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  1. You can look in the menu for a color pallet setting. Mine just naturally has this screen.
  2. They were back at it this morning. See my graph shots on Bobby’s post. Don’t know the difference in yesterday From today but the fish were totally eating
  3. Very seldom do you see bass layer stacked in Table Rock like that. I don't think I have ever seen it. also the individual images don't look like bass to me Some shots from this morning I know most of these are bass as I wacked the tar out of them
  4. Let me unmotivate you. Last 3 days I have had 13-11-3 fish with a total of 11 keepers. That is in 16 hrs. of hard fishing. Just to hot and slick. Time of day seems to be no factor. You can fish a location that you can see fish and they won't bite and then come back in a hour and catch a couple. Early does not seem to matter, except to get you out of the extreme heat. Yesterday when we quit at 11 AM the surface temps were pushing 87 degree in the lower James. Today they were about 84-85 This is kind of like really early Spring in the aspect that if you catch one you better stay close and hang in there, cause they are not biting everywhere.
  5. Bobby, those don't look like bass to me. I'm sure there may be some in there, but I don't believe the majority are. I'm probably wrong. Pete Wenners has been looking thru an Aqua-view camera a lot in the dam area and he said he has been seeing huge schools of Gizzards and gills in that depth range. That school pattern looks like gill and gizzards or gizzards and a few gills. Probably a few bass up above in the column from time to time are also present.
  6. Had 11 keepers yesterday with the best couple being at 3.10 pounds. One LM and one SM at that weight. Lots of other keeps in that 2.8 pound range. Only had 4 shorts. Everything on a 5/8th. GPO Pig Sticker with a Beaver trailer in GP. KC area 15' to 22' Bite was a solid jig bite unlike my earlier deal. Buddy simply tore them up at Shell Knob past couple of days on a modified Ned Rig with a skirt and a slim senko trailer. I'll try and get a pic. Ned was 1/4 oz. custom built mushroom head. Fish in 15' to 22'
  7. Today was my last day on Taney for a week or so. Guided a regular client that is an excellent fisherman. He likes to keep his limit and is super fun to guide as he names every fish we catch and keep or release. He is an absolute Hoot. Some of the names he gives these fish is not for an open forum. My sides usually hurt laughing after he is done. He said today i was in for a treat. He would just have a very short time to fish due to some family obligations. He was only going to fish for 1hr. He got in trouble cause he stayed to long. I think he went thru the alphabet naming fish in about 2 hrs. I'll take that any day, but really we could have been done on the first pass after about 20 minutes as he had 4 fifteen inch bows in the boat that quick using a fly rod and the PW on 7' of tippet under the indicator. Off to the Rock to chase Smallmouth this week.
  8. Jerry yell at me if your having trouble. I caught some in your area yesterday so they are getting out up there.
  9. You'll be fine then. As I said they are just getting started on the gravel. I hit a couple of my best locations and they were not out there yet. We are at least 3 weeks out from the best bite and it usually goes to near Thanksgiving, so you will be good to catch some. Get well quick and God Bless
  10. Bout time to pick up the “Big Boy Tools.” Had a day to pre-fish, my next 6 days after tomorrow are on the Rock. Watched Pete’s report and he said they are just about to start on gravel and today they were. Had 17 with 14 keepers all Jaw’s. Best 5 at 17lbs. Best 10 would push 30 pounds. Mike it’s about time to go as soon as I get a minute. It will only get better. I fished 5 hrs today and if I would have been on a jig to start no telling what. I fished 20 run outs today not staying or catching over 3 on any of them. I just wanted to see if they were there. They are just getting there. Fished from Cow to point 10 and to point 16 The bite was they would slack you. Just throw 3 sheets to the wind if you could not find your jig and they were on it. Got slacked a dozen times. Only one swallow. Durn 4 pounder and he hurt my shoulder to boot Boat in 35’. Fish in 12’ to 25’. Best deal I’m spit balling here was around 20’ Pig Sticker Quick 5 in GPO with either a GP Beaver, Yamamoto twin GP or a big Lake Fork Craw. GPO. Lake is TOTALLY full of Gizzards. If you see a big blow, use a big Swimbsut or Dixie Jet lots of Knot Heads blowing. Or as we now call them Bass Pro Tour Fish. I didn’t mess with them Funny deal. I pulled in on a run-out flat WAY, WAY behind another boat. Guy and his wife in a brand spankin new Ranger. He had already fished the bank and was at least 300 yards away. As close as he was to the bank I was for sure he was fishing the flower beds in the yards so I didn’t think it would matter if I fished behind him i caught 3 absolutely thumpers and if I’d have thrown as far as I could my bait still would have landed 15 yards deeper than he was sitting his boat I guess both he and his wife were watching cause he snatched up his motor and Zoomed back past me giving me the universal single finger salute as he passed. Kind of funny cause I would have given him any jig in my box and told him what I was doing People, can’t figure them out. GoodLuck
  11. If I see another question on how to fish a Powerworm on this site I will pull my remaining 2 head hairs out. We have more than went over this for the last 3 yrs
  12. Spoke to one of the head guys at Orvis today telling him my story about the Powerworm. Cool guy. He had guided in both Alaska and Kamchatka said as far as he knew there had never been a fly or for that matter anything that caught trout like a friggin Berkley Powerworm in Bubblegum “Said the only.” Only thing that was remotely near it was a mop fly. Or as we call it a Megaworm.
  13. Phil said it best in his reports, we start usually at around 6’ and it really depends on the area your fishing. I want it to either just “tick” the bottom or be very close. As the sun rises we fish it in deeper water to 10-12 ft. This is much harder and requires a bit of weight especially if the water is running. No my swivel does not go thru the float
  14. Been out everyday this week and the fishing EARLY is outstanding. Most days we are averaging 35 fish in a 4 hr. trip. Bite continues to be especially early on the no cloud sunny days from about 6:30 to 9. First hour is simply unreal. If there is cloud cover they will continue to bite. by 10 AM, its time to do something else Size has been just unreal, with lots of fish in the 14 to 18 inch range. Duane and I were shouting back and forth about good fish this morning. Best bite early is on the Powerworm but it goes away. You then need to go to crawlers and they will continue on that till that 10 o'clock number then it gets testy.
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