to be in good shape though. There are some area's that have definitely changed though. Some of the riffles are a little more tricky to navigate, especially for a solo canoes.
  9. Some powerful water.... The one with ranger car, there is deer about 20-25 ft up in the tree. I didn't think deer climbed trees?
  10. Thanks for the reply's guys. Mostly, I guess you gotta just get out there and do the work to see for yourself. First couple should be interesting anyway. Trying to get a little float in before the long weekend.
  11. Anyone have a list of what can safely be floated and accessible and what is still unreachable or not float-able. I guess the rivers are going to be completely different? Some could have really changed. First floats after this epic flood could be fun. I am assuming several normal floats may still have quite a few impassible spots or snags that will make floating difficult. Any thoughts......
  12. I had a terrible "fish day" on the river Sat. But I still enjoyed every minute of it. Best part was it was a Sat and did not see another angler or person the entire float. That's a good day.
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