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  1. Used the Speed Wake again yesterday. That thing runs perfect and I caught some nice fish on it. Client I had was pre-fishing for the solo pro and he ran a Surge Shad and it pretty much smoked the Speed Wake, but I did get bit.
  2. This is Table Rock Lake, there is not a bunch of anything anywhere. This lake is not stocked with the exception of spoonbill by MDC. Arkansas stocks some walleye up the Kings and White River, and that is a ways from Indian Point. Drop shotting a crawler on years when the lake level is at 915 or there abouts is good if you can find the fish. On high water flood years like this it is super sketchy as the fish tend to scatter and not school as much during daylight hours. Today we found fish from 10' to 40' but not loads of fish in any certain location, they were just scattered in the water column. Everything we found today was suspended, and on gravel, which is hard to see with the lake being this high. Fishing early the bite was fantastic on both topwater and using a small swim bait, keeping the boat mostly in 30'. Early and I mean early 0500 to 0700 there was a great topwater bite if you could find it. White bass blew up on us several times and could have been caught on the small 2.8 inch swim baits or the topwater, but we avoided them. Fun to catch but like turning loose a porky pine. The white bass this year have been blowing up most every morning lake wide, even in the dam area. Look in the mouth of the bigger coves to see them surfacing Depending on the child and his or her age, Table Rock for the most part is not a kid friendly lake unless they are patient and know about fishing, in that fishing is fishing and at times not catching. Some handle this way better than others with girls handling it about 50 times better than boys. There are some very good guides working the Indian Point Dam area. Hire one for a morning and see what they are doing. Tell them what you want to accomplish with the kids and tell them if they are on kid friendly fish you want to go, and if not you don't. If ones says maybe we can get them into fish, don't go with him, find another one and give him a call asking the same question. I'll tell you right now I am not on kid friendly fish as I'm not on drop shot fish. I can get bit from 5 to 7 by fish that a 12 year old can catch but at 7 or 8 the fish pull the plug and it gets wicked. Deal could change in 10 days when you get here, but right now it is somewhat big boy fishing. You want to take them and catch some really nice fish to eat book a trip out of Lilley's for trout. The trout are kid friendly and make lasting memories and they eat really well too if your in a mind for fish. Good Luck
  3. When I left the house it was at Butler Missouri at about 4:30 headed South. I could just see some heat lightning flashes I thought. Looked at hourly forcast and it said it would not get here period. At. a quarter to 6 it just slammed us. There are trees down and Carol Electric was putting service back up in Blue Eye when I came thru at 11. It was terrible. My first year on the Water Patrol I was out in a tornado on Lake O. that blew down a BBQ and did massive damage to the homes up there. That was back in the 70's and that was probably the worst. I was afraid for my life that day. Yesterday I was afraid I would tear up my boat and I did get her bite slightly but man that wind was just terrible. From what I been hearing the white's were wild all over the lake in the wind blown coves after the storm. Didn't bother them, they saw a feast and took advantage of it.
  4. Took 10 days to get the two I ordered. Used it this morning just prior and after the Hurricane and it is fantastic. Let me clarify that a bit. I must have caught a dozen white bass on it. It has probably been at least 15 years since I saw the number of whites that were in the Baxter area this morning. Just every wind blown pocket they were churning. Massive schools that would fill a good portion of the pocket and the shad, both gizzard and threadfin were simply packed into those wind blow coves. Caught 2 small K's on it and 4 small K's on a Surge Shad. The Surge Shad runs great, but it has a totally different wake than a fin, much tighter and faster. Had 4 keepers, 2 on a jig in front of the bushes, and that's nearly 20' deep and 2 swimming the 2.8" Keitech. On a sad note I put a dandy of a scratch on my boat on an unprotected dock I had to hide under. First scratch I have ever put on one so I guess it was time. I won't be able to look at it so I'll call Rick Lisek and have him fix it as soon as possible so I can sleep at night. Probably one of the worst wind storms I have ever been caught out in this morning. Man it was just flat terrible between Shell Knob and Baxter. Glad I had the big Phoenix to ride it out, then I went and put a gash in her. Good Luck
  5. Plastic. Steve up at Sportsman Outfitters ie Lews told me yesterday that Strike King is coming out with a new and improved one using metal in the hinge.
  6. The Bass Elite guys are the ones left over after they picked the top 80 fishermen in the world the the MLF Bass Pro Series. Some pretty good sticks there and I'm sure politics had a little to do with it.
  7. Got this crossbow year before last at Cabela's. It's a Ten Point Turbo GT with an Acu Draw system. Hunted one year with it and killed 2 deer. There are a dozen arrows with it and a super nice cordura case. Shot less than 50 times as it was sighted in perfect right out of the box. Bow with arrows, case and tax came to right at $1,300.00. I'll take $650.00 for it and that's half price Hope someone can use it. 417-332-7016 or send me a PM Thanks
  8. Cooper would be fine however the walkway to the dock ramp might have some water on it that you would have to wade thru. Just guessing.
  9. Yes, it is fine. I have launched there for quite a few days straight with the exception of a couple of days on Taney. Was over there this morning. Only 5 rigs. Dock is getting shallow as they drop the lake,. I'd say it will need pushing out tomorrow sometime. Let us know how you do.
  10. Not to even mention Jordan Lee. College National Champion 2014 Back to Back Classic wins in 17 and 18. Just win baby, he is always a threat.
  11. KVD came along at the right time and is and was just a Tenacious Bull Dog. Question was who is the best hand right now. and that's not Kevin however I do agree with you on him getting it done and probably not only age but having got it done and not needing to anymore kind of takes him out of the running Yes Snagged you are right. Your going to have to judge the accomplishment of these guys by titles as with anything, some of these young guys will eventually win more money, and that is not even looking at the business aspect if you throw that into total earnings.
  12. Every Pro that's ego does not make them say them self will say Jacob Wheeler, right now, not even close I was in a big discussion with some of the tour guys and they all said Wheeler and on top of him being a super hand, he is just lucker then heck. Guy is so versatile it is unreal, does not matter what bait is in his hand he is deadly with it. One of the guys said he is a guy that can pull up on a smooth point in the middle of the day, make one cast and a school of 4 pounders will blow up around him Young, Good, Lucky. Wow.
  13. A note I just picked up as far as Outboard Engine sales US, not Global Mercury 51% market share Yamaha 37% BRP 5% Honda, Suzuki 3% each Others 1% World Wide Outboard sales is Yamaha 63%
  14. Evinrude jets had nitches, where our friend Jim Johnson has his Lodge in Alaska at King Salmon its all Etec jets. Down on the White River in Arkansas its all Merc jets and most other places in Alaska it is pretty much Merc. jet and Yamaha or Honda outboards. You will see a few Suzuki outboards but not many Merc straight outboards other than jets. You go to Florida or the Texas Coast and its 70% Verado. I think the nitches are mostly due to service centers where you can buy and get them worked on.
  15. You noticed my last boat on the list. If they are to sustain Texas will have to keep them alive and it just seems to me Phoenix is just taking over down there. I watch a couple of those Texas Pro Fishing Circuits, I think there is maybe 3 or 4 that are on the 3 outdoor networks quite a bit and you see a few Skeeters, but by far the majority are Ranger and Phoenix and I don't think I have ever seen anything down there that was not powered by Black, outside of the few Skeeters you see.
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