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  1. Bill Babler

    Quick Howdy

    Guys, I've been bow hunting for a week and we are completely out of touch at our deer camp. Had to run home but am headed back to Central Mo. in a few minutes. I will be home November 15th. after rifle hunting. I've taken 2 Gobblers with my bow for the first time ever, no luck on the deer last week as weather was horrible. Hoping for a good week prior to gun season. I've gotten a lot of texts and emails on Falcon Rods. I'm not forgetting you all but please resend me what you are wanting after the 15th as I just don't get or have trouble doing any kind of business from Deer Camp. Tight Lines and Shoot Straight, see ya November 15th. Tks Bill
  2. Bill Babler

    Big M area 10/23

    It's 9 AM and they are still running 4 and 5 wide in front of the Lodge. At least 3 dozen boats in site. With no stocking and extreme over fishing I really don't know where we are headed. My Federal Lic. lasts 2 more years and it will by then be time for me to hang up the cleats. ie if I make it that long. I still just love fishing the lake during the week, most weeks and Taney is most often a joy. For some reason Taney is giving up the biggest trout I have seen in quite a few years. Not big total strings, but most days a rainbow between 2 and 5 pounds, and Duane has caught some wonderful Browns. It is pressured heavy but stocked heavy and anymore 90% of my non resort clients let the trout go. If their staying in a local on the water resort they like to eat them but most are staying in town or with us and just like the fun of catching 20 to 40 fish in a 4 hr. trip.
  3. Bill Babler

    Big M area 10/23

    Your right, I was over there today and the BASS crew was setting it up. We have a house full of Toyota fishermen and they are saying 230 plus owner entries and this is a team event. Today most of these guys were beating the lake silly and tomorrow will be worse.
  4. Bill Babler

    10/24 North Indian, Cow, and a lesson in between

    Most of the guys throwing the Rig these days have dropped the braid and are now throwing it on either Carbon or Mono in that 25 to 35 pound test. The braid is just simply a major headache as it sucks down inside its self on any hang up and at times it just throws terrible. It will also cut the heck out of you. As you mentioned lite wire hooks are an absolute must. Chomper's makes a lite wire A-rig hook that is the best I've used. I believe it is an Eagle Claw size 2/0. They put it on their own very streamline jig head and it comes in 1/16 to 1/2. oz. It bends out easily and can either be rebent or it pretty much cost but a few cents to replace it. I did not lose a single A-rig last year using the 25# carbon and the Chompers hooks and have never had a fish bend one out and escape. No split ring on the head and I'm using a Flash Mob Jr. On another note from what I'm hearing this morning, they are on the A-rig. Weights in these derby's are getting ready to go up. Good Luck
  5. Bill Babler

    Big M area 10/23

    Regatta permits for this weekend show easy 600 plus and that's not counting the Toyota tournament. Lake is full outside the window this morning.
  6. Bill Babler

    Big M area 10/23

    For the last week and probably going into next week I'd be happy to be a Single Engine Prop Job.
  7. Bill Babler

    Big M area 10/23

    Probably in 30 yrs. this was my toughest morning on the Rock. Started at Old 86 with 2 very mature fishermen, a husband and wife team that were basically zebco 33 type folks and just could not get anything to work. I mean nothing including live bait. Other guides telling me the live bait deal is just terrible with small gills stealing your bait at any water depth. It's true. used 3 dozen crawlers and never had a bass bite on them. They caught gills from 15' to the deepest gill coming on the bottom at close to 70' All were just small bait stealers and were thru the entire water column, top to bottom. Guys here are catching a few on a Hard head and a hula grub along with swimming a Keitech or swimming a small 3/8 jig and small trailer, and a Rock Crawler but that would have been above our pay grade this morning. Right now this lake is just flat Brutal and that's from daylight till 8 AM. It gets hard later in the day. Good Luck
  8. Bill Babler

    Big M area 10/23

    Tks Quill, I'm out of the dam area tomorrow and will report. I have been hearing the dreaded talk about the Umbrella coming into play with the fish up and all over the water column, but won't use it tomorrow. Rumor has it that the top 2 places in the Joe Bass event this past weekend were throwing it. I know second place was for sure.
  9. Bill Babler

