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  1. I have been watching this forum for a year now. You seem like a very knowledgeable individual so I thought I'd ask you. Can you recommend a good guide for Table Rock, who can show me how to fish this lake in the upper portion towards Cape Fair?  I have a boat and have fished the area south of Cape Fair towards the main lake. I would like to not only catch fish but learn how to read the lake from a guide that can help me out. Do you have any recommendations?
    Thanks for all your input on this site it is very informative for us fisherman.

  2. Phil and I will see you all at the weigh-in. I have a new MLF scale that we will be using. I think we will launch at Cow Creek and putter around down there. We are going to try and catch a big fish on a little bitty tiny bait. If Dock is fishing the way he has been going, just pre-engrave his name in the trophy. See ya tomorrow.
  3. I think its stained right now. Between the Kings and Campbell Point it is down right colored. I fished from Shell Knob to Emerald Beach yesterday and it was off color, so it can get much, much clearer.
  4. Randy it is different everywhere this time of the year. I saw some 51 degree water up at Shell Knob yesterday and it did not help me. Some main lake water out in front of Campbell Pt. was 44.9 so it is kind of a mix with I think the most at mid to high 40's. Its 55 at the Lodge outside this morning so 50 plus degree nights will get both the fish and the temps moving up.
  5. That is totally normal. Don't think I can remember a year since snagging started that Baxter Ramp did not have several cleaned at the dock. I'll bet your Bippy that a local has cleaned his there for years.
  6. Buster is having his best year ever on double digit walleye on Bull. Said to date he has had 12 this year over 10 pounds with the biggest at 14 pounds. He had one that weighed 18 pounds last year. He has just crushed them.
  7. Kind of Harsh. IF your catching fish right now with anything other than dynamite more power to you. I appreciate and respect the time it takes for anyone to make a report, not to mention giving away methods to catch keeper fish. Dock is doing a great job and we all thank him and look forward to his reports. I also appreciate the other hundreds of posters that truly make this forum a keeper for sure. Good Luck
  8. Look at Buster Loving facebook the last few days. Some really nice walleye, whites and a few crappie. He is fishing up I believe. Here is a pretty decent tip. Don't be afraid to use a small stickbait like an RCStick and work it pretty fast right now. Turn its head fast almost like you are working a spook on steroids. You want it to stay in the same location but turn its head quick. Most guys that fish this bait are still removing the split rings and hooks and replacing them with better quality. The hooks still tend to break and the rings will open on a nice white or walleye. Good Luck
  9. You had to be feeling pretty good about yourself early, I would have had a smile from ear to ear with that start. Man that is frustrating though. We started close to that last Friday and then from 9 o'clock never had another bite the rest of the day. that wipes the smile off pretty quick. I have probably never been as confused as I was Friday. Glad I was not in that derby, cause I just would have had zero answers. I would have probably went up the river after my Friday but I may also have thrown the floater as there was little to no wind. We could not do that on Friday cause it was still blowing a gale. Great respect to Dock and everyone that had a clue on Saturday.
  10. I think this will bring it back up so you can see it
  11. I guess the winner had 17.10. Said he caught them on a wart at Baxter and culled two with his two biggest on A-rig. 185 total boats with 43 limits and 83 others that caught two or less fish. Said it was the lowest total tournament weight ever in a BLF on the Rock. Extremely hard post front conditions with most all fish caught in the first 3 hrs.of the day.
  12. Thank you, that was an excellent piece.
  13. Dave, hope all is going well and hope to see you on the pond this Spring.
  14. Tree-Mendious. Don't know what it took in the BFL, but would have taken that bag and stayed home and slept. Great fish.
  15. I broke it loose a little early last 4 days have been miserable.
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