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  1. In 77or 78 I forget which I was the Water Patrol Officer out of Climax Springs I had the 58 mile mark to Big Buffalo. Don’t remember the mile marker up there At the 60 mile mark it was so low out in front of Rainey creek and from there up stream, you had to traverse a city wide channel as that was it This was in May. Smart weeds grew up all over the flats and looked like a row crop corn maze 3/4 across the lake. We had huge rains and those flats flooded. They simply filled with Bass and it to this day is still the finest fishing for at least 6 weeks I can ever remember. You cou
  2. Not suppose to be by myself yet, but I just had to push the envelope. Knee did fine. Fished from 10 to 12:30 and that pretty much wrung me out with loading and unloading the boat. Launched downtown so I would not have to push the knee up Cooper Creek ramp. Surface temp at the ramp 43.7 Moved up to the high line above Monkey and drifted a power worm 10' under the indicator thru the island, twice. Caught 6 each pass but man were they silver bullets. Saw several guys flinging hardware and they were catching the same fish. Moved to the flat below Cooper and drifted the
  3. Totally agree with Ham. I have pretty much had zero success on the Rock when surface temps are below 42/44 degree. Seems like at 45 degree a total new world emerges, especially if the sun comes out and the water starts to warm further. I’ll wait patiently
  4. Good buddy fished the dam area for 5 hrs this morning with pretty sorry results. Surface temp at 35 degrees at launch and 37 at 2pm. He fished an A-rig and a jerk bait and never got a sniff. Said he saw a couple of shad but not many on the surface. Few gulls diving around the Long Creek bridge. Said he also looked for some deep fish and really saw very few. Did see some shad balls in the 80' range and tried them but never saw a fish near them and did not get a bite. Looking out the window here at the Lodge and the lake is really busy. Lots of boats on the bank in Clevenger a
  5. Wall Street Journal. Is a great source. Also American Medicine Journal. Both rate any type of surgery you may need. Problem is finding one of them close to you. Also word of mouth by a friend that has had positive experiences. I was lucky. COG top 10 nation wide for orthopedics. And quite a few of my clients and piers had gone there
  6. My father-in-law had his done at 83 years young and that was 15 years ago. PT hurt him like heck. Mine was uncomfortable, but never really hurt in the least an I'm a big baby. I think mostly because I worked at it prior to surgery. Good friend Bill Anderson our retired Biologist had his done at COG year before last and he said his hurt worse the day he walked in than thru any of his therapy. From what Quill has told me both his and mine both felt better even thru the PT. I just got a complete new set of PT today thru Force Therapeutic so we'll see. If you have seen th
  7. Thanks Bo. CPM machines have been determined to have no clinical effect on the healing process and have been attributed to irritating the incision and inner muscles that have been affected during your surgery. The machines for years were thought to increase the flexation of the muscles holding your new knee. My orthopedic surgeon thinks they do more harm than good and strongly forbids them. Probably why you had the swelling. Right now he equates knee surgery to computers as it is changing on a daily basis or phones that last year were 3G and are now 5G. He told me currentl
  8. Here is the deal on Texas. They chose to not be part of a national or regional coop. They are the only state outside of Alaska and Hawaii that does not belong to the big power grids we have in the US where we are able to help each other.
  9. I'm still out of commission till March 1, but look out then!
  10. Derby is cancelled for this weekend. Did however just see my first boat of the week headed up Long Creek
  11. We haven't had anything like this since 1933 so I don't think you can blame us😀 That being said it's 24 degree here at the Lodge and a few minutes ago a boat passed headed toward Long Creek. First one I've seen in a week
  12. No running, speed walk, climb stairs anything with heel down. Running pounds the joint and is a No,no after TKR
  13. 140 degree flex is 10 degrees past maximum. I can almost touch my heel to my butt so I'm thinking that's pretty good My non arthritic knee is at 128 so I'm tickled. On that note I pushed snow on my ATV for a couple hours yesterday and I was sore from spending that long on the machine. No shoveling or lifting for at least 8 weeks like Ness said as there is still tissue in there that is healing, so I am being super careful with that. I worked out hard for 3 weeks prior to surgery following the Force Therapeutic program and have continued with it. Lots of my success is just from
  14. I'm going to just bet that floater is going to hammer them this year. We are setting up perfectly for it. I can't wait. Oh I guess I can as I can't get the boat out yet
  15. Thanks Phil. South East side of the house is dripping and temp is 16 degree. North West side is still 8 and no drips
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