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  1. Nice to hear from you James. Keep catchin.
  2. Nice, very good report.
  3. Try Tall Pines Lots of houses and real nice with access out of Blue Eye
  4. Lew's in Springfield
  5. Must have been a small trout tournament out of Cooper Creek launch facility yesterday as when I got there the parking was very limited. Looked like about 20 teams. Picked up at Lilleys two very good fly fishermen and we started at Andy's with a slight flow. I had about 9' of 5X on with a beaded Y2K in size 14 on top and a beaded size 16 scud on the bottom. First two drifts thru Fall Creek were crazy and then the water hit in volume. Man it was just churning. Duane was up there and said the water is just flat out flying. Bite really slowed for us when that volume hit. I deepend up to 12' of 5X and increased the fly size to 12's on both and put on one BB and we could catch usually 1 or 2 and miss that many on each drift. Just like Duane the best bite was on the golf course reef the lower reef and the hump in front of Fall Creek. At one point there were 5 boats anchored in that narrow channel from Fall Creek clear across blocking the channel and that is just not good. When the water hit hard they were gone as I'm thinking their anchors would not hold. Fishing remains to be stellar with lots of quality. I'm having a hard time getting my pictures to post as I'm getting error messages from my computer for some reason but when I get it working I'll stick up some beautiful bows. Backing up to my Friday trip, my clients out of Lilleys were keeping trout so we fished below the restricted zone using crawlers. The fish i cleaned were totally chocked full of size 10 to size 18 scuds and I mean their stomachs were packed and their mouth and throats were full. Unreal how they would still bite a crawler. Message is there are lots of scuds from Fall Creek down. One day last week we were catch and releasing on pretty strong generation and the clients were dragging a size 14 Y2K and a size 14 scud on drift rigs using 3/16 oz. wt. We caught fish from the dam clear to Lilleys on this method, I only made 3 drifts in 4 hrs. to catch and release dozens of very nice fish. Good Luck
  6. I take my rods of any brand into Sportsman's Outfitters and they have them professionally repaired. I have yet been able to spot the repair it is so perfect. It is so reasonable that I usually leave a tip about the cost of the repair.
  7. Don't know the capacity, but very seldom do you see the buoys at Fall Creek completely submerged but they were yesterday and 2.7 mph as the late Hark Stram said is, " matriculating" right on down the lake.
  8. 4 units running this morning and just blowing down the pipe. We were drifting crawlers from Fall Creek down and the drift speed was 2.7 mph thru Trout Hollow. Bite was unreal with quality bows coming to the boat in lots of doubles. Guides Rick Lisek and Steve Dicky were catching them aplenty on the pink worm. 10' of tippet below the strike indicator with one BB 100 oz. jig head on the worm.
  9. Randy there have been several reports of a buzz bait bite as well as a frog. Very limited on the Pooper. Bite has been right on the bank from what I'm hearing. I have had lodge work to do the past couple of days but I'm on the Rock tomorrow and some next week, so we will see.
  10. Well said. Surface temps at the dam yesterday 77 degree really very warm We also had 5+ inches here at Blue Eye
  11. Sounds like a fantastic trip. Couple of points Here is a couple of tips that will even make your next trip better Ditch the carbon and bobber stop. Tie a traditional drift rig using 4 lb mono with a tag line to attach your split. No worry about crimping the main line I’m starting with 4’ of four pound test mono and tying a double loop leaving a 1’ tag section to attach the split on the tag and the No. 8 bait holder on the longer leader section This does a couple of things. 1st. It puts your weight on the bottom and let’s the worm float free helping keep it out of any moss on the bottom. Carbon sinks like a rock so it’s also a problem in dragging. When your weight is on your main line plus the carbon you will get moss on that bait this costs you bites You can still catch them no doubt but there is a better mousetrap Most all the guides use only the top 1/3rd. Section of the worm to the blood sack and throw the bottom thin paper section away. I like mine hooked in thru the tear and ran out thru the blood sack to keep it perfectly in line. This prevents line twist If the water is slow you can also inflate the worm slightly. I use a size 8 bait holder hook which also helps retain the worm in the correct attitude Lots of different ways to catch a trout. Glad you had a great trip
  12. Totally Pressure. Especially this time of year at the dam. Rick Lisek caught them at 30’ up the white today. Had over30 drop shot fish. From point 5 to LC Table Rock is a complete different fishery with constant fishing pressure, from May thru October
  13. Nope, brush piles deep. These fish are really hard to come by. We went a hour without a bite and then it was just one here and one there. If you see one and hit the spot lock they just vanish. Just about as hard as it gets if your not a everyday fisherman or you get really lucky. Some of these fish just run when you stop the boat over them even prior to dropping the bait, you can see them take off.
  14. File Photo Worked a Corporate deal for Buster this morning. He had a group staying at BC, pretty much non-fishermen but very nice guys. These were drop shot people and I don't mean soft plastics. Dam/BC area is more than a challenge no matter what your using. I fished 3 hours yesterday to get a handle and only caught 3 jaws. 2 keeps and 1 short on a 1/2 oz, Pig Sticker GPO with a Smallie Beaver trailer in Goby. 30' Surface temps 81.3 water is a little dingy. We had 9 spotted bass, all keepers up to 17.5 inches and 2 if you can believe it crappie. The crappie were a double out of a deep tree on crawlers. Most bass we had on any location was 3, the other 6 were one and done on 6 different locations. All on the bottom 35' Every bass, all 9 had at least 1 hook hole besides ours, and one of them had at least 3 as his mouth and jaws looked like he had a serious case of acne. The fishing pressure from point 5 to the Arkansas line up Long Creek is just insane with not hundreds but thousands of guide trips on top of normal fishing. This is not even counting a single derby. MY how times have changed. Looks like a break coming on Wednesday. Good Luck
  15. Were in the same boat Wrench.😎 No matter how fast we paddle, one more oar would really help.
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