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  1. Be My Valentine Day

    Fantasy was it you all I saw trolling the flats up there?
  2. crappie with pics

    Great pic. Thanks. Give them a bonk on the noggin before lining them up. Seems to calm them down😃
  3. Kings River 2/18

    Yes but there is no train service. You have to drive😀
  4. Still cannot access OAF from home computer

    Thanks guys. Phil was out this weekend with DJ. NO SUCCESS. Becky was on a conference call with his tech guy out of Phoenix for close to 2 hrs and still no Luck crazy DJ’s lap top would hook up thru our WiFi but our computers and phones along with his and Phil’s would not We are still stuck
  5. Anyone else see this?

    No one said anything about being discusted it is just a sign of the times. Now and more than ever sex sells and lots of skin to win. Just don’t mention it in the work place
  6. Anyone else see this?

    If you look at any outdoor clothing ads lots of stuff comes up in women’s camo undies right now. It’s been all over the Outdoor channel Just like Victoria Secrets on regular TV. You can’t get away from it, just have to move along
  7. Be My Valentine Day

    What he said. Another point is they are sometimes not in conjunction with shore. Look at your map and see where the channel is in reference to major coves or as Bo pointed out drifting away from bluffends lots of these locations have standing timber or stumps that are not visible from the surface but are right on the edge of the old river or Creek channels, especially up the White as it narrows, making them easier to find. Side scan really works well but years of hunt and peck and failure are a better way of finding them. Every place I caught them I had caught them prior this time of year. As Bo said they can still be there and keep their yap shut. I just hit it right Good Luck
  8. Be My Valentine Day

    Saw a few Shad dying in the Roaring River area. Several sizes and the Gulls were working them pretty hard. Saw 2 Lund style boats trolling the inside flat at RR and at the bouy point and up at the flat below Owl. Assume walleye guys, probably should have asked them. I fished atotal of 5 locations. Caught at least one on every spot but the first channel break was the ticket. You know I could and maybe would have left that first location after fishing for 2 hrs without a keeper. Especially if I were in a derby. I was getting bit fine, but all short. Then 5 keeps same location the next hour. Not smart enough to figure it out. Just enjoyed it. On another deal this was not a cold weather bite. These guys got all over it with little doubt. They came right up and swirled on the top, no jump mind you but they were strong and aggressive. The 2 big gals pulled drag like sled dogs. All the fish were fat as toads and in great shape This time of year no hook holes either and that’s another good thing
  9. Be My Valentine Day

    I have a good high school buddy that he and his wife of 40 years are going thru the same thing. God Bless
  10. Be My Valentine Day

    Good to hear from you. Hope all is going well
  11. Be My Valentine Day

    I think Phil and a friend are going to try and get my computer back up this weekend and maybe I can get going again. Maybe some pictures. Just to tough with the phone
  12. Be My Valentine Day

    Got an early jump the 14th out of Eagle Rock. 1st day on the Rock since October. Started with a Keitech 2.8 inch SB in Rainbow Shad on a 3/8 oz Lews jig head and never put it down Fished main channel roll offs up the White and had a day that was way to good for my usual limited ability Caught lots of shorts And 5 really nice keeps with 2 over 4 pounds. I’m guessing 35 fish. Nothing but luck I just landed on the right location to start. Caught fish till the wind started then it got tough for me swimming deep. Boat in the channel throwing up on the breaks. Boat most of the day in 35’ to 50’. Fish in around 20’ to 25’ on the breaks or suspended just off. Surface temp at 43.8 the entire time I fished. Had 19 on my first location so that kind of made the day right there. About a 300 yard channel swing roll off a rifle shot from shore. Funny deal all Largemouth until my last cast of the day when I caught a short K. Thought it was going to be all LM and cannot ever catching that number Fishing that deep and no K’s To windy for me yesterday. Talked to a couple of guys that fished the Dam and they said it was brutal Good Luck
  13. Border Lakes Permit (BLP)

    The boarder lake permit will work up the Kings. You can launch at Grandview or even Barryville and float to 86 no problem. I currently have a friend offering float trips and the warden told him no prob as long as you have the Border Lake Permit.
  14. Few Gulls Diving

    I’m still trying to type on the old cell phone but can see Gulls diving out in front of Clevenger and Big Cedar Hollow from the Lodge this morning. Any one have a surface temp on the Dam area today. Must be a few threadfins moving slow or dying Good Luck
  15. Still cannot access OAF from home computer

    Nope. Still can only use my iPhone. I do have a report. “To Durn Cold”

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