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  1. Mr. W. was a great guy. Camped there years ago when I landed my first big trout. Great times in that campground. I miss it.
  2. Very nice. Been looking at your ties on Instagram.
  3. Landed a decent rainbow last year on a streamer among the Islands, cream colored Mike Schmidt variation.
  4. Wow. Just read this on the Orvis site today, did not know it was on NFOW. Great story.
  5. Great narrative. Trying to get a coworker to come down and throw baits. He might.
  6. I've purchased all my arctic fox tail pieces form Waters West in WA state, best dyed, best quality, reasonably priced. And, I'm not a tier/spokesman for them. Here's the link:] http://waterswest.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=28_282_30
  7. Jumped back up 458 cfs at Montauk. How does Sunday look to you Gavin? Heading down to give it a try again.
  8. Been hoping for that too. Looks like they're too far east and south. 11 Pt. maybe?
  9. Glad you had success on the trip. Pat's RL rocks when they're keying on it.
  10. You have to leave a lot of room for the rabbit/collar/head on the D&D. I use crosscut rabbit. I also use longer hooks, TMC 5263. Haven't tied any this year on the jig hooks yet. It's hard to get all the stuff on the front hook--flash, palmer chenille, rattle, flanks, flash, rabbit....then the deer hair.
  11. Nice olive color scheme on the D&D. Had a nice brown charge a white/grey/silver combo last Sunday, He just butted the streamer and left. Had another flash the same pattern thru a riffle. That was it for the streamer action. Landed some decent 'bows and browns on various nymphs. Decent day. Glad some rain is coming.
  12. Wow. That's a great fish, and kudos for the D&D. It's a tough tie. Hopefully I'll land one with a D&D on Sunday. Nice work!
  13. Went to the Current, did fairly well. Noticed the cfs dropped a lot. I'll be there some time.
  14. Wade fished around here before with fair success, but the river was lower. Anyone wade fished here at the current cfs of 722? Might be a little too high for footing? Thanks.
  15. I've fished the upper end as high as 200 cfs, but with this rain, it's going to go higher. Some have fished it well during gradual build up, off color water, big dark patterns/streamers/lures. I vote to reschedule, looks like a continous rain for while. I'd like to see the river hold at 150cfs or so, with the water table replenished. My two cents.
  16. Fished Baptist below S-bend, back to parking lot. Drove to Parker's, and only thing on the net magnet line was the screw from the net handle.. Here's the link to Steven's Nets of Maine for ID purposes, I got the net from him. He Who Loses His Landing Nets http://www.stevensnets.com/products.html
  17. Brain S. said to hit the trout water a little later, when the river lowers, not sure when, possibly mid August? We'll see, really liked the smallie action...
  18. Here's the pic for the 14" rainbow, jig hook, copper BH, PT body, partridge tail/hackle, peacock thorax, great looking fish. Thanks for the comments guys! Great time here on OA!
  19. Dr. O., the Jedi and I had been planning the trip for awhile. The wives and kids were off to STL and we were hooking up at Greer camp ground for beers and planning the next day's journey down the 11 Pt. from Cane to Turner, stopping right above the Spring at the end of Day 1. The Jedi did real well in the slow deep stretches with the grub on spin rod, including the big boy tipping out at 17"...darn nice fish, right in a short, deep riffle. Caught only my 2nd smallie ever on a fly a little later, small, but I was pumped. Picked up a few more decent smallies on various flies. Jedi kept landing them on the grub and few on fly. No love for the streamers I was throwing with the sink tip. Continued down to the great sand/gravel bar upstream from Greer Springs junction. Set up, snacks, beverages and tossed out a Meat Whistle under indicator, wham! Nice smallie. The evening just got real nice...Great steaks, wild rice, grilled corn and plenty of a curious mixture of hops/malt/barley and water, I think it's going to be a great hit among the fishermen... Great stories, some true, some close to it... Woke up and made some breakfast burritos, Dr. O. decided to try the trout set up with Don's Craw under an indicator, Mr. Smallie slammed it for a nice start to the day. Worked right on the inlet, way too much water, real fast and up high. Weather had turned to cooler, spitting rain on us. It became a tough fish. River was up and fast. Managed to pick up 3 each, but with my best trout on the 11 Pt. so far, a beauty at 14". The pic here is a smaller one. The Jedi has the pic on his camera. Fate then intervened, payment to the river goddess for the smallies I guess... Had another spill right at the first island below Greer campground, this time me trying to step over the top of the canoe...you can guess the rest, waders w. water in them, wet camera, and a 5WT TFO BVK, broken neatly 5" or so up from cork... Re-rigged the 5WT nymph set up to the 7WT rod. It took some adjusting but paid off with the nice trout. The story continues...in my changing into a new set of clothes from the mini-dip, I lost my phone and the extra car key...much do our dismay we had neither at the take out. Luckily a family from Alton used a CB antenna to stick thru the window to hit the unlock button...Thanks Donald! It was a fishing trip, yep...
  20. Only 6 between the 2 of us on Sunday, canoeing f. the springs to Turner's, although one was very nice, my best fish on the 11 Pt., right at 14". Picture's on Dr. O's cam. Will post ASAP. River was up, fast, hard to wade times.
  21. Nice guys! You landed a nice variety of fish.
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