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  1. Nortrad

    Slonch Donkey Streamer

    Very nice. Been looking at your ties on Instagram.
  2. Nortrad

    Question on streamer chucking...

    Landed a decent rainbow last year on a streamer among the Islands, cream colored Mike Schmidt variation.
  3. Nortrad

    Weekend trip on the NFOW

    Wow. Just read this on the Orvis site today, did not know it was on NFOW. Great story.
  4. Nortrad

    Late Current Report - Going for Browns 26Feb17

    Great narrative. Trying to get a coworker to come down and throw baits. He might.
  5. Nortrad

    Arctic Fox

    I've purchased all my arctic fox tail pieces form Waters West in WA state, best dyed, best quality, reasonably priced. And, I'm not a tier/spokesman for them. Here's the link:] http://waterswest.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=28_282_30
  6. Nortrad

    Montauk Gauge

    Jumped back up 458 cfs at Montauk. How does Sunday look to you Gavin? Heading down to give it a try again.
  7. Nortrad

    The Fly Thread

    Nice bullet head.
  8. Nortrad


    Been hoping for that too. Looks like they're too far east and south. 11 Pt. maybe?
  9. Nortrad

    First trip to Current River

    Glad you had success on the trip. Pat's RL rocks when they're keying on it.
  10. Nortrad

    The Fly Thread

    You have to leave a lot of room for the rabbit/collar/head on the D&D. I use crosscut rabbit. I also use longer hooks, TMC 5263. Haven't tied any this year on the jig hooks yet. It's hard to get all the stuff on the front hook--flash, palmer chenille, rattle, flanks, flash, rabbit....then the deer hair.
  11. Nortrad

    Short Streamer Report

    Nice olive color scheme on the D&D. Had a nice brown charge a white/grey/silver combo last Sunday, He just butted the streamer and left. Had another flash the same pattern thru a riffle. That was it for the streamer action. Landed some decent 'bows and browns on various nymphs. Decent day. Glad some rain is coming.
  12. Nortrad

    Short Streamer Report

    Wow. That's a great fish, and kudos for the D&D. It's a tough tie. Hopefully I'll land one with a D&D on Sunday. Nice work!
  13. Nortrad

    Wade Fishing Around Patrick

    Went to the Current, did fairly well. Noticed the cfs dropped a lot. I'll be there some time.
  14. Wade fished around here before with fair success, but the river was lower. Anyone wade fished here at the current cfs of 722? Might be a little too high for footing? Thanks.

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