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  1. While were on the subject of Red fins...Does anyone throw the BIG 7" size for bass. You know, looking for that exceptional lunker bite?
  2. Well I will have to come back for finished pics of the modification as it will not allow me to upload anymore right now.
  3. Gentlemen, It's ironic this post came up the other day as I have been tinkering on this very subject over the last week. I came across a surplus of Red fins not long ago for insanely cheap. I took home around 15 for well under $20, some older, some newer in various sizes and colors. I've been modifying for days, tweaking each to get them right. I've been all over this forum on this subject over the years taking what info I can from each of you who have graciously offered advice. If I may add my two cents. There are numerous methods to this madness as we all know. Here's what I have taken away from you all and a trick or two I have done that works for me all listed in one place. OPTIONS you can do: 1)Replace all existing hardware...I've been using the Owner Hyper Wire split ring in size 3 and on the 5" fin I've been replacing the hooks with the Owner Stinger ST-36 in #4 2)Rear treble gets replaced with hand tied feathered treble 3)Use a pair of small round nose pliers and carefully bend the nose eyelet downward (Try this before heating and bending the lip) because sometimes it works and saves you from doing the latter. 4)Heating of and bending the lip downward to a more perpendicular angle(Do not do this with a lighter!, you get a much better result with a hair dryer or heat gun on low setting) 5)Drill hole and remove the internal BB's. This in itself takes out a whole lot of weight and will cure many poor tuners. I found some very small corks and have been using them to plug the hole. I then trim off the excess, file flat and then seal over top with epoxy. It makes for a very clean hole and in addition the cork adds a little flotation to the front of bait. 6)As Champ suggested putting the suspend strips and dots to the rear of bait in front of joint section. *Side note: For those who are wondering, I've already done the research. A suspend dot weighs .20 grams. A suspend strip weighs .25 grams. Champ is using 2 ea. of these. That is a total of .90 grams of weight. 7)There is nothing wrong with Champs method above. I am just stating another method I've been toying with. I have been drilling another hole(still playing with the perfect size drill bit for hole) in the same location, to the rear of forward section just in front of joint and using inverted small worm weights filed down and epoxied into place. Experimenting with other weight options too. Any suggestions please forward them on. Keep the suggestions coming. This is good information for all of us. -
  4. Gentlemen, If anyone is interested I just posted some 35mm goodies up for sale in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum.
  5. I had alot of fun with 35mm photography but no longer have the time to pursue this lost art. Selling as a lot to include the following: Adjustable hand held flash bar, Sunpak auto 422D Thyrristor Auto Flash and Japan RMC Tokina Macro adjust lens. All parts Japan made, in great shape and working. No scratches on the lens, just needs a good cleaning. Asking $60. For inquiries please send text to 870-754-0820. Thank you.
  6. I don't particularly care for them eye sockets either. dtrs, do you just grind them flat???
  7. If this helps anyone else I just found the Snootie mold on Barlows website for $29 bucks
  8. Mitch whats the mold that you used on the jig you just sent me a picture of?.....looks like a football head but I don't know of a mold with that type of weed guard.  I like it!

    1. Mitch f

      Mitch f

      Take a regular football head mold from Do-it...not the weedless mold,  but the regular. Then place the mason 7 strand wire of your choice (I like .021" diameter) and smash it down very hard with a C-Clamp. This will make a notch sufficient to place wires in the mold before you pour the lead.

    2. troutgnat


      Very Nice.  I will try.  Thanks a million!

  9. Mitch, they still carry it. I'm interested in knowing if anyone has any experience with this mold. That's my question I like the fact that it comes in some of the smaller sizes and has the ball collar for finesse applications. What I really want to do with it is tie some bucktail jigs for cool water presentation with pork trailer.
  10. Gentlemen, I'm already prepping to hit the tackle bench this fall/winter and experiment with some more bass jig varieties. I did a search on here for the Snootie jig mold but came up empty handed. Does anyone have any experience with this particular mold and been using these jigs. It looks very appealing to me but I have no experience with it. If so, how do you like it and what can you tell me about it. Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Paco, I just re-read my post (report 02/20).....As I was typing I was thinking about Shadow Rock park though I meant to type River Run. Yes, Shadow Rock park was open so then why wasn't the River Run side when that ramp too, was more than useable!!!
  12. I second that.....Thank you. I was on the upper Bull yesterday(posted in Upper Bull forum). Water temps were 46.5 that morning to the high of the day was surprisingly a 50.3 degrees.
  13. Shadow Rock park is still closed though we passed by the ramp several times during the day and it is more than usable for fisherman to launch. The park will need some clean-up and work but why cant the ramp be open for launching??? Anyway, drove over and launched at Beaver. Beware of this ramp as it is very very shallow. I was barely able to get my rig in, several others did too. Make sure you give yourself some daylight for loading! Not a good idea to try and do this in the dark...made that mistake. Anyway, launched around 9am and loaded up at dusk...fished from Beaver to Swan creek. Concentrated on two baits, the A-Rig and the Ned Rig. Caught 4 keepers on the Ned rig all 2-3 lbrs fishing vertical banks close to the channel...found all 4 fish in less than a 50 yd stretch. Caught 4 white bass on a drop adjacent to a channel bend on the A-Rig along with one short largemouth. In typical white bass fashion they strolled through late in the day and we hit just a small pod of them. They were headed North bound, one fat 3lb sow and 3 other very nice sized males. Last fish of the day was a 22" walleye on the A-Rig at the Barker Hole and she too had eggs. It wasn't terribly busy but did see a number of boats out and talked with several other parties who had not done well. There are fish moving up but you better prepare to put in a full day and really work for them.
  14. Gentlemen, Just throwing in my two cents here but here is my A-Rig outfit I've been using the last 3 yrs and it works great for me. Rod- Skeet Reese 7'6" Swimbait/Carolina Rig Rod Reel- Shimano Citica spooled with the 65lb Power Pro Braid. I can't give enough credit to this rod! It has all the backbone needed but has a bit more forgiving tip which aids in lobbing these A-rigs a good way and I have no problem with hooksets either. You do not need a pool cue of a flipping stick unless you are fishing some of the largest A-rigs out there.
  15. Bill, A very outstanding read here! Thanks as always. Even the seasoned 'lob and wind' rs can learn a thing or two here.
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