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  1. Paul has a lot of experience catching big fish. Phil not so much. Great fish😃
  2. 57 degree at Shell Knob. Caught a dozen deep fish no keeps and 2 super 3.5 lb LM on top chasing. This was Tuesday. Think if I had to do it over I would just go back in every creek and look for swirls on top and throw at them. It is super fun watching those deep fish on Livescope
  3. Thanks Ron. I bet like most any other kind of fishing these days if you don't have a live scope you go home a sad fisherman
  4. Ron, did the guys you were with catch fish and if so how many and on what kind of stuff.
  5. This time of the year can be really tough but seems like it is just terrible this year. Frankly, just about don't know what to do when I'm out there. We are going to have some extreme high pressure with the warming trend and bright clear blue cloudless skies so I'm guessing its going to remain extremely challenging. Sounds to me like you have been and are doing very well. Continued success, I might join you over there on Thursday and see if I can capture a fish or two, as it has been a while since I have seen anything other than a trout.
  6. I have 3 bows, all with cases, one crossbow the Turbo GT shot less than 50 times with arrows and case $650.00 Mathews Heli-M 60# draw wt. 30" adjustable 29-31, again shot very little as I had shoulder surgery. Arrows and case $850.00 Purchased local from Anglers and Archery when Chuck sold bows. I paid $2,300.00 for the entire setup. Mathews MQ 32 29" draw 70# draw wt. Everything on the bow including string and sight is new. Arrows and case $350.00 Sell all 3 for $1,250.00 Which is less than the new price of any one of the three packages I will email pics if i
  7. For the past couple of months we have caught multiple rainbow's with Par markings, I mean lots of them in the 4 to 6 inch range. Caught 2 today on egg patterns in the restricted zone prior to the moss over. In September and I have been extremely busy my clients have caught and for the most part released well over a 1000, possibly closer to 1500 rainbows since bringing a brown to the boat. During that span of time we have used night crawlers, jerkbaits, scuds, egg patterns, jigs and of course the Berkley power worm along with the trout magnet which seems to have reinvented it's self.
  8. I don't think I could catch 5 quality keeps if I had a week to do it. Personally I think you did great.
  9. James you are so correct. Main thing is total disrespect for others and the its all about me attitude. Further more correct information on the Aunts Creek derby. 16.8 won it from the dam area, I think I had the rest about right. All second hand info however.
  10. Not positive at all but rumor has it, in the one day Aunts Creek derby on Saturday 18.8 was the winning bag for a very mature husband and wife team. Said they caught them from KC to dam in pockets on a Choppo, Blade and a ned if one missed either of the power fishing baits. I believe second was 14 something and third was 12 something. and then a bunch of no limits. Again this was just dock talk and the winning weight might be off. Regardless, if you catch 14 plus in a day right now you have just simply hammered them. A good friend was fishing the Aunts creek deal and had been catchin
  11. If you are in the correct outside lane you can see perfectly at that location, so i don't think I'm faulty on this. You can ask the guys that frequent that area, and Quill or RPS can tell you headed up steam if your on the bluff side in your lane speed is not a problem. I was on the state water patrol for 10 years and director of boat operation and water craft handling for the patrol at both the academy and refresher training. I was also the WSI for both the Missouri Water Patrol and the Missouri Hiway Patrol. I'm pretty confident but not cocky in what I'm saying on that "Particular Lo
  12. Every accident is not excessive speed. That is a totally blind hairpin corner if your traveling on the wrong side of the lake your risking an accident just like driving on the wrong side of the hiway.. As Phil pointed out rules of the road were not observed here. The ramp there is a ramp that can be used by anyone, and the Corps pointed this out when they closed Viney for a period. It is however mostly used by the Emerald Point subdivision and in reality about 1 boat per day is launched there even on a Summer weekend. With the location of the ramp near the blind corner it could be
  13. Yesterday was meaner out there than a Rattle Snake. We had 24 fish with one keeper. Lots on top water but they were rats. Tried whats been working and we caught fish but man they were bitty bugs. Still have not decided where we will go this morning but I think it will be painful. Caught them all yesterday on either top water or a jig. There are two big derby's here today and maybe they will show a pattern. Anglers in Action and Joe Bass i believe, watch the results and see if anyone of them spill the beans. I'm going to.
  14. For those of you that have never been to this location, please keep quiet. Two row boats could collide here in the right situation and it takes almost nothing for one boat to ride up over the other boat. If your hull is 1 inch higher than the other object momentum is going to take the means of less resistance at most any speed and cause you to lift over the other object, instead of breaking thru it. This is the case weather the object be a dock another boat a log floating in the water or your trailer at the ramp. Slick hulled boats are either gliding over the top or airborne, just a mat
  15. White Buzz bait or a white whopper plopper 90 series, seems to be the ticket right now along with a dixie jet if you see fish chasing. Fish the baits right on the bank, best to parallel if possible. If the bait gets 10'from the bank recast it and keep it close. No bank is to steep or to flat, they are where you find them. Have a small jig ready 3/8th. to 1/2 oz. for any misses on the topwater and quickly cast the jig back to the spot of the miss. Color on the jig and trailer doesn't seem to matter. There are some drop shot "Live Bait Fish" 24' to 35' on main lake and creek arm g
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