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  1. How bad was the flood?? Saw the gauge was 8.5' and there was over 4.5" on rain in the watershed. Sounded serious, any reports??
  2. I still fish the White Zara spook my dad caught 19 small mouth over 3#'s, on a float trip in the early 50's. Wooden boat, 40's flat bed truck,. fishing out of Forsyth, MO I can still see today with my 70 year old eyes. Had to cut a tree down on the Niangua, in the 70's, to retrieve the lure, used to get a buzz on in days gone by, letting the thumb off the 2500C a bit early. Now I forget to let my thumb up. C. Moore
  3. I bought two of the HMG rods when they were introduced in the 70's along with the matching Hardy System reels. Best investment in fishing gear I have ever made and still in use today.
  4. I purchased this rod a few years ago and it has seen about 4-5 trips to Taney. The cork has been covered since new and there are no marks on the rod. Health reasons (shoulder replacement) and age are reasons for sale. The price is $ 350.00 which is half price. Fantastic rod that I wished I had 45 years ago, when I could fish. I can be contacted at cfmoore03@charter.net
  5. Can we assume the big brown is still swimming in Taneycomo???
  6. I've seen the movie Chambub and understand your trials. Although your trip through this old world seems to have brought a little more pain than I have seen, at least you haven't mentioned chemo or major internal surgery. None of this effected my trip to Taney last week, yet the changed streambed effected my catching ratio. We must be the reasons for the handicap accesses. Hang in there, that groundhog delivering your mail is much worse than our failed postal system. You Take Care CM
  7. I second this motion, two reports since last October, and the last one was asking for a report, as well. Beautiful stream (a little slick in spots)lots of quality fish, someone must be enjoying this stream. Just want to hear something, you can even stretch things some !! CM
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