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  1. Yes. That is correct. Pending decent water levels it should be a great spring and early summer. Watch the forum. More reports will start showing up in the spring.
  2. I would stay at shadow rock park or beaver creek park. And fish from k dock to the dam. Trolling is my tactic of Choice with flicker shad or crawler harness. Slow rolling a Pearl bass slider will get your bit as well. Brush piles will also be holding crappie. There are plenty to choose from.
  3. Making memories with my little fishing buddy as well. This was the end of May around long creek. We tossed out 12 floaters baited with sunfish. I like them about 10-12 feet long. I catch a lot like this.
  4. An older couple that I’m friends with wants to sell there 2004 champion 196 elite. It has a 200hp optimax, 128 hrs, and is silver and red. I’ll try to go take pics and post later. They don’t have it posted anywhere at this time. I told them I didn’t think it would last long at $20,000. Lived its life in the garage. To say it’s a cream puff would be an understatement. Shoot me a message if interested and I will get you in contact with them. Its in the Branson/Hollister area.
  5. Likely somebody from that area that cleaned there fish there after they got home and took pictures.
  6. On Tuesday virgin bluff to flat creek had a little color but nothing extreme at all. Water temp was 44.
  7. I have found a nice rod and reel on the dam. I have turned it into the hatchery visitor center. The rod has been destroyed but the reel and line are fine.
  8. Back to the floating debris.......Are you serious? Are you slamming mdc or just looking out for all of the boaters out there right now? Sounds like a rant, but I might be wrong. No matter what the conditions are, most on this forum can navigate a few, if any "from mdc" floating obstructions. Mdc brush piles are a very worth wile project. If you haven't fished them, try it!
  9. I would second buster, Tim sainato, or Tony wedaele
  10. There is a mature and an immature most of the time roosted at the corps of engineers office. They stay on the point or in the tree next to the courtesy dock area. I see them nearly everyday, not even looking for them. Good luck.
  11. I was. I had 3 keeper walleye last week. Trolling flicker shads.
  12. I'll have to try that Dan. Always looking for new tactics to try. Looking forward to trying a lindy rig and floating jig head with a minnow too.
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