    I'm still confused

    Kid had won $135,000.00 so far this year, so I didn't question what he was doing or what he was doing it with. Thought it was great of him to tell me how and where. He caught the majority of his fish in Big and Little Cow and Spring Branch. Said he would throw it as far as he could right in the middle of the cedar clumps, count it down and reel it back. If it got hung up he would not go get it for fear of scaring fish, he would break it off. He was fishing it on 20 pound carbon the first day and switched to 50 pound braid the second day. If you have a bait that you can throw in that mess in a National Championship during tournament conditions where the Classic is on the line and fish it using the technique he was using and never lose one you indeed are special and have something special. Good Luck
  10. Bill Babler

    I'm still confused

    4 key baits in the BASS. The bait that won the derby was a Spro Rock Crawler in Red Craw fished by Jared Lintner. I believe he caught all his keepers on it. Maybe one or two others on a jig or a WP. Did not fish the same water any of the 3 days. Jared is a very close friend of Mike McClelland's I know they fished several days together during the allowed practice, and I spoke with Mike quite a bit. That kind of help is what you need this time of the year to win here. When you have the Table Rock Hammer helping you, and you listen probably enough said. I try and keep a couple of colors in stock most of the time. Drop shot with a 2.8 inch Keitech either on a jig head or a drop shot hook 3/8 to 1/2 0z. wt.. Best drop shot bite was 40' to 50' over trees in the creeks. Whopper Plopper and a buzz bait early 3/4 oz. blade fished deep in the cedars, not buzzed thru the tops. If you were not losing spinner baits you were not fishing it correctly. Sumrall lost 8 blades the first day and I think 5 the second day so he lost 13 spinnerbaits in 2 days. Remember I said I didn't not do what he was doing. If I did that with guide clients I would have to do odd jobs to pay for the baits. or get a bank loan. The blade pattern was completely over Friday and anyone throwing it Saturday got a very poor result. Ie the Friday Leader. For the last several days the bite of any kind is pretty much over by 9;30. You don't have them by then, its tough going. Yes you may get lucky, but best bet is to catch them early if you can. Good Luck
  11. New in box bow mount 2018 Motorguide Xi5 Saltwater with Pinpoint GPS, remote key fob 24 volt 48" kevlar shaft 80 pound trust, Machette prop. $1,200.00 That motor is $1,649 plus tax at Bass Pro. If you can find it anywhere near that price I'll beat it but I've looked for a week and I'm over $400 less than anyone. Call me 417-332-7016
  12. Bill Babler

    Caleb Sumrall is in my Phoenix

    Couple of things. First boat returned with no damage and full of gas to go. No problem at all and was glad to help. Next who ever pulls their troller up to go across a pocket, not me. Next that was kind of misleading on the electronics, you can either use scan or sonar. GPS unit cannot be displayed with way points. Yes he is using another boat of one of the guys that did not make the last day cut, so my boat was off the hook. He only had 6 keepers yesterday and I was suprised he caught that many. He will have trouble weighing in a fish today with his pattern. He thought he was in deep trouble, but in this deal 2 or 3 bites can win it with a 5 pound bite.
  13. Bill Babler

    Big M area 10/18

    Beat me to it.
  14. Bill Babler

    Caleb Sumrall is in my Phoenix

    Caleb is fishing out of my 921 PHX. The way he is fishing my boat might refuse. He has been catching them all week on a pattern I just usually don't do and is losing a ton of baits but catching fish. Said he had 8 keepers yesterday all LM. My boat has never been rained on and the carpet on it looks new. Yikes
  15. Bill Babler

    the lake is really fishing tiny right now

    With the cloud cover and the wind this morning I believe it will be better, but am not in any way guaranteeing that. I had 6 bites yesterday, all keepers and just about as strange as it gets. That topwater bite may last a little longer this morning and it is a largemouth bite. A slow rolled blade on some of these secondary chunk/shelf banks with deep cuts and timber may get you bit, outside of the small jig. It is a complete zoo out my front window with at least 2 dozen boats in sight. as I write this. The day will completely dictate the catch, what you did yesterday in a condition will mean about as much as nothing everyday now, for a spell until they get where their going.

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