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  1. My sincere condolences to Mr. Beck's family and many friends... RIP Mr. Beck.
  2. Me and five buddies come to TRL every year for our annual fishing trip (this year it's next week, 3/28-4/2) and we stay at Holiday Hideaway in Aunts Creek. Sue and Carl are two of the nicest folks you'll ever want to meet. They have a couple boats that they rent, and if unavailable I believe they can get one from one of the other Aunts Creek Association member resorts. We love the place, and it's priced right for us!! http://www.holidayhideaway.com/
  3. When swimming it, do you 'scrub' the bottom? And is it a slow, steady retrieve, or varied (slow, then fast, stops, starts)?
  4. Thanks Muddy! I found the Dirt color by Strike King, they have it in their Zero bait.
  5. I only use cut ZinkerZ, and the only two colors I have in my bag are green pumpkin and PB&J. But I've seen many posts about the color "Dirt"... Is Dirt slang for the actual name? And is it made by Z-Man, or is it another brand? Thanks!
  6. SRV1990

    Pet Peeve

    Or Please Release by Sure-Life, or Catch and Release Calming Livewell Additive??
  7. Absolutely agree with all that has been said... I ordered some Ned heads last Thursday, they came in the mail yesterday. And they look awesome! Can't wait to use them when I get down to the Rock on the 7th. Thanks Dave!!!
  8. This happens to be every single year... I mean, it can't possibly be me, right??
  9. Hey T... a couple years ago we moved our trip up from early May to early April due to some family commitments and decided to just keep it at this time every year, at least for a while. As for the BASS guys, we'll just have to do our best to share the lake and hopefully they leave us a fish or three. Good luck at LOZ and when your group makes down to Table Rock!
  10. Haha... see, that's the kind of help I knew I could count on from techo... Thanks!!
  11. Hi All, I know there are a few on here (no names, you know who you are) who claim there are no fish in Aunts Creek, but our annual trip is this week, Tuesday through Sunday, so was hoping to get some input on where "not" to fish. We don't mind going a few miles in either direction from Aunts Creek, but was thinking more along the lines of types of banks to focus on, depth to keep boat in when fishing toward the bank, main lake points versus secondary points, etc. Thanks! PS... Danger (Mike) is one awesome guy... Will (hopefully) provide pics of what we catch with some of the goodies he sent me! Thanks again, Mike!!!
  12. Now that's funny right there... Didn't hit the water until about 5pm today, fished until 7... Threw an a-rig for a while, also a wiggle wart and a jerkbait. Had a few hits, but couldn't bring anything to the boat. I've been here when the weather's been better, but it beats work! Will use as much of the advice on here as possible and get back at it tomorrow. Thanks all! Tom
  13. Sorry Berk, I retract my previous post. Mr. Babler clearly states they started in Aunts Creek in his report... I think I need to pay closer attention next time!
  14. Thank you both very much, this definitely helps!
